Friday, November 19, 2021

In the Desert Near Quartzsite, Arizona

Thursday, November 18, 2021

We spent four nights and three quiet days at Park Place RV in Quartzsite. The only time we ventured out was to ride out to Roadrunner BLM to spend time with some good friends and fellow Yoopers who had invited us to dinner. They had joined us for Happy Hour on Tuesday. 

While sitting out Tuesday afternoon all of a sudden I spotted
these guys coming across the road.
Our first Quail sighting this year.

We spent a lovely evening Wednesday at Kathy and Shane's
new home on wheels. We met this couple last year and it was 
nice to do some catching up and just enjoy the time together. 
Plus they fed us. Thanks for dinner guys.

We were up and moving early this morning as we 
the Stinger "B"had an appointment at RV Livestyles.
As I mentioned in a previous post we needed to get some work done on the motorhome and today was the day. They were able to fix our leaky pipe. Plus repair our slide seals. We thought they needed replacing but the technician said no they were in good shape and just needed some "tweaking". They also were able to get our new slide toppers on. We all thought the water pump problem had been solved as it was running as it should before we left. Once we got settled out at Roadrunner and used the pump a couple of times we could hear the same struggle. Tom will be making a call.

Regardless, we are Happy Campers right now. We are parked in one of our favorite spots out in the Roadrunner BLM. Interesting side note: our fellow Yoopers got here a couple weeks ago and when looking for a place to park remembered we had liked Roadrunner. The spot they chose to park in, that can be measured in feet, is just across the wash from our favorite spot. The interesting part they had no idea where we had actually parked out here. So besides being parked out in the beautiful desert we have special friends nearby.

Our first official desert sunset of this our 8th Adventure!

Sadly since the last time we were able to park here
two years ago this Saguaro died. Still beautiful.

I was not prepared to take a photo of the moon 
so this is with my short lens. 

The last of the light leaving on what was a good day!

Friday, November 19, 2021

A new day dawns and we are in the beauty of the desert to enjoy the moment. 

This day will be enjoyed as its beauty unfolds and we continue to live what is our retirement dream. 

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Reminds me of Quail Ridge rv park. We knew you were there so as we were driving to our spot I kept looking for the Stinger B. When we got to our spot there you were....right in front of us. Beautiful pictures....Elva

    1. Thank you, Elva.
      We really enjoyed being parked at Quail Ridge by you two and then lunch at Big Nose Kates was a good time. Will miss you and Jerry this winter.

  2. Beautiful sky pictures, Deb. the clouds in the first one are amazing!
    I love to see the quail in your pictures, can't wait to see them in person.

    1. Those were great clouds. I could not believe it when the Quail came scurrying across the road and then that they were still there for the picture when my camera had to be retrieved from inside was a surprise.

  3. Beautiful sunset and sunrise pictures, those are ones you only get when camped in the desert.

  4. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. I do love seeing the desert. Glad you got things repaired ... hopefully the will find the gremlin in the water pump.

    1. We do love it out here, also. Fingerscrossed we can get rid of that gremlin...😊

  6. Glad you got things fixed with the Stinger "B". I will probably need some fixing by the time I get there. So pretty there. I'm tired of the cold here.

    1. Less then two weeks and you will be where it is warmer just do not bring the cold with