Saturday, November 20, 2021

A Sunrise Enjoying a Cup of Coffee ; A Sunset During Happy Hour

 Friday, November 19, 2021

I know I ended yesterday's blog with today's sunrise but there are more pictures...😎


I always enjoy sitting outside waiting for the sun to peek 
over the horizon. Their is a certain quite and softness in
the desert that only exist at this time of the morning for me.

I could see the saquaro I mentioned yesterday which
had died since we parked here last across the way. 
It looks to me like he is looking towards the sunrise
waiting for its light to touch him yet another day.

The sun slowing making its way up through the clouds.

My first shadow selfie this adventure
with the Stinger "B".

I then walked over to see this guy up closer.

Even as this saguaro slowly disintegrates, to me
he is still standing tall.

As I turned to walk back to my chair I saw Tom setting
my coffee on the table. When I saw this mug at Marshalls
this past spring it was a must buy...😊.

The sun is now above the clouds and the desert light is 
quickly becoming brighter

and brighter.

Then Tom brought his mug of coffee out and joined me.
Lets face it there can only be one Queen Bee 
traveling in the Stinger "B"

My first though was it looks like a lollipop.

In between the sunrise and sunset Tom pulled our solar lights out from the basement to get them charged in the sun and finished setting up our patio area.  After lunch I took a ride into Joyce's Craft Supplies, to pick up some beads for a project I have in mind. I had also planned to stop at Hardies Beads and Jewelry. Going around to the back entrance it was odd to find the parking area empty. Walking up to the glass doors I found the store closed and empty. Checking online I found out it closed its doors permanently on October 1st.  


I missed taking a picture of tonight's sunset. I did see it going
down just no pictures. After it slipped below the mountains
  we were treated to a beautiful pink afterglow.

We ended our day enjoying a 
Happy Hour with Cathy and Shane
under a beautifully pink sky.
Our's was a good day from beginning to end hope you can say the same.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Beautiful pictures. Love the Queen "B" coffee mug. Glad to hear that Cathy and Shane are in the area.

    1. It was nice catching up to Cathy and Shane and being parked nearby is great. I love my mug, also.

  2. Fantastic mugs! Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing. Your words depict my feelings as well when I look at those desert sights and are a reminder of what we can hope to see next year.

    1. Reading your words about the desert is the definite hope for next year.
      When I saw those mugs I just had to put them in my cart...😎

  3. I love the coffee mugs ... so fitting :-)

    1. I knew I had to have them the minute I spotted the Queen Bee

  4. I love the sunrise/sunset pictures but I love the mugs even more. They are perfect for you two! :)
    sorry to hear your bead store is closed. Can't wait to see your project! I hope I get inspired this winter for something.

    1. I was so surprised to find out it had closed for good. I always found something to add to my collection when I stopped Tom makes the coffee and it always makes me smile when he uses those mugs.

  5. If only Hardies could have hung on a bit longer they would have had a good year I'm sure! Love the mugs and the pictures! Sunrise, sunset and in between! So glad you are enjoying!

    1. We are parked in one of our favorite spots and we are enjoying our time here.