Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Brakes Checked, Beautiful Clouds, Rain, Sun, and More Rain

Monday, March 2, 2020

We were up and having our coffee early this morning as we had an 8:30 appointment to have the Stinger "B's" brakes looked at. Today's appointment was at: Truck & Trailer Parts, INC in Sierra Vista. We would recommend this place to anyone. The service was quick and efficient. I had noticed a sign on the desk area that said: Labor $111.50 per hour. So we honestly thought this was the least we would be paying, since, most shops charge for an hour even if it takes less time. Not this place it took the young man about 30 minutes to check them out and that is what they charged us for. Then Tom asked about windshield wipers, since he noticed ours were falling apart. They had the size we needed and in no time the old ones were gone replaced by the new ones. We had been having some trouble, from day one with the drivers side one going to far over and getting caught. When Tom mentioned this to the young man he checked it out and showed Tom what the problem was then took care of a needed adjustment. We had, had this done before and were told they were adjusted as far as they could be. It seems that was not the case and they are now fixed. So in the end our bill was slightly under what an hour of labor would have cost, we know our brakes are in good shape, and Tom now knows how to adjust our wipers. If we are in this area again and need work done we would not hesitate to go back to Truck & Trailer Parts.

We left Quail Ridge just a little before 8:00AM and we were back and parked in our new site by around 11:00AM.  Later in the afternoon we took a ride back into Sierra Vista to run a couple of errands.

Today's pictures are about the clouds. Honestly if it would have been a warmer day and or there had been less wind it would have been the type of day I would have sat out and just watched them float by. For the most part the ones below were taken while we were driving north on AZ-90 between Sierra Vista and Quail Ridge.

This last one I took standing behind the Stinger "B" looking
towards the Southwest.

Today was a good day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Today was mostly a day filled with grey clouds. It rained and then we saw some sun and then it rained again.

I had absolutely nothing planned for today beyond putting my feet up and relaxing. Which is pretty much what I did. The only big accomplishment was going through the last of the pictures from when my sister was here and I did do that. I will be sharing them in the next couple of days.

Tom did have a couple of things he wanted to get done. One was to unplug the drain in the shower. Of course, the tool for doing this is not with us so he first went over to RV City, which is just down the road, since they did not have what he needed  he went into Sierra Vista and found what he was looking for at Home Depot. The water is now going down quickly. Secondly, the windshield on the Jeep had a ding from a rock and after calling the insurance company he was able to take a quick ride back to Sierra Vista to have that fixed.

Other then a couple of steps outside the door to take the following pictures I stayed in the warmth of the Stinger "B" today

The sky around us at 12:45.

At 2:18 I was optimistic that the dark clouds were going to disappear and we would have blue skies.

As I snapped this one I could see Tom coming back from his
trip to Home Depot. 

At  3 o'clock things were really looking promising.

At 3:30 I could see dark clouds but look there was sunshine above us.

Looking West it still looked pretty grey

and when I  looked back up the sun was behind the clouds.

By 5:30 things were looking pretty dark grey again and it was not long after this the rain came down again.

I took this one last picture towards the Southwest before the
rain started. The sun was making one last effort to join our day.

As I write this it is raining again but tomorrow there is suppose to be sunshine. Fingers crossed the weather predictors are right. It was a good day to stay in and just enjoy being at home.

We are so glad you stopped by!
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  1. I do love Arizona clouds. They are constantly changing formations!!

  2. I find the clouds fascinating and beautiful. Last summer when we had to stay in AZ I really missed them. We had a whole lot of sunshine. Always a good feeling when you know things are checked out and working right.

    1. The sunshine is nice but when those white fluffy clouds go by it does really add to the sky's beauty.
      It did feel good to get the good news about the brakes.

  3. That's a lot of cloud pictures! haha
    I'm glad you got a relaxing day in there and things taken care of with the Stinger B and Jeep.

    1. I know, lots of clouds, and I did not add them all...LOL
      Thank you, it does feel good to have everything taken care of.

  4. I would have joined you watching the clouds. They were certainly very interesting to say the least. They played around the mountain tops out the window, it was interesting to see.
    Glad you folks did well at the brake place. Always nice to find a business that isn't out to take everything you own just because your home travels. Hopefully the weather is good from here on out and the wind moves off to another place.

    1. That would have been a good day sitting and watching the clouds together!
      It is nice when you find that place that gives you good service and does not charge you whatever because they can. I would have to say, so far, we have been lucky in that department.
      I hope the wind moves on especially for you out on those grasslands.

  5. Glad everything worked out on the Stinger B and you are once again able to enjoy the Gooflife.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  6. Awesome news about your shop work!

  7. I'm glad you found a great place to get the brakes checked and they turned out to be fine. Gives you piece of mind. I need to put wipers on the WL. Luckily I found a new set in one of the bays. Better do it and test the wipers before I get caught in a rain storm.

    1. Yes, we were very satisfied with the place we found.
      Tom always keeps rain-x on our front windshield, also. It really does help keep the windshield clear when the rain is really coming down.