Monday, January 10, 2022

Three Days Went By

We are parked out at the Roadrunner BLM. It has been quiet out here and we have been enjoying the quiet. We have noticed a few more rigs coming in since we arrived last Thursday but it does not seem crowded as of yet. Plus, there has not been a lot of traffic and only a very few ATV's riding near by.  When we sit out on our patio we are enjoying wonderful views of the Dome Rock Mountains in the distance. 

For the most part we have been "home bodies". Saturday Tom took a quick ride into Quartzsite to the tool place looking for a specific hose he would like to have for draining grey water. Then Sunday we both took a ride to Parker to pick up a couple of groceries. On our way back instead of staying on AZ-95 at the light we continued on AZ-72 then turned at Bouse and took Plomosa Road across circling back to AZ-95. Always a nice ride through the Plomosa Mountains. Today, Monday, Tom took a ride into Quartzsite to pick up our mail at the Post Office and I did some crocheting. 

We have been enjoying ordinary days. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and that does not mean it needs to filled with busyness every minute of every day.  There are days, those do nothing days, that are just meant to be quietly enjoyed. Days were when they come to the end and you look back on them you realize you did nothing but it was a good day. Those are special days to be cherished in our memory books, also. For the most part these last three days have been those kind of good days. Below are the pictures I took as the three days went by.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Caught a visitor at our Hummingbird Feeder

Enjoying our views.

Watching the sun slip behind the mountains.

Using the Photo Illustration Effect on the camera.

The sun is gone from sight leaving the last of its light behind.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

The sun coming up on our day.

The Tent is up!

Riding down Plomosa Road.

Sometimes I take pictures of trees, bushes, cacti
 and things on the ground "just because". 

Two more 

just because pictures.

These are two of my favorite views

going through the Plomosa Mountains.

Back home and sitting out before sunset.

Enjoying yet another sunset 

at the end of a day living our retirement dream.

Walking back to our patio after taking the last picture
I saw this and I took it "just because".

One last picture for Sunday of the soft rosy afterglow.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Today the sun came up

and went down

on a day we enjoyed.

Today like Saturday and Sunday was a good day.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. It seems pretty crowded over here, but then I've never stayed here before. Of course there's always that one guy who drives right by your rig instead of staying on the road. By the way, turns out my water gauge just isn't correct. I expected that of the black tank, but not the fresh water tank.

    1. Good news it was your gauge and you did not lose water but strange that gauge would have an issue. We have noticed more rigs coming in here but it does not seem as crowded as in the past.

  2. It is definitely more crowded over here than where you are. It doesn't surprise us though. Enjoy the quiet days, we do!
    Nancy is right, there is always that one guy!! We can't believe it.

    1. Always some one who feels entitled to go where ever they want...:(

  3. Those peaceful days are to be cherished :-)

  4. Nice that you are enjoying your time there and doing what you want when you want! :)