Friday, January 28, 2022

Coming Back to the Blog

Friday, January 28, 2022 

This afternoon after almost two weeks I decided to transfer pictures from my camera onto the computer then I opened our blog to find this draft I am guessing I started on the 16th. Just pictures no words. Since then we moved because of the dust out at LaPosa South back to the Roadrunner BLM. I decided to add words to this draft and the next blog will be pictures I have taken since we have been parked out here. 

Saturday, January 15, 2022

This was just dark, dreary, windy sort of day. I remember because I decided to bundle up and take a walk after lunch and that was my mistake. Or maybe the route I decided to take was the mistake. It brought me full circle back to where we were parked but the last section included walking along the main road and when several vehicles went by leaving me in billowing clouds of dust I knew I was in trouble. I could taste the dirt and I knew that meant the chances were I was going to be sick. I was lucky and I only ended up with a lovely sinus infection but it also meant this blog would not get finished. More about why it has been two weeks in the next blog.

I could see this guy in the distance. I think I have
visited him every year, Happy to see him still
standing proud and tall holing up the nest in his arms.

It is interesting what people put up to let others know where
they are. It is also interesting just how many take the time to
build "driveways" to where they are parked.

More of the wonderful Saguaros out here.

From a distance it looked something like an owl was sitting
on the side of the road. Up close two stacked rocks.

Even in death the saguaros have a beauty all there own.

Some "just because" pictures.

Walking back to our neighborhood.

The clouds filled the sky today. Lots of grey ones.

A little light is visible on the horizon

as the sun left our day.

There was even a little show

 of some pretty pink 

afterglow as the last of the light left us.

The full moon shining through the clouds.

Definitely a nice bit of color to end our day.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

The sun coming up on our day which included blue skies.

Driving back from Parker after doing some laundry and picking
up a few groceries. I just really liked this cloud formation
over the mountains.


Then slow but sure

we witnessed a lovely pink


Rosy pink waves in the sky.

The best I could do with the lens
I had on my camera this evening.

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  1. Although it has been a few years, I would recognize the horizon anywhere! Miss seeing those saguaros, even their skeletons are interesting!

    1. The saguaros are certainly magnificent. I agree even their skeletons are interesting and I would add beautiful.

  2. It's fascinating to walk around that area and see all the weird stuff. Next time we should make something artful in our midst.