Monday, February 17, 2020

Shopping and Lunch With Friends, A Quick Ride, Sunset

Friday, February 14, 2020

Our last sunset sitting out in the desert
for this our 6th Adventure.
( I used the POP effect on my camera)

We asked her to take one and one she took. What we will remember is a day filled 
with friendship and laughter.

As we drove over I-8 towards the west entrance for the Interstate 
I could see there white truck heading east in the distance.

The checkpoint and we were waved through.

We got back home and drove past the Stinger "B"

continuing back towards the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

We had driven back here last week and turned right.

Today we turned left.

We turned off the road along the power line to get closer to
the mountains. While Tom checked out the area ahead

I checked out  these two Ocotillos

each beautiful in their own way.

The road ahead is to narrow for our Jeep so we have turned
around. I was looking up to my right 

when Tom spotted this  on his left. He stopped and went off
to check it out. It is obvious that someone built this and 

spent time here. There was no roof or evidence of one;
 maybe they used some sort of tarp. 
Interesting what you find in the desert.

A few more Ocotillos spotted on our ride.

We continued to follow the road along the power line and we
eventually came back to Ogilby Road near the Tumco Mine.
(That visit will be for another time.)

After exiting this road we turned back south on Ogilby
and headed home. 

While I watched the sunset

I also watched this hummingbird.

A desert sunset through an Ocotillo.
Two of the reasons I/we love this place.

Sitting and watching from start to end.
(The RV that had been blocking our view had left
earlier today so we were able to sit on our patio and
watch the sun leave our last day parked here.)

The sun slowly

makes its 

way down
towards the horizon.

Then there is one little last dot of light

and the sun is gone from our day.
Using a flash for this picture
I was focusing on the Ocotillo.

Even though the sun is gone the light lingers with
the afterglow coloring the clouds a rosy pink.

Our last evening spent sitting watching the flames turn
to red embers as the day turned to an inky black with
the stars twinkling above us. Even the noises in the
background took on a softness as we sat and let a day
we had thoroughly enjoyed come to an end.

Today's Goal and It Was Accomplished!!!
Time spent with friends filled with talk and laughter.
Quiet Time spent together at the end of the day.
It was a GOOD DAY!

We are so glad you stopped by!
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  1. Wonderful post. It is always amazing how quickly time goes when it is spent with wonderful folks.
    The sunset was truly wonderful, thanks for sharing.
    The little stone area has been there for a while. Lots of folks talk about when they mention that area. Someone thought there might have been wood that has been rotted over the years and this is all that is left, but I don't know, I didn't see any evidence of a wooden roof either time I've been there.

    1. Thank you, Deb.
      When I was looking at the pictures I took and saw the 8th one down, Today we turned left, I knew you had been there. Tom did not think there was evidence of a wooden roof either.

  2. Isn't it fascinating that so much stuff can grow in the desert with little to no water. Love your fire pictures.

    1. It is fascinating what grows in the desert and just how much green there is.

  3. Was it Valentine's Day that you went to Algodones? Probably lots of sweetheart deals. :) I like your last pictures of the fire!

    1. Yes, we did go to Algodones on Valentine's Day and there were sweetheart deals. Even more "almost frees"...:)

  4. Love the pics especially the sunset ones and the fire! What a great day you had! Looks like great times were had by all :)

  5. Beautiful pictures of the sun setting around the Ocotillo.