Friday, January 6, 2023

Two Sunrises, Enjoying Time With Friends, and The Moon Rising Over Our Neighborhood

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Pulling back the front curtain this morning I was looking at a sky filled with fire. The clouds were picking up the early morning light of the sun even though it was still hidden from our view by the Cargo Muchacho Mountains. Deb, On a long and lonesome highway... was also outside taking some wonderful pictures you will find on her blog along with pictures of the day's sunset.  

Looking to the East

Looking towards the Southeast.

The sun was coming up behind the clouds this morning
and it was time to go inside and get ready for the day ahead.

Around 9 o'clock we, Deb, Riley, Doug, Tom and I, found ourselves headed towards Yuma and the Arizona Market Place in the Dogsled. The two pictures below were the only ones I took of our day. If you would like to see some great pictures of our fun day I would recommended clicking on the link to Deb's blog above or Doug's blog, Miss Adventure Travels, they both did a good job of capturing our day. 

Left to right: Tom, Deb, Doug, and Riley

After a couple hours of exploring the Arizona Marketplace we were headed home when Tom suggested lunch in Mexico might be fun. We took a "vote" and Deb steered the Dogsled towards Mexico. Where we enjoyed some food, a Margarita or two, plus some time just walking and looking at what is offered for sale. 

At one of our stops we all sat down and Doug had gone
missing. Tom found him just across the way getting his
hair trimmed.

While we were sitting in one of the restaurants having a drink a couple stopped by who are fellow bloggers, Diane and Andy, Our Journey. Both Deb and Doug took a picture of the couple and Deb's is below. It was fun to meet them and we all agreed it was great they stopped by to say hi.


As we headed towards the border we could see the line was a ways back so as Deb, Doug, and Tom headed towards the end of the line Riley and I made the choice/sacrifice to pick up a Margarita to go and sit down near the gate. We definitely enjoyed not only the Margarita but our time chatting with the people in line passing us by. We both agreed it was a fun way to end a wonderful afternoon in Los Algodones. 

Across the border, we all got back in the Dogsled, and Deb brought us safely home. 

Home in time for Happy Hour as we sat and chatted about
our day I took this picture of the sky lighting up as the
sun was making its way down below the horizon.

Today was definitely a day to file in our memory book. What started out as a day to explore the Arizona Market Place found us making an unexpected "detour" for lunch in Los Algodones. I have always said some of the best times we have had have been on the "detours" today was one of those days. 

Friday, January 6, 2023

For the second day in a row I opened the front curtains to color on the top of the mountains.

Standing outside the color kept building where the sun 
would rise.

Plus, there was a rosy pink glow in the other directions.

A lovely pink early morning sky courtesy of the sun
and clouds over our neighborhood.

Then I spotted the moon setting out towards the west.

Then turning back towards the East the sun peeked 
over the mountains.

It was a little chilly out and it was time to go back inside the Stinger "B" where some hot coffee was waiting and our day began to slowly unfold. 
We had our second cup of coffee with Deb and Riley outside this morning. As they walked over after getting back from their morning walk we watched the White Lion take off. Doug was headed out to get fuel, propane and dump his tank. 

Our "plan" for today was to do wash and pick up a curbside order at Walmart. Tom was making some necessary calls and trying to get some information and we quickly realized the wash would wait for another day. So I took off to go in and pick up our order. When I got back it was just about time for Happy Hour so after getting everything put away we headed outside to spend time with the gang. We had a surprise visitor for Happy Hour today Ivan, Roadtrip it was certainly nice to see him pull up. Around 5:30 the sun was starting to head down and the air was turning cooler as we said our goodnights. 

As we were sitting and chatting this evening
Deb mentioned how pretty the mountains
looked. I agreed and snapped the above picture.

I went inside for a couple of minutes after everyone left and
missed the sunset. This is where it went down.

Coming back inside I glanced out our front window and saw  
a sliver of  the Moon slowly coming over the mountains.
By the time I changed my lens and stepped back out it was
almost over the mountains.

Some of tonight's afterglow looking towards the South.

Looking back at the Moon making its way up over 
the Cargo Muchacho Mountains. 

Another day lived and enjoyed. We feel blessed to be doing so near friends. Life is good.

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  1. Very beautiful sunrises

  2. The detour made the day more enjoyable but as we’ve all said, the company makes the day. It was a fantastic day. It was nice to see Ivan again, an interesting fella to chat with. It was also nice to meet Diane and Andy, I was happy they stopped by to introduce themselves. We are enjoying the time we spend with wonderful folks, we’ve missed this the last couple of years.


    1. You are so right, Deb, it is about the company. I agree it was a fantastic day. You and Riley were missed these last couple of years.

  3. This has been a fun few days, doing what the southwest offers. We even got a little relaxing and chatting done too.

  4. Great meeting you all today! What a nice surprise!

    1. We would agree on both counts. So glad you stopped and said hello!

  5. I like your saying at the end, certainly seems to fit you all! :)

    1. Hope we get to spend some time with you two at some point this year, also.