Friday, December 11, 2020

The Clouds, The Sun, and The Golden Grass (Las Cienegas)

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Friday, December 11, 2020

We really and truly left Quail Ridge this morning and headed out. We made the decision yesterday after being in contact with Doug, Miss Adventure Travels, to head to Ajo, AZ. He mentioned there were plenty of spots available and when we got here he said he had the perfect spot and we would agree.

Looking out our front window at our neighbors.
The view out our door.

Some pictures of our ride over to here in tomorrows blog. We are finally seeing the Saguaros.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Just about ready to pull out of our site at Quail Ridge.
As I mentioned in the last post it ended up we had one more
night here. When we got back we lucked out and there was 
a pull through site available for our last night.

We had rain during the night but the blue skies and clouds
over the mountains this morning were beautiful.

While waiting for the generator to be fixed we decided to get
a cup of coffee and breakfast to go and eat at this park.
They have these pictures, along with several more, of Santa 
along one of the roads in the park. It looks like they have
a light on them for night time viewing.

On the way back to Quail Ridge the shadows on the mountains
were beautiful.

The view of the Whetstone Mountains as we head to Quail
Ridge were extra special with all the shadows.

We decided to take a ride and as we pulled out of the RV Park
we could see a rainbow in the distance.

Heading west on AZ-82 the Whetstone Mountains are on 
our right and the shadows from the clouds are gorgeous.

Today's blog, if you have not already guessed, is mostly about the sun peeking out and spreading light on the mountains and the grasses.  It is about the beauty of the clouds and their shadows dancing across the mountains. 

Turning into Las Cienegas National Conservation Area
off of AZ-82.

It is a working ranch and open range.

We have reached AZ-83 and left Las Cienegas.

Back on AZ-82.

It rained on and off as we road along and the windshield
wiper on the driver's side fell apart. We are now headed
to Sierra Vista to replace it.

On our way back to Quail Ridge I took this last picture of the 
clouds being lit up by the last of the sun's light.

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  1. Aren't clouds just amazing? I'm hoping you get to use that wiper more often. We need some rain. Have fun in Ajo. Looking forward to those pictures.

    1. I agree clouds are amazing. When we are somewhere and their shadows seem to dance across the mountains I enjoy just sitting and watching the show. We, also, see the need for rain hope it comes.

  2. Not much better than Arizona clouds. They are all different and gorgeous!!! Have fun in Ajo!!

    1. I do appreciate the beauty of Arizona clouds. We are doing are best to have fun in Ajo!

  3. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them. Nice to see you on the move again, looks like you are enjoying yourself.

    1. Thank you. When we made the decision to spend a month at each of the RV Parks it felt like the right thing do but it does feel good to be moving. It especially feels good to be in the desert and yes we are enjoying it.

  4. What a beautiful drive! I know you'll enjoy your time there with Doug and vice versa! We're waking up to a dusting of snow :) Probably be gone in a few hours, but still pretty this am. Enjoy, will look forward to seeing what adventures you get into now!

    1. It was a beautiful drive. We are enjoying are time here with Doug. He saved us a pretty darn good spot...:) Glad you got some of the snow you were wishing for. It is pretty in the first sunlight all white and pristine. Hugs.

  5. That is beautiful grass country and I especially like the Whetstone and Mustang Mountains. Look forward to staying there this next Spring. Beautiful pictures. Welcome to my neighborhood.

    1. It is beautiful grass country and the mountains all around add to the beauty. We are glad to be in the neighborhood.

  6. Love the way the Clouds constantly change the Landscape.
    Wipers always seem to fail just when you need them the most.
    Nice you'll be able to spend time visiting with Doug and Yuma.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It is something how much the clouds add to the beauty. Yes, wipers always do seem to fail at inconvenient times and it always seems to be the one on the driver's side. Stay safe.