Sunday, March 15, 2020

Working on Plan B or Maybe Plan C, (Catch Up Post: Two Travel Days)

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Wishing our beautiful daughter a wonderful 34th Birthday!
We miss you and love you forever and always!

Saturday, March 14, 2020 & Sunday, March 15, 2020

We are still parked at the Lady Luck Casino in Vicksburg. After two days of phone calls and leaving several messages we have finally found a place in Shannon, MS to call "home" for a couple of weeks. The Stinger "B" will take us there in the morning.

Our original plan when we left Arizona and started our trek East was Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina. The goal was to sit out on the beach looking out over the Atlantic Ocean and spend time with a life long friend of mine. Our guys would spend time with us and or do their own thing. Now with everything going on with the Coronavirus and for reasons I do not want to share here that is not going to happen for now.  It was a sad decision but the right one for the time being.

That being said, we started talking about Plan "B". Just heading back up to Michigan and the cold was not an option we wanted to consider at this time. Tom and I talked about it and decided to spend some time exploring the Natchez Trace. Since, it is right near by where we presently are. We had  planned to do this in the fall but as everyone knows the great part of this lifestyle is we can make new plans. So we started looking for RV Parks along the trail. Our thought was one near the south end, one in the middle, then one at the north end and we would spend a week at each one. This would give us time to take the Jeep out  and explore the Natchez Trace along with the areas around it at our leisure. Unfortunately, finding parks with openings became an issue. So on to Plan "C" we have found a park farther north then we hoped but we will spend a couple of weeks there. Explore the area, spend time relaxing, and decide were we want to go next. The next time we are in this area we will explore what we do not get to see this time. It is all about enjoying the journey and letting the destination take care of itself.

I spotted a couple of dandelions outside our door.
In my opinion, a beautiful little ball of sunshine.

No idea what these are but they are so tiny, cute and lavender.

A dandelion and a wish.
Lady Luck Casino

This beautifully green hill outside our door is filled with clover.

One more dandelion. Not sure why people decided this was
a weed and all the other wildflowers are considered beautiful.

Still Catching Up (Warning Picture Overload)

Saturday, March 7, 2020

We left Quail Ridge around 10 o'clock as I recall. The plan was to leave around 9/9:30 but then we had to wait about 30 minutes before we could get the propane tank topped off. Still left in plenty of time to get to were we wanted to spend the night.

Quail Ridge RV Park, Huachuca City, AZ

Some pretty little purple flowers near the club house.

AZ-90 heading north and our first stop a
Border Patrol Checkpoint.

Turning East onto I-10

The Texas Canyon and as always the question is what keeps
those boulders balanced and whatever it is thank goodness
it does. Yes, we do discuss that every time we drive through.

A stop in Wilcox at Apple Annies for apple pie. This was the
first time I decided to get out and go in. Usually Tom just goes
in for his pie. Cute stuff in the little shop but way more then
I would ever pay for any of it. Always fun to look though.

Lots of yellow flowers filling the fields along the way.

Nicely done.

I could see the clouds creating shadows on the mountains 

off in the distance.

I  could see those yellow flowers on the hills here.

Then we crossed into New Mexico just after 2 o'clock.

We were surprised as to how much water we could see out
on these flat areas as we drove by.

I missed the Continental Divide sign on our way East
in the fall. Today I managed to pay attention.

Right around 4:30 we could see Las Cruces in the distance. 

The roadrunner surveying his kingdom.

It is something to see all the recycled things he is made out of.

Standing there in all his glory.

Looking down over the city of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

The Stinger "B" parked for the night. 

Sunday, March 8, 2020

It rained during the night and we awoke to dark clouds. I took a couple of last pictures and we were off. The hope right now is the traffic is a little lighter then normal as we drive through El Paso.

We stopped for diesel and then crossed into Texas right around
10:00 AM with the rain coming down.

About 30 minutes later Tom was driving us through El Paso.

The choice to come through at this time was a good one.
Though, there was still a good amount of traffic it was the
least we have ever experienced.
We passed this sign several times, Upper left.
Is says: Drive Now Text or Talk Later.
By the time we were through El Paso the rain had stopped.

The clouds did linger all day.

With all the Canadians friends we have met over the last
six years this certainly jumped out at us. 

The things you see along the way.
The truck in the front has a vehicle on the bed of the truck,
like the second one. It is towing the second paneled truck and
there is a pickup truck box sticking out of it. Or maybe it is
the whole truck in there who knows.

Every vehicle is flying by us.

We are getting close to where we will turn on to I-20 and
the scenery through here is beautiful.

Our last Border Patrol Checkpoint for this Adventure.

Yes it is a work zone and yes the speed limit does say 65.
Everyone is still flying by us.

The blue sign: It is not a choice it is a child.

From a distance this looked like columns of ice.
Felt like we had dropped into the Disney Movie, "Frozen".

Mobile Mapping

Passing by Van Horn, Texas

Through my window screen and blurry but I just had
to include a sign that said "Michigan Flat".

I am sure the HER stands for something but ladies it is

This one has a sign that says,  Do not pass on the right.
We have lost count as to how many times we have watched
little cars try to do just that. 

We are now on I-20

How cute is this?

Our stop for the night; it was right around 3:30.
Ward County Safety Rest Area.

It has been a couple of long days of driving but we are know close to our destination and will be stopped for two nights. 

We are so glad you stopped by!
If  you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Glad you have found a home for a bit! Gotta love the Natchez Trace so incredibly beautiful! Love the Big Rig pic! Happy Birthday Rachel!! She is beautiful!!

    1. We are too. I was beginning to think we would not find an opening any where. Thank you for Rachel's Birthday wish. That rig was nicely painted we see so many semis with patriotic messages as we travel.

  2. You are moving right along!! I always wished I could stop more often along that route. There's lot of cool stuff to see.

    1. Yes, we were. Mainly because we had a couple of destinations planned. Then life changes and we are standing still. Nothing like relaxing in a diesel shop parking lot. Looking at the positive I am sitting inside the Stinger "B". Take care.

  3. And the Jell-o jiggles again. Enjoy your journey wherever it takes you. Just be safe and healthy!

    1. There are days that is seems to jiggle a lot...:) You do the same stay healthy and safe.

  4. First a Happy Birthday wish to Rachel.
    Sorry your original plans fell through but like the card says there is still more letters in the alphabet.
    Great scenery. Those high speed limits are ridiculous. They must figure the faster you are going you won't fall asleep at the wheel because of the size of Texas.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your time exploring.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you for Rachel's Birthday Wish.
      The scenery has been beautiful. I feel like we are driving through spring.
      Every time we see a 65 mph speed limit in a work zone we wonder if they really do not like their workers.

  5. Too bad plans didn't work out. But you did find one that works and that's good. Happy birthday Rachel! Enjoy your stay.

    1. Thank you for Rachel's Birthday wishes. We did feel sad to change our plans but we do have a new one and hopefully we will be on our way soon. Stay safe.