Tuesday, April 2, 2019

There is Snow in the Mountains

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Monday, April 1, 2019 (How did April come so fast?)

This Walmart is open 24 hours but surprisingly we hardly heard any noise throughout the night. Or maybe we were just to tired to be bothered by noise. Though we did hear rain on the roof at one point. Today's ride was only going to take us a couple of hours so there was no rush to be on the road so we took our time enjoying our morning coffee. Plus, there was not a lot to pack up and once the lights and roll were checked we were on the road about 10:00AM.

Parked at the Walmart in Alamogordo, NM
The restaurant out the front window is where we ate dinner last night.
The food was okay and our waitress was very nice.
What they did not have was real Margaritas just an Agave wine one.
Interesting but a little sweeter then I care for. 

My research tells me this is Sierra Blanca Peak

Checking out last years post when we connected to US-70 on our way to Roswell  there was hardly any snow on this peak.  Since, I did not include any information last year I thought I would this time. Below is what I found out on the internet with several links for more information.
The Sierra Blanca (Spanish: White Mountains) is a range of volcanic mountains in Lincoln and Otero counties in the south-central part of the U.S. state of New Mexico. The majority of the Sierra Blanca range is within the Lincoln National Forest, and part of this is protected as the White Mountain Wilderness AreaThe range is about 40 miles (64 km) from north to south and 20 miles (32 km) wide.To the south, across the valley of the Rio Tularosa, lie the Sacramento Mountains. To the north is Carrizozo Mountain, and to the northeast lie the Capitan Mountains. On the west side, the range rises high above the Tularosa Basin.
The range serves as the headwaters for the Rio Ruidoso, Rio Tularosa, and Rio Bonito, as well as numerous arroyos draining into the Tularosa Basin, including Nogal Arroyo at the north end of the range.
Sierra Blanca Peak (White Peak) is the highest mountain in the range at 11,981 feet (3,652 m).[1] It is southern New Mexico's highest peak, as well as the most prominent (5,533 feet) and the 40th highest in the entire state and can be seen for many miles, particularly within the Tularosa Basin. It is visible from as far away as Sandia Crest near Albuquerque. It is also the most southerly peak and land area to exceed 11,000 feet in the continental United States (Only 19 feet shy of being the most southerly area above 12,000 feet). Plus, it is one of the southern most points at which alpine ecosystems occur in the United States.The peak is located on the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation, approximately 10 miles (16 km) west-northwest of Ruidoso and 30 miles (48 km) north-northeast of Alamogordo.The peak is sacred to the Mescalero Apache, and requires a permit from the tribe for access

Having read the information above I now know why it was visible
so many times on today's ride.

The scenery along here is beautiful.
We are driving on US-70

I checked and, yes, I did include this same picture last year.
I love seeing crosses on top of peaks. Sometimes, in New Mexico
especially,we will see three crosses high up on a hill.

As we went by here I thought, that would be a  beautiful spot to live.
I saw a sign on the entrance near the road that said, The Mission.

We could see snow in the mountains ahead.

Then we could see it on the side of the road.
When we drove this way last year we did not see any snow.

We were pretty high up in the Sierra Blanca Mountains.
When we passed over the Apache Summit between Mescalero and Ruidoso
the elevation was 7591 feet.

Driving this part of the highway

we are going down hill

and the views

of the Sierra Blanca Peak are wonderful.

I could not pick just one so I hope you enjoyed the ones
I did narrow it down too.

There are not many times I see the "wiggle worm" sign

and get a full view of the "wiggle" around the corner.

I just think this little town has a cute name. I probably took this same
picture last year. I tried to research how it got its name with no luck.

Nothing says spring

like seeing trees starting to bud.

Going down hill, we are getting close to Roswell at this point,
and the land goes on forever. until it touches the horizon.
Living where we are surrounded by forest we do not see
this type of vastness looking out as we drive.
Though, standing on the shore of Lake Michigan or Lake Superior
the beauty of the water touches the horizon.

We can see Roswell in the distance.
Though we have come down a few thousand feet,
Roswell is at 3,573 feet.

Yesterday and today's drive were definitely the type of days when it is easy to realize how lucky we are to be able to spend our days traveling down the roads of this beautiful country we call home. Reflecting on the last couple of months, we have spent time in the desert of Arizona in the shadow of several mountain ranges and watched the sun rise and set above and behind their beauty. Our patio has looked over the vastness of the desert and we have had Saguaros, Ocotillos, Wonderful Wildflowers, plus, Palo Verde and Mesquite Trees in our yard. Just to name some of what is the beauty of the desert. We have spent time with old friends and new friends making our time even more special. Now as we slowly travel east the scenery before us changes. The grasslands near Sierra Vista are beautiful and as we move across New Mexico the mountains are breathtaking. (Yes, even the ones with snow.) Next we will experience the beauty of Texas our exact route is yet to be determined but no matter were the road leads we will enjoy what is in front of us. When we finally arrive back in Michigan and once again ride along our wonderful lakes through green forest we will once again realize just how lucky we are to have spent so many years living there. We truly are lucky at this point in our lives to be able to live our dream.

For now we will be parked here at the Spring River RV Park in Roswell, NM until at least next Monday morning. We are hoping to take in some of the sights in the surrounding area but tomorrow morning will decided some of what will be happening with our plans the next few days. As is the case sometime things have to be taken care of and as we went over the mountains the last two days we heard our check engine warning ding several times and so tomorrow the Stinger "B" will visit the diesel garage here in Roswell. Fingers crossed it is nothing serious or expensive but no matter what it will have to be dealt with before we move on. Just part, as many of you know, of living in a home on wheels.

So glad you stopped by. It was a good day here in this place hope you can say the same.
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  1. The Roswell Alien museum is interesting, enjoy your time there. Hope there is nothing serious with the Stinger Bee, stay safe.

    1. Tom revisited the museum on Tuesday and enjoyed it as much the second time. We lucked out and the Stinger "B" is okay.

  2. Enjoy Rosewell checking out the Aliens. Good luck with the Stinger Bee.

    1. Thanks, George. Tom really likes all the alien stuff.

  3. What a beautiful drive you two had! I love the crosses on the mountains too and when an American flag is planted also! Hoping the issue with the Stinger B is not too expensive. Enjoy your time there!

    1. We lucked out cost for the Stinger "B" was $0. I like when I see a flag, also, and it has been a while since I spotted one...:(

  4. It's different ... in California I live between two mountain ranges. In Tucson, I live in the middle of four or five!!! Seems every set of mountains has a different name.

    1. It does seem that every set has a different name and it is hard to find out what that name is. I am always thrilled when I do and then hope I have it right.

  5. There is no end to the beauty in this land. Hope your light is a loose wire. Don't get abducted.

    1. So far we are still
      I would agree there is no end to the beauty in this land.

  6. Sending a prayer that Stinger B is okay and whatever is going on is an easy fix.

    1. Thank you, and we did luck out and it seems she is okay.

  7. That is an absolutely beautiful drive and the pictures you took display that very well. Enjoy Roswell while there and fingers crossed here for a quick fix on the Stinger "B". It is part of this lifestyle for sure, just like our homes, we look after them.
    I just read your above comment and I'm happy that it worked out. :)

    1. Thank you, Patsy. It is a beautiful drive, like so many we all enjoy as we travel. It was a relief when Tom called and said we were good to go the Stinger "B" checked out fine.