Friday, April 19, 2019

Crossing Two State Borders and We are in Kentucky

Friday, April 12, 2019

This morning we pulled back out onto I-55 heading north towards Memphis. Today's "plan" is to bypass Memphis and Nashville and stop somewhere in Kentucky for the night. Our fresh water is getting low and we would like to dump. Tom checked with a State Park near where we were but as luck would have it they were having issues with their main dump station and using the auxiliary station only for those staying in the park. We were able to dump at a Rest Stop in Mississippi but no fresh water available. We do carry a couple extra gallons of drinking water on board and figured if need be we would just either purchase more water or if at a rest stop fill some extra water jugs we have on board. I am happy to say we had enough water so no problem. We have called ahead and will be stopping at a RV Park near Wapakoneta, Ohio Saturday for four nights. (At least as we left Batesville this morning that was the "plan".)

Putting 373 miles behind us today we stopped for the night at Kentucky Rest Area near Munfordville, Kentucky.

Our spot at the Walmart in Batesville, MS

Parked next to this semi at our first stop
this morning.

Traveling north on I-55.

Crossing into Tennessee.

We are still seeing green trees and dogwoods in bloom.

Just loved the hearts coming out of the ground.
This is a Children's Outpatient Center.

Just an observation they really do not know what potholes are.
You really have to live somewhere were the road freezes, thaws,
refreezes, thaws again and has had salt on it to know what potholes are.

We have circled the outskirts of Memphis and  turned east on to I-40.

Not a great picture but still passing fields filled with yellow.

Besides all the green a road called Birdsong just said spring to me.

Out the side window through a screen.
I believe these flowering trees are Eastern Redbuds.

On the outskirts of Nashville.

We have existed I-40 and are headed north on I-65.

An Amazon Semi just passed us.

We saw a lot of these Eastern Red Buds today.

Crossing into Kentucky

our first stop was the Welcome Center.
The parking area looked over a Race Track.
If this scene does not say Kentucky I do not know what would.

Have I mentioned I do love dandelions.

This picture is for out Grandchildren.

Our stop for the night.
A Rest Area in Kentucky.

The lawn was filled with yellow and wishing dandelions.

Just a peek of light below the clouds as the sun set tonight.

Surprisingly we spent a fairly quite night at this rest stop.

We are glad you stopped in for a visit and hope you enjoyed the pictures from today's ride.
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