Thursday, March 12, 2020

(Where We Are) Catch Up Post (Chris Leaves a Day Early)

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

We are spending the night in a Texas Safety Rest Area near Eastland, Texas as we slowly make our way to South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean. There will be several catch up posts, I am over two weeks behind. Since, this is a diary of our adventures/travels that is what I will be doing for several days. I have a feeling we will be through Louisiana before I get into real time.

I missed seeing tonight's sunset but I caught this color out
our door looking towards the South. 

Catching Up.

Chris had been checking the weather on and off it looks like there is a winter storm heading into Wisconsin along Lake Michigan. The storm will impact Milwaukee where she will be landing and north of there where she lives. Last year on her way home she spent a long day in the Denver Airport because there was a storm in Milwaukee and she did not want to repeat that "fun" in Houston this year. Not long after we got back from our day over at Tombstone Chris received a message from the airlines offering her the opportunity to change her flight due to the  predicted winter storm. After some thought she decided to leave a day early before the winter storm was due to hit the area. This meant she would be leaving Monday instead of Tuesday. Going online she was able to re-book  her flight for the same time on Monday as she would have flown out on Tuesday. Tom and I were sad that she had to leave a day early but understood her concerns.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Today's plan was to visit the Saguaro National Park both the East and West Districts. From there we planned on stopping at Mission San Xavier del Bac in Tucson. We knew we would not be able to do what we planned but decided to leave early on Monday and at least drive into the visitor center at the East District, Rincon Mountain District, of the Saguaro National Park. This stop was on the way to the airport and having been there before we knew there were paths we could walk to see several of the different plants and cactus the Sonoran Desert has to offer. The nice part is they are labelled so you know what you are looking at. There is an 8 mile loop through this part of the park which is a nice ride but wanting to make sure Chris was at the airport on time we will save it for next time.

A selfie before we get in the Jeep and head towards Tucson.

First stop was for gas at the Chevron Station just down the road.

Going under I-10 just before turning East on the interstate.

Making sure you stay where they want you!

The next group of pictures I took at the Rincon Mountain visitor center and are self explanatory. (Clicking on the pictures should open them larger in a new window.)

Tom caught Chris and I chatting.

Dropping Chris off at the airport in Tucson.
A sculpture in the median as we left the airport.

Mission San Xavier del Bac

(We first visited the Mission on December 8, 2015, which is the feast day of The Immaculate Conception, on that day we attended Mass here. Below is what I wrote about the Mission. Today there were no candles on the ledges.

Today we visited the Mission at San Xavier del Bac, a National Historic Landmark, founded as a Catholic mission by Fr. Eusebio Kino in 1692. (He is the same priest that established Tumacacori as a mission in 1691. We visited Tumacacori this past Saturday, December 5th.) Construction of this current church began in 1783 and was completed in 1797. It is the oldest intact European structure in Arizona and the mission continues to serve the residents of the San Xavier Reservation. Often called the “white dove of the desert,” the mission is located in the San Xavier Reservation, part of the Tohono O’odham nation, southwest of Tucson in Pima County, Arizona.

The inside of the church, which they are slowly renovating as funds are available, is filled with original statuary and mural paintings. The ceilings are beautiful and when you look up you notice a ledge surrounding the interior filled with lit candles. There is so much to look at it is impossible to take it all in. As we sat there during mass I leaned over and whispered to Tom, we could not have taken the kids here for mass when they were small their heads would have never stopped turning. I had trouble keeping my concentration.

The last time we visited this mission  we sat here, 
bottom left picture, for Mass.

Heading south on I-19 we can see a lot of Saguaros and
Cholla Cacti  in the distance.

On Sahuarita Road heading east.

Several lovely Saguaros along here and this is probably the
last time we will see Saguaros this year.

Our views as we drive south on AZ-83

Coming into Sonoita.

We are know on AZ-82.

Almost back to Quail Ridge RV Park.

It was somewhat of a bittersweet day. We did get to make a short visit to the Saguaro National Park and Tom and I made a quick visit to the Mission San Xavier Del Bac both beautiful stops. At the same time we were sad to see Chris leave and do so a day early. It seemed like we had just picked her up at the airport and here we were dropping her off.  I did hear from her several times during the day and everything went smoothly with her transfer in Dallas and her husband, Perry, was in Milwaukee to pick her up. The roads were clear and they made it home safe and sound. It was really special to have her come out and spend time with us. Already looking forward to next year when we hope she will get to come again.

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  1. Glad to hear from you. Been very busy I see. Too bad your sister couldn't stay longer. Be glad when you catch up. Safe travels.

  2. Goodbyes get tough when you're having such a wonderful time. But having her safely home makes it easier.

    1. You are right it felt good to know she made it home safe and sound.

  3. Sorry she had to leave early but maybe next time she can stay longer. Wonderful photos, always nice to see from someone else's view, as we never see things the same as anyone else.
    Enjoy your slow trek eastward, some nice things to see over there. Continued safe travels!!!!

    1. Thank you, Deb. I agree, it is interesting to see what others see of any area we have been to because like you said we all seem to see different things.

  4. Sad that Chris had to leave early but nice that you could still plat Tourists.
    Great Pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Beautiful pictures Deb! Great catch up on Chris. i don't know how you remember all that LOL...looking forward to more! Hugs!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. The pictures help with the memory thing...LOL Hugs