Friday, November 12, 2021

We are in Arizona!

 Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Today was a travel day and usually we do some packing up the night before. Last night we did not. So even though we were up and moving around 7:00am we did not pull out of the Low-Hi RV Ranch until close to 11:00. There may have been some relaxing coffee time in there, also. Today's ride will take us just about 200 miles west and then south. We enjoyed our stay at this park and would stop again.

Top left corner was at the end of our row it is called the
Pyramid of Geezers. One down is the Stumphenge at the
end of the row behind us.  Bottom one is the office.
Top middle looking down the road behind us and then on 
the right looking towards the entrance.
The last larger picture is our site.

I am not sure exactly were we are on I-10 I am going to
guess close to Lordsburg. The hope is the ride will be 
smoother once all the construction is finished.
Leaving Deming we found I-10 rough going.

We have come by this area and seen water out on the flats
 today we could only see the potential for dust. 

We have seen a lot of these along I-10.

We also see a lot of these.

Then we spotted this sign ahead. We have seen it several
times over the years and it is always a welcome sight.

We were also glad to see the rest stop sign we knew would
be just past the Arizona State Line. It was time for lunch.

I-10 as we crossed into Arizona.
The Semis keep coming.

They may be grey sticks right now but I was happy to
see the Ocotillos out the window.

Then we were driving by the Texas Canyon.

A few more miles and we were exiting on to AZ-90.
When we left here at the end of March this Border Patrol
Check Point was closed nice to see it open again,

A turn right off of AZ-90 onto AZ-82 and we can see this 
sign. We will call this home for 5 nights. We have stayed
here at least once every adventure and always enjoy our stay.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Today is Veteran's Day in the USA and Remembrance Day in Canada both special days to remember those who have served and say Thank You.

We have never stopped here and not taken at least one ride over to Tombstone and today we did just that and having lunch at Big Nose Kate's was in the plan. You and George came to mind today Suzie we remember George's Blog about this place which is what brought us here the first time. We miss you both.

This gentleman did an excellant job keeping us 
entertained while we enjoyed our lunch.

As we left after lunch we decided to take a 
selfie. As many times as we have been here
it is the first time we thought of it.

When we got here the street was fairly busy as we left
 we noticed was how few people there were.

No trip to Tombstone would be complete, in our opinion, 
without a trip up to the Linear Garden.
A new addition since the last time is Grumpy's Book Nook.
Nancy, Kissack Adventures, posted about this a few years
ago and we have enjoyed checking it out each time we 
stop. Thanks Nancy.

Besides the fun of seeing the Linear Garden the views
of Tombstone are wonderful.

The days ahead are predicted to be sunny and warm and we plan on enjoying them.  We hope where ever you are you are enjoying each day, also.

We are glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Loved the selfie. You two are moving fast and I'm glad the weeather is cooperating. Two weeks and I'll be on my way.

    1. Thanks, it is nice to be in great weather. Hope you have the same sunny skies when you pull out.

  2. The best (least known) view of Tombstone!! I just cant get enough of that tiny town!! Welcome home!!!! Or should I say welcome to Arizona!!

    1. You are right about that view. We do feel like we have come home when we get to Arizona so thanks

  3. Woohooo.....what a great day! We also enjoyed Tombstone and lunch at Big Nose Kate's, maybe we can all do it next year. Thanks for taking us along with you on this ride.

    1. Nice to have you with us.
      I am going to go with the positive. We will enjoy a wonderful lunch next year with you and Riley at Big Nose Kate's.

  4. Thank goodness for all the semi drivers that continue to supply our country with the necessary goods. I am thankful for them and the sacrifices they endure…despite all of the new regulations and gas prices they are subjected to. Let’s Go Brandon….oh, oh, political on your blog. .sorry..not sorry

    1. We agree and are thankful for all the semi drivers out there suppling us with all the things we need day in and day out.

  5. Nice to see the Arizona land scape again and Tombstone holds memories for us. Kelly and I were in Big Nose Kates one time but it was quite a while ago. Enjoy your travels folks, you are in one of our favorite areas.

    1. We have followed your blog since before we started this journey and the one thing that always came through was your and Kelly's love of the southwest. Nice to hear from you.

  6. I will truly feel at my winter home when I see the Ocotillo-) I saw Joshua Trees today and that was a nice site. We love Big Nose Kates!

    1. The Ocotillo is my favorite but I will be happy to see the Saquaros on Monday when we head through Tucson. Continued safe travels.

  7. Glad you are in AZ! Big Nose Kate's always reminds me of George and Suzie too. Great memories at Quail Ridge the last time we were there! A nice Happy Hour in the Stinger Bee with friends :) Love the selfie ...i was giggling at Elva's comment too!

    1. We have those same great memories of that Happy Hour with friends. Now I am giggling about Elva's comment again...LOL

  8. Yay!! The Arizona sign always excites us too! Enjoy your stay Quail Ridge. Tombstone is always fun, not sure if we'll make it this year but I hope so!

    1. We had not planned on stopping at Quail Ridge until maybe on the way back East and then there we were...LOL Continued Safe Travels to the Arizona sign.