Sunday, December 20, 2020

Ajo, Arizona

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Today we took a ride into Ajo to just ride around and see Christmas Decorations. One observation would be a lot of people are buying the blow up decorations that they do not keep blown up during the day.

 Christmas Tree in Historic Plaza in Ajo

Before we did anything else today we sat out to 
enjoy our coffee in the warm sun. It was nice to
see Doug and Yuma on their way over to join us.

This is on the side of the Humanitarian Aid Office in Ajo.

Murals cover both sides of this 3 Nations Market building.
These two pictures are of one side.

 I had a link in yesterday's blog if you are interested 
in seeing several of the murals in Ajo.
I took pictures of the tree from three different angles and
liked them all so you will be seeing all three.

Information about the architecture.
The picture above is of these three buildings.

Another Information Plaque in the plaza.
If I would have read it before I did yesterday's blog I would
have had the information I needed about both of 
The Greenways. 

Some of the decorations in the Plaza.

Up close sections of the above mural.

This area decked out for Christmas is what is called the
Ajo Memory Project. We spent some time here back in 
March of 2018 looking at the pictures and information about
this project. I blogged about it then if you are interested.

These three murals are on a wall left of the above entrance

They were painted since we were here in 2018.

In the pictures I took that day I can see a blank wall.

Senita Cactus
The road you can ride down and see these at the Organ Pipe
Cactus National Monument is closed so it was nice to spot these.

On a fence across from the Senita Cactus. 

Definitely interesting yard decorations.

Plus, they are decorated

for Christmas.

A few more decorations from around town.

Frosty looking out over his deflated friends.

We decided to take a short ride down Bates Well Road.
Turned around at this majestic Saguaro and headed home.

One last picture of the Christmas Tree to close today's blog.

We are so glad you stopped by!
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  1. You really caught the Ajo Christmas spirit and some of the many gorgeous murals too. Ajo is a special town.

    1. We would agree Ajo is a special town and the murals are all gorgeous.

  2. Ajo is an amazingly beautiful small town. Glad there are new murals and lots of Christmas decorations.

    1. Ajo is a beautiful small town and it was fun to spot some new murals.

  3. Definitely an artsy town. I love it!!

    1. It is definitely an artsy town and it is fun to ride around and see how people paint their houses and decorate their yards. Adding the Christmas decorations made it more festive.

  4. Beautiful pictures Deb! Thanks for the tour! Love the murals!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. It is a fun town to ride around and explore. In the past we have picked up a brochure that directs you to a lot of the murals in the town.

  5. We enjoyed the tour of Ajo. Will definitely need to see it ourselves.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your next adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the tour. I think you both would enjoy this stop. Stay safe.

  6. Thanks for the Christmas tour of Ajo :-) We have noticed most people at home are also putting up blow up decorations that fall flat during the day.

    1. You are welcome. Those blow up decorations are cute but look so sad when they are deflated.

  7. Where are you today?? Nice cacti (cactuses?), as usual! Merry Christmas Eve Ever Day LOL

    1. We are parked off of Ogilby Road near Winterhaven, CA. They are nice cacti. xoxo

  8. Thank you for the interesting fotos of the town of Ajo and your effort to document it. Very much appreciated especially because we are stuck at home! Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year. Keep those fotos coming.

    1. Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas! May the New Year bring you health and happiness.
      We spent a lovely relaxing time near Ajo, which is certainly an interesting little town. I will do my best with the pictures...:)