Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Sunset at Roadrunner BLM

 Tuesday, November 23, 2021

No mystery as to what today's blog is about.  We did take a quick trip into Quartzsite to stop at RV Lifestyle as we are still having an issue with the water pump and they are going to look at it Monday morning. We checked out a couple of the vendors that are up on Kuehn Street and found some solar lights we were looking for so that was a successful stop. 

The clouds had been with us most of the day. Though we did have some blue sky for a short while in the afternoon. So as we sat outside for Happy Hour I knew the sunset would be behind the clouds. Sometimes that means it just is behind the clouds and sometimes it means we will have a beautiful afterglow. Browsing through the pictures below you will see we lucked out and there was beautiful color as the sun dropped behind the mountains

There was a small opening in the clouds letting the
last of the day's light through

and it nicely lite up the mountains to the northeast of us.

Then the color began to build.

 We watched as the sky all around us began to fill with color.

It was a beautiful show until the vey end.

Then the darkness and the quiet of the desert engulfed us.

There is a beautiful quiet in the desert just after the sun goes down and before the night creatures can be heard. Even with the noise of the highway behind us, as we sit out, I can feel that quietness and peace surround and wrap us in its softness.

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  1. Those Arizona sunsets are so relaxing!!!

  2. I always think cloudy days make the best sunsets and sunrises. We had an okay sunset last night and an okay sunrise this morning but so far I have not had a sunset or sunrise that lives up to what Arizona is know for ... hopefully soon.

    1. The clouds most of the time do make the sunsets and sunrises extra special. It was great to watch it all unfold around us.

  3. Beautiful sunset. Hope they get the water pump problem fixed.

    1. Looks like it just may be the way this pump works.