Monday, March 16, 2020

Today and Our Final Catch Up Post (Time with Friends and Three Travel Days)

Monday, March 16, 2020

Things have changed and we are not continuing on the route we had planned. A new plan has been made and instead of East the direction we will take is North.  We will travel a little over 200 miles and then we will park the Stinger "B" in a new neighborhood and take time to enjoy the days ahead.  That is not to say I do not feel some sadness about the change because I do. I had been looking forward to the time parked by the Ocean spending time chatting away with a life long friend since we made the reservations last May. Yet, if  I have learned one thing in life it is, you cannot change what is. Sometimes you just need to accept and move on.  (I wrote the above this morning as we were getting ready to leave and head North to Shannon, MS. It was time to leave so I shut down the computer intending to finish the post after we were set up in our new spot.)

Leaving the Lady Luck Casino in Vicksburg, MS
As we went  up the hill our check engine light came on.
Committed with no way to turn around we continued
to the Welcome Center. After doing some checking
everything seemed fine so we decided to continue.

We pulled out onto I-20 and the motorhome  immediately
overheated with a check engine light. We took the next
 exit and ended up at the above mall.

I believe the mall we are at is the Pemberton Square.
I would think it is some sort of Civil War Monument.
I did some research and could not find any information.

We are now parked at Shaw Diesel for the night.
Parts have been ordered and they are hoping to be able to
 fix the Stinger "B" tomorrow. As of now it looks like we
have lost a belt and need a new water pump.

Tomorrow's blog will include more information when we know more. The campground we were headed for has said they will hold our spot for us. We are hoping to be there on Wednesday but at this point not planning on it. Let's just say not one of our better days on the road. I am pretty sure anyone reading this knows how we feel right now. Just part of the fun of living on wheels.

Catching Up

Monday, March 9, 2020

It was a somewhat noisy night at the rest area. The Ward County Safety Rest Area is a good size and was filled with semis all running through the night. Not complaining just a fact. We always know it is  a good possibility when we pull in to a rest area that there will be semis running over night. After coffee we were soon on our way. We wanted to stop and pick up a few grocery items at Walmart this morning and looking at the directions we could see that the one in Midland, TX was close to the Interstate so that was our destination. The minute we pulled off and turned towards the Walmart we remembered being here a couple of years ago and knew it had not been the best choice as the parking lot is tight and not one we want to pull into.  Not stopping and circling we were soon back on I-20 continuing east. We did eventually pull of and stop at the Walmart in Big Spring. It is a little farther off the Interstate but was an easy on and off and the parking lot was one we could easily get into.

Between Walmarts we stopped for lunch at this really
nicely kept Picnic Area. 

The following pictures are views along the way as we headed towards the Lake Colorado City State Park. You might wonder why we would pick this park as a destination. The answer would be two special people, Melissa and Lyle, we know from British Columbia were parked there. We had been hoping to be able to cross paths again this winter and then as luck would have it they were staying at this State Park only 5 miles off of our planned route. So we made a call and were able to secure a site for 2 nights.

Some of our views as we traveled East on I-20 today.

Reaching our exit 210 we were soon on FM 2836 with about 5 miles left to go to our destination we figured we would be there in no time. Then we caught up to this work convoy painting lines and going about 7 miles per hour. At this point we had about 3 miles to go.  I had let Melissa know when we had turned off of I-20 and was just about to call and let her know we would be awhile when the sign turned to an arrow and we cautiously, it is a very narrow and not well maintained road, passed the work convoy.

Within minutes we were stopping at the office and registering and on our way to our site.  After getting set up we packed our small cooler (there may have been adult beverages included), Tom grabbed our chairs, and we walked up to Melissa and Lyle's site. We had last seen them in November so we sat outside and did some catching up. Between the wind and some little flying bugs after a short while we went inside. They had invited us for "Hamburger Monday" and dinner was hamburgers with the works and potato salad. Thank you, guys.  Neither one of us ever feels like cooking after being on the road all day so having a delicious meal cooked for us was great. Better yet sitting and talking about what ever comes to mind with good friends made for a wonderful evening. Not sure what time the evening ended but I know it was well after sunset when we walked back down to the Stinger "B".

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

No rush to get anywhere today. We were already there. Just a leisurely morning enjoying our coffee. I heard from Melissa asking if we wanted to take a ride into Colorado City and check our the museum and we accepted the invite. In the end as the day progressed the decision was to just spend time visiting. They brought their chairs over, Tom barbecued chicken and we had "Taco Tuesday" at the Stinger "B". The time of course flew by as it always does when we are enjoying ourselves in the company of special friends.

I believe these are some kind of Prickly Pear Cacti.
When I was checking on this I found out that the  
Prickly Pear is the Official State Plant of Texas. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

( I know I have included some information about March 11, 12, and 13 in previous posts but I wanted to include more pictures which is why I am repeating these days in this catch up post.)

Today we were up and moving but not in a big rush. Check out at the park is noon and we only planned on going about three hours down the road to a rest area where we would spend the night. We had such a nice time visiting here with Melissa and Lyle. They are such a special couple and our time with them is comfortable plus the conversation  is always interesting. We are so glad every thing fell into place and we had this time. Looking forward to seeing them again in the future. Until then safe travels.

Tom, Myself, Lyle and Melissa

While Tom dumped our tanks I took a couple of pictures.

Looking back at the park. Not the prettiest one by far but clean.

We did not come for the views we came for the company.

Lots and lots of Prickly Pear Cacti in this park.

On our way we have made it to I-20.

This and the following pictures are some of the views
 out our front window this afternoon.

Our stop for the evening the Eastland County Safety Rest Area

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Today's route will bring us through Ft. Worth and Dallas so we were up and moving with the idea of making our way through that corridor around 10 or so in the morning.

I know I posted his picture before but how cute
is he peeking out the curtains at us.

We have pulled back on I-20 as we continue East.

I believe that was Ft. Worth in the distance.

We are making our way to Dallas.

Whenever we have driven in Texas one of the things we have
noticed is there display of the US Flag and their State Flag.
Until today we had not seen any combinations like this.
The wind co-operated to make for a nice picture.

If you knew Tom in high school you know why I included this.

Then there was second set a little further on. 

Buc-ee's this is on large gas station and store.
We have only been in the one near Bastrop, TX but there is a
little bit of everything in there.

A lovely field a yellow wildflowers not long before
we pulled into a rest area for the night.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Today we headed out in the rain. Our goal was to leave Texas behind us, drive through Louisiana, and end our day in the Mississippi Welcome Center. It did not quite work out that way as even though Mississippi allows overnight parking in its rest areas it is not allowed at this one. Which we found out when we pulled in.

Today's views.
I-20 through Texas has been a lovely green.

Crossing into Louisiana the beautiful green continues.

Driving through Shreveport I counted the above sign
5 times. Top Right, we are up high looking down.

The green continues

and it looks like they are getting ready to repave.

Getting close to Mississippi we can see that the river is
over its banks. There is  River Flood Warning for this area.

We have crossed the Mississippi River
and are officially back in the East.

We are glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. In our 11 years on the road we spent many nights in repair shop lots. So not fun. Hope they get you fixed and back on the road quickly. I love seeing all your pictures.

    1. We have been lucky as far as problems with the rig so I am trying not to But, no, not fun when you are in a repair shop. Glad you are enjoying the pictures.

  2. The good news is repair shop parking is free!! Not so much the repairs however. Love the puppy picture!!

    1. We thought that puppy was so darn cute looking out at us.
      The bright
      Hopefully the bill has a somewhat bright side.

  3. Great pictures and Catch-up until yesterday. Like everyone knows repairs are part of the Lifestyle. Make certain they put Coolant and not just water in the System which could destroy the engine if it freezes. A lot of southern states don't use Coolant.
    Glad you are Safe but it is sad you can't visit the coast.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks for the coolant advice.
      We are sad about having to change our plans but we will re-schedule the visit and enjoy that place in the future. The best part of living on wheels, flexibility.

  4. Too bad you couldn't spend time on the ocean. Maybe next year. Sorry to hear about the Stnger B overheating. Glad you were able to get to a place that can fix it for you. Much better than being towed. Hope you're on your way again real soon. Safe travels.

    1. We are hoping next year works out, I am thinking the 3rd time will be the charm and we will be sitting by the ocean. Thanks for all the positive thoughts. The Stinger "B: is fixed and ready to go in the morning. Stay safe.

  5. Hoping the Stinger B is fixed and you are camped in your new spot! Beautiful pictures! We haven't been in awhile but we love Vicksburg!

    1. The Stinger "B" is fixed and ready to go. We will be headed north to our next stop in the morning. We are looking forward to coming back this way again and have the chance to do some exploring. From the little we have seen it does look like a really nice area.