Wednesday, November 17, 2021

An Errand Day, Two Quiet Days, and Moving Day

 Friday, November 12, 2021

Today was a run around day trying to get a few things done some of which were accomplished and others that were not. The weather was warm and the sky was blue it was a beautiful day. You will have to take my word for it because the one thing I did not do was take a single picture. 

Saturday and Sunday, November 13 & 14, 2021

Another two days of no pictures. I could not tell you exactly what we did. Both days silently slipped by as we drank coffee, did things around the motorhome and just enjoyed our time in the quiet of these moments.

 Monday, November 15, 2021

Today we were up and moving early to get things ready and buttoned down to move further west. We were hooking the Jeep up at the propane station just before 9:30AM when the gentleman who took care of topping our propane tank off started work. By 10:00AM we had our propane tank filled, paid our bill, and were on our way. The three days of no pictures are in the past today there are pictures.

We enjoyed our short stay here but it was time to move on.
A new addition this year is the fountain. 
The dog park, lower left, was new last year. 
 Our spot and the views.

First stop of the day just down the road is the Border Patrol
Check Point where we were waved through.

Truly on our way, the Whetstone Mountains are on our left.

Soon we are turning left on to I-10 and heading West.
Upper right, we were not the only ones moving up the
ramp to merge on to I-10.

I was watching for this guy. I spotted him a few 
years back and he is our first Saguaro siting of
this our 8th Adventure.

There are actually two there and I was surprised when I went
through my pictures I managed to get them both in a
picture. Way on the left and right.

We are now going by Tucson.

Of all the cities we go around and through Tucson is by
far the easiest and smoothest ride.

Beautiful blue skies and barely a breath of a breeze. 
It was a good driving day.

I think you know who this is.

One thing Arizona does really nicely is their over passes.

Soon Pichacho Peak is in our view.

Merging on to I-8 to bypass Phoenix and what looks
like a wave hello and a waving forward.

As we head west on I-8 we will see
more and more Saguaros.

Sadly, this is our view as we ate lunch today. 

As we ride into the Sonoran Desert National Monument
Saguaros are as far as our eyes can see.

There is no way to take a picture of the numbers of Saguaros
that we can see with our eyes as we drive west.

We have reached the turn off for AZ-85 which will bring
us back to I-10. This is the first time we have turned here
since the Shell was sold to Pilot. Nothing is left of what
was not even the campground.


Ahead we can see I-10 and our entrance.

The mountains to the south of us as we drove were in a haze.

When we pass another vehicle it is an event. It is a rare 
occasion and I usually try to snap a picture.
 Not that this was a big accomplishment but a
pass is a

This is more like it. We are being 
The thing is we are retired we will get there when we get 
there. Tom has found the speed that gets us the best gas 
millage and that is a good thing these days.

Vehicles as far as the eye can see. 
We are a country on the move.
Lots of semis heading east and west along this route.

Took this as we were turning onto Riggles Avenue
again traffic as fas as the eye can see.
We have been on this route at night and looks like a red 
ribbon on the right and a white one on the left.

Looking to the Northwest as we turn on to Riggles Avenue.

We stopped at a rest area about 68 miles east of Quartzsite. Tom had driven around 250 miles by then. When I mentioned we were now 68 miles from our destination he said I can do another 68 miles so we headed out and I made a call to Park Place RV, a Passport America Park we stayed at last year, to see if they had an opening. They did and this is were we ended our day pulling into our site just before the sun slipped away. We are parked here for a couple of days and will be at RV Lifestyles at 8:00AM on Thursday. We are having an issue with our water pump and the grey water pipe from our kitchen sink and washer has a leak. Plus, they will be measuring the rubber seals around our slides and toppers so they can order what is needed to replace them. Fingers crossed and hoping we are soon boondocking in the desert. 

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. They look like a few nice days ending up close to your destination. RV lifestyles will look after you, you know that.
    Your pictures are beautiful, Deb. Especially the saguaros.❤

    1. Thank you, Patsy.
      We agree that RV Lifestyles will look after us. We have never been disappointed with the work they have done for us.

  2. I agree with Patsy, your pictures are beautiful! Too bad about the garbage at the rest area..amazing isn't it?!! Gosh those semis area awful..I know we need them, guess that's why we try to avoid them when we can. Welcome to Q!! :)

    1. Thank you, Shirley.
      There is always a steady stream of semis on I-10 and like you said we do need them. Coming into Quartzsite after dark their lights form what looks like a moving ribbon of white and red. It is quite pretty.

  3. Woot! Quartzsite....yay!. It's fun to look at a picture and think "I know where that is!". I will be traveling thru you. Elva

    1. I agree I always enjoy seeing the pictures that others take of where we have been and recognize the spot. I also think it is fun to see what others decide to spotlight in their pictures, what they think is important to remember about a place.

  4. Hopefully you get all your repairs done and can head out to the desert soon. I always know I'm near my winter happy place when the Saguaros start to appear :-)

    1. We have made it out to the desert but we may still have a small blip in the water pump. I agree seeing the Saguaros says we have made it to a happy place for the winter.

  5. Say hello to Park Place for me. Glad they could fit you in. It's one of my go-to spots and they are always so nice. Hope you get all your repairs done in record time. I'm sending you good vibes!!!

    1. We will take those good vibes. Seems we still have something not quite right with the pump even though it was working when we left RV Lifestyles this afternoon. Total agreement about how nice they are at Park Place.

  6. Thanks for sharing your pictures, we are having fun traveling along with you.

    1. You are welcome and it makes me smile to hear you say you are having fun traveling along.