Monday, April 1, 2019

Arizona in the Rear View Mirror and Looking Out the Window at New Mexico

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Sunday, March 31, 2019

We pulled out of our spot around 8:15AM and drove over to the road in front of the office to hook up the Jeep. It is just easier doing it on a flatter surface. After hooking up we walked over to a 5th wheel back around the corner to drop off some information. When Tom was talking to the guy next to us he asked where we were from and he said they played cards with a couple from Escanaba. The couple stopped by but I was gone at the time and every time we went by their car was gone. So we took a chance this morning and their shades were up so we knocked. We chatted for a few minutes it seems they go by our house at least once a week on their way to church and see our rig parked in the driveway. They actually belong to our former parish and we only each had to travel about 1,900 miles to meet. Hopefully, next time we will get a chance to sit down and visit.

Hooked up and ready to pull out.
A couple of wild flowers in the area outside the office.
Saying goodbye to the Whetstone Mountains.

On the road by 8:50AM
our first stop, the Border Patrol Checkpoint and he waved us through.

We are on I-10 and crossing the San Pedro River once again.
Plus, we now know the "Thing" is ahead.
Ocotillos, not sure if I will see them again this adventure.

The road ahead and there is a lot of traffic going east and west.

It was not long and we were approaching the Texas Canyon.

This is one of my favorite parts of the ride on I-10 in Arizona.

It is amazing how so many rocks are balanced just right.

Not the best picture out the side window.
I could see wildflowers  for what seemed like forever into the distance
on both sides of the road.

We hope to never see these lights flashing..

Though we could see what looked like dust near the mountains
through out our travels today.

Along with the wildflowers we saw a lot of these guys today.

We pulled off 

at the San Simon Rest Stop for lunch.

Our views out our dining room window, which is tinted, as we ate
lunch. We even saw a train go bye off in the  distance.
The top right is out the front when we were leaving.

We can see the Peloncillo Mountains North of us, our last view of Arizona,

and we crossed into New Mexico.

It had been three months since we crossed into Arizona on December 31, 2018 just across the Interstate going west. Not planned just one of those quirky things that happens along the way.

One thing for sure New Mexico does have an interesting way of patching the

  road. One long stretch of blacktop on one lane deteriorating along the edges.

The utility poles just caught my eye going off in a straight line into the
distance. No other reason.

Crossing the Continental Divide.

Coming into Las Cruces

we could see the Roadrunner

looking down over his kingdom.

We turned North onto I-25 and then headed east on US-70.

On US-70 we are now making our way 

slowly up and over

San Augustin Pass
Elevation 5719 feet

You know what they say

what goes up  must come down

and down we went.
The views on the way down were fantastic.

It does not look bad here but

take my word for it we were moving.

Those views off in the distance were so beautiful.

Of course, I was not driving just enjoying the scenery and holding on.
Nothing like seeing a deer crossing sign as you are quickly going down hill.

The views never stopped

and neither did we.

Just about all the way to flat ground.

Going by the White Sands National Monument.
We hope to take a day trip back to go through the monument.

One last view of today's ride.

I had to add this. We hardly ever pass another vehicle.
 After all we are retired and are in no hurry.
Today Tom passed three vehicles.

Walking across the Walmart parking lot in Alamogordo
this was the last of tonight's sunset.

It was a long day, 324 miles, and the wind was hitting us on the driver's side all day. Our goal was to reach the Walmart in Alamogordo, I had called the day before to make sure we could park there, and we did.  Tomorrow we will only have about 120 miles to our destination were we will stop for at least three days.

"One way to get the most 
out of life is to look upon
it as an adventure."
             ~William Feather

So glad you took the time to visit. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
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  1. The Texas Canyon is one of our favorite drives also. You have had a good travel day with lots of miles. Hope to see the White Sands Monument next winter. Continued safe travels and take care.

    1. Thank you, Bill. No matter how many times we drive through the Texas Canyon we are amazed at the balancing act of those large rocks.

  2. You made good time and a nice stopping spot at that Walmart, That Texas canyon rest area is the most scenic we have seen on all of I- 10 and we have travelled it from Coast to coast.

    1. We have not traveled the whole of I-10, not sure we ever will, but what we have we would agree the Texas Canyon rest area is the most scenic.

  3. Weren't the flowers spectacular? There were sections carpeted for miles. Wish I could have stopped for better pictures!

    1. The wild flowers are spectacular this year. No doubt about it. I am hoping we do not miss the blue bonnets in Texas.

  4. Beautiful pictures the wildflowers along the way. 3 vehicles Tom passed, must be a record LOL>.Good job Tom! What a small world meeting those people who pass your house, amazing. I think it's so cool that the Stinger B stands out everywhere!! Beautiful sunset pics!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. Three vehicles in one day is a When we found out there was another couple from Escanaba in the park we said the same thing, small world.

  5. It seems that you will always meet people from where you live when you are away.
    Love the pictures as always.
    Seems like we're not far behind you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, Rick.
      Reading your blog, I would agree you are not far behind. Safe travels.