Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Our Eastward Trek Through Texas Continues

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Another slow start to our day. We enjoyed our coffee and Tom cleaned the front windshield before we took off. Honestly, we slept in until about 7:30AM, plus, it takes us awhile to get going some days.
Today's pictures were mostly taken through a dirty windshield. Tom cleaned it twice and still within a mile we were looking at several dead bugs. There are another 255 miles of Texas behind us and we are at the Hopkins County Safety Rest Stop with the semis and at least one other motor home for the night. We traveled mostly on US-380 again today except for last few miles which were on I-30. Until we reached Denton most of US-380 was traveling through Rural America and very pleasant. Then we were in traffic for close to 60 miles going by a lot of shopping malls, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, etc... I am sure you get the picture.  Since, the speed limit for the most part was 45 to 55 mph and even though there were a lot of traffic lights it really was not to bad and took about an hour and a quarter to get through. If we come this way again it is a route we would take again.

There are bluebonnets along the road

The road ahead.

There are a lot of yellow wildflowers in Texas.

We run into some construction but the delay was minimal.

They are working on quite a few miles of this highway but even in the lane
we were in it was not that rough.

We could see this guy from a distance,.

I just really think this building says Rural America.

The last two days every once and awhile we have seen areas of prickly pears.

An older bridge off to our right.

Then I saw these out of the corner of my eye. The mirror
may be in the picture and they may be a little blurry but they are
Texas Longhorns.

Our lunch stop.
We did not see any of the "picnic table rest stops" and there was room
for the Stinger "B" and the Jeep in this turn off..
Ont thing I will say, Texas has a lot of Historical Markers and
they are nicely done.

Side note: while we were having lunch I mentioned there would probably be a rest area right down the road and there was. Though Tom did point out if we had not stopped here we would not have met Peter Hormonson.

More wind turbines in the distance.

This sign is actually at the bottom of the hill in the picture below.

Bridgeport Lake in the distance.

Tom just cleaned the windshield after filling the Stinger "B" with diesel.
Looking out the front windshield this tree just looked perfect.

Two water towers, they both said West Wise.
I thought of you Patsy and you too, George.

Leaving Bridgeport we are now on four lanes.

A large green field and this one tree.
We are now in traffic.

 No reason to include this one and the one below other than I just liked them both.

A lighthouse above and the hollyhock. 

We can see another lake in the distance.

Neither one of us saw a sign that said what the name of this lake is.

As we started across the bridge we saw this sign,
Sister Grove Creek.

At the end there was this sign,
Pilot Grove Creek.

Then we were in Farmersville.

There are usually more stars.
This was the only one I saw on an overpass today.

We call the voice on Google Maps, Hazel. We are not quite sure why she

brought us through Greenville today but she did.

Isn't this a great church building?
I thought so.

Through Greenville and we did connect to I-30.
So, we are guessing she thought we should take the scenic route.
Thanks, Hazel, it is always fun turning on one city street after another
left, right, left....etc...

We have reached our destination for the night.

Channeling Lorne, A Place Called "Away" , our view out the front window.

Missed taking a picture of tonight's sunset
but we did have a beautiful afterglow.

From Cumby, TX  Goodnight.

We are glad you stopped by and hope you enjoyed the pictures from today's ride.
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Don't you just love all the pretty green? I just sneezed seven times in a row!!

    1. The green is beautiful...God Bless You x's

  2. Wonderful views. Love all the photos!!! Continued safe travels.

  3. Oh what a great post Deb! Love the backroads and all the pictures! Best way to travel! The cows, the little towns, churches, everything you did a great job capturing it all! Love the saying at the bottom and it's so colorful! Also, so very true!! :)

    1. Thank you, Shirley.
      The backroads are wonderful and a more relaxing ride.