Saturday, February 8, 2020

Dentist Appointment and Change of Plans

Where are we today?
Back on Ogilby Road enjoying the beautiful sunsets!

Thursday, January 6, 2020

When we found out we needed to bring the Jeep in to be checked out Tom switched his Dental Appointment to Thursday at 10 o"clock. So we were up and out the door around 8:30.  Our daughter called and mentioned that I never have taken any pictures of what it is like where we go into Mexico. So today I kept my phone out and took a few pictures to share. To be fair I have taken pictures of the Margaritas we have enjoyed so it is not entirely true about never taking any pictures...:)

The green fields are so pretty in the morning light.

The lighter colored field in the front was recently picked.

St. Thomas Indian Mission can be seen from I-8 and I
finally remembered to snap a picture as we went by.
It is a pretty little mission church and we always enjoy 

going to Mass there. Even though you do have to walk 
up several stairs to get to it.
Upper left: the sign letting us know it is the next exit,  the other
signs are some of those seen riding down the road towards the
border. Middle left: is an abandoned RV Park, I often wonder
with the proximity to the border why it did not make it.

Turning into the parking lot and paying our $6.00 to park.

Walking across the border into Los Algondones

Our first glimpse of the stores and of  course
The Purple Store. 

Some of what we see for sale as we walk along.

Where we go to the dentist.
All the way here we are asked if we need dental care, what
about eye glasses, would you like your shoes shined. I do not
know how many things we are shown for sale as we go along.
The key is to just keep moving unless you want to buy
something then the real fun of negotiating the price begins.
Honestly it is part of the fun of being here.

We had lunch here at Paraiso. In our opinion they have the
best Margaritas and we do like the food we have had here.
There is music and the stream of vendors with things to sell.
Mostly just a shake of the head no or a no thank you and
most vendors move on. It is all part of the experience and
I think it just adds to the fun of the day.

If you go into Mexico earlier and are on your way out before
noon there is usually no line and leaving goes quickly.
Stay for lunch and you are in line when you leave.
Though on Thursday I sat down with our packages at
about 12:55 and we were getting in the Jeep at 1:53. So
really not bad at all.

We are almost out of Mexico. 

We found out this morning at Tom's dental appointment that our plans have changed and we will not be heading towards Ajo, AZ in the morning. Instead we need to decide on a place to park for a few days. Tom was scheduled to have two fillings, a tooth pulled and the one next to it taken care of. The fillings are done, unfortunately, there is an infection in the tooth that needs to be pulled so he will have to take an antibiotic for a couple of days and then he goes back Monday afternoon to hopefully have the dental work finished. 

Knowing we needed a place to park. when we left Mexico this afternoon we took a ride over to the Pilot Knob BLM to see if it was busy. It really is not but it just looked hot and dusty to us so we decided against it. We then went straight across over I-8 and took Sidewinder Road back and around to Ogilby Road to check things out; not really feeling that area either. So we drove over to where we parked the beginning of January and ultimately decided to go back there. I think part of the indecision is not the places but a little disappointment about not continuing on to Ajo as we had planned. 

As we got to the tracks the arms went down and we watched
a short train go by. Do not remember the last time
we had to stop and wait for a train.

After checking out the parking possibilities off of Ogilby
we continued down the road then turned on to a road
along the power lines and followed it over to the
American Girl Mine Road. We then took it back to Ogilby.
From there back to I-8 and east to Westwind RV and home.

Pulling back into the Westwind RV and Golf Resort.
We have enjoyed our week here with full hook ups.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Today is a moving day for us so we were up and moving early. Well not to early we did enjoy our coffee first. In addition to the normal things Tom does outside since we are moving out to BLM land  he also filled our fresh water tank. I was even able to pull the sheets off the bed and get them washed and dried before we pulled out.  Honestly, I am not sure how we managed it but we got it together and were pulling out of the park an hour before check out. Now check out is noon so 11 o'clock is not really that early but since we are only going about 30 miles west there really was no big rush to get going. We were in our spot enjoying lunch a little after 12 o'clock.

As I mentioned above we were somewhat disappointed when we found out yesterday we needed to stay in the area so Tom could get some dental work taken care of but by the time our wheels were rolling west on I-8 that feeling was behind us. We love being parked out in the desert and we really like being parked off of Ogilby Road. So why be disappointed because Plan A flew out the window Plan B is a pretty darn good one.  So for now we will just take the days as they come. We  will wait and see how Tom's appointment goes on Monday before making any decisions about moving or not. We have reservations starting the 16th at Quail Ridge so we may decide to just stay here until then or maybe we will still head towards Ajo and spend a couple of days there. For right the plan is to just enjoy our time our here in the desert.

One of the Ocotillos near us.
They are all a filled with beautiful tiny green leaves.

We are across the road from where we were parked in January.
This is were Doug and Yuma were parked for a bit.

This 5th wheel is parked where we were and we could see
them having a fire in the fire pit Tom built for us.
Glad to see it is being used. 

The sunlight on the Cargo Muchacho Mountains as it starts
to set on our day.

Being in a RV park the last seven days there really was no opportunity to see or take a picture of the sun setting except behind other rigs. So I may of taken a few pictures, forty plus, of tonight's sunset but I did narrow them down to these few.

Turning to look back at the Stinger "B" as the sun was setting
I noticed the moon was just above the mountains.
That is the white dot in the picture.

In less than 

a minute

the sun 

was gone.

About 30 minutes later this was our view.

It is so quiet out here. We did hear a coyote briefly early in the evening otherwise nothing has broken the silence. I do not even think I have heard a train. The problem is I enjoy hearing the trains so I do not hear them as a nuisance so if they have broken the silence they have not broken my peace.

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  1. Oh too bad about Tom's dental appointments, but the problems will be fixed. I like seeing you out in the desert, seems more you to me. :) I can imagine it was nice, but so cramped at the RV Park. Love the Mexico pictures, thinking Rachel will too! Gorgeous sunset pics! I think you've ended up at a perfect place! :)

    1. Thank you, Shirley. I would agree we did end up in a perfect spot. I cannot explain it but as cramped as that park is we do like it there. Sort of like LaPosa South during the "big tent" crowded but fun. Being out in a place like this, though, is the best. The openness, the quite, and the views that go on forever.

  2. But isn’t it nice you can change your plans at the drop of a hat!! Great pics of Mexico!!

    1. Thank you, Nancy.
      You are right being able to change plans at the drop of the hat is nice...:)

  3. Flexibility is one of the good things about this lifestyle. Even those not so fun reasons for changing plans. Hope all goes well at the next appointment. Enjoy your peace and quiet.

    1. We would agree about the flexibility being wonderful we have changed plans many times at the last minute. Including when we are moving down the We are doing our best to enjoy the peace and quiet...:)

  4. Dental appointments can sure change plans, can't they? No one knows better than us. good luck with Tom's and at least you are back where you love to be. :)

    1. You have had "some" experience with dental appointments changing things this year. You are right, the upside would be we are in a place we love. Rolling with the punches, as they say, and you definitely know about that.

  5. Nice photos. Hope Tom is feeling better.

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