Thursday, March 26, 2020

Today and Last Saturday A Visit to Elvis's Birthplace

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Today was a quiet day in our life. Tom took a run over to the diesel shop to see what was happening and to pick up a few things out of the Stinger "B". Other then that we watched some television. It looks like they may have the Stinger "B" back on the road tomorrow afternoon sometime. If not then we are looking at Friday. They are going through everything including our generator to make sure there is no other damage in the engine. At the same time they are servicing our engine so we will be good to go for awhile.

Saturday, March 21, 2020 (Yes, I am again doing a catch up post.)

It was not raining and we decided to take a ride north on the Natchez Trace. It really is a pretty road and as we ride we see the trees starting to bloom. There are a lot of Red Buds blooming and occasionally we see a Dogwood tree. Plus, there are fields filled with golden yellow wildflowers. I have said most of this before and probably will again as I have one more post about the time we spent there.

Not sure what highway we were on
 by Tupelo but the semis are moving.

Presley Heights Water Tower

This is a really pretty park but a little ways off the beaten
path. It would be a wonderful place to sit and relax or bring
a family for the weekend. There was a nice playground area.

We then decided to take a ride by and check out
Elvis's Birthplace.

When we pulled into the parking lot there were only two
other cars so we decide to get out and take a walk around
the grounds. Everyone we saw while there kept a good
distance and like us seemed to be enjoying the day.

There was no way we could have skipped taking this selfie.

It was interesting to read what those who knew him
had to say about who he was.

This 1939 green Plymouth sedan is a replica of the car the
Presley family drove when the left Tupelo for Memphis.

We could see this from down the hill and decided to take
the stairs up to check it out.

Flowers on the way up the hill.

This is what was on top of the hill.

Tom reading one of the panels.

This is was also at the top of the hill.

Looks like this would be a wonderful place to just
sit and relax.

One thing we talked about as walking around was how visitor friendly this place is. There are benches all around to sit and relax as you tour the grounds. Plus, it is nicely laid out and well kept up. I am sure the inside displays are worth the cost of a ticket. We plan on coming back this way again and will certainly come back to see the inside.

The rivers are high.

Heading back to the RV Park

the sun was trying to make an appearance.

The Natchez Trace RV Park

and there is the Stinger "B".
We are home after an enjoyable day.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. It is nice to see the blooms coming out, what a pretty drive!

    1. The few short miles of the Natchez Trace we got to see was certainly pretty. Looking forward to driving the whole thing next time.

  2. At least you are keeping busy while the Stinger B is getting repaired.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. You are definitely in Elvis country. It's a good feeling to know your rig is being taken care of. You should be good to go soon!!

    1. I believe the saying is, "from your lips to God's ears".

  4. Good news about the Stinger B. Soon you should be back on track.
    You will have to go back to Tupelo when things are open again. It is quite the feeling being inside his family home, can't explain it. :)
    Be safe guys. Hugs to you both!

    1. It was good news and...then...but hopefully we will be out of here soon. Going back to Tupelo is definitely on the list.
      Thanks sending hugs back your way.

  5. Hoping the Stinger B is done for you today and not too $$$$ on the wallet! But I'm thinking it will be :( Love all the color along the Natchez Trace one of my favorite drives for sure! We are home btw..:) Take care and enjoy!

    1. Glad you are home!
      We are looking forward to enjoying the Natchez Trace in the future.
      I have a feeling that unfortunately you are right about the $$$$ on the wallet.