Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Second Part of Ride To See Dragoon Mountains

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Continuing the ride we did find the road we were looking for.

On Ironwood Road heading towards 84

On 84 we went as far as a campground
called Cochise Stronghold.

The rock formations are beautiful.

Again we had to back track to find 795
the sign was a little hidden off of 84.

You cannot see it behind the trees but back there is 
a home/ranch. Standing in this one spot

I turned right and took this picture.
Two homes with one beautiful view.

Up until this point of our drive we were on roads that 
most vehicles especially pick up trucks would have no
trouble getting down. At this point if you are not in a
trail rated vehicle turn around. We would not do this trail
again in our Trailhawk Jeep and it is trail rated.

I will be honest the road was narrow and rough in spots but up until the second gate it still was not that bad.

The views went on forever

the mountains

and the golden grasses against the blue sky breathtaking.

One of only two indications of a fire that we saw.
Not sure what fire or when the sign was talking about.

Water tanks no windmill. Solar panels instead.

As we road along the Sulphur Springs Valley 
was on the right and the Dragoon Mountains were on our left.

First Gate
FYI: There were no signs saying no trespassing.

Second Gate
FYI: still nothing saying no trespassing.

Lots of Ocotillos up the hills.
Still no little green leaves.

Looking east down one of the many washes we drove through.

Looking west down the same wash.

This was the first indication the road would get bad.

We just had to take a selfie with the
Dragoon Mountains behind us.

The third gate.
FYI: still no trespassing signs in sight.
This is where the fun began.

One of the areas and  you cannot really tell from the
picture but going over this we held our breath that
we would not drag. We did this several more times.
There were places the road was partially washed out.

Tom opened the fourth gate I drove through and as he walked 
back to hook it up here is the sign. You actually need a permit
to drive down this road. Now we know.

We are know on Dragoon Road heading west and home.

It was getting late as we drove by Rattlesnake Ranch. Tom turned around and we went back and just drove in the entrance took a few pictures right at the entrance and then kept going. If it would have been earlier in the day we would have spent more time. We have been to Borrego Springs, California and seen those beautiful dinosaurs in the desert. It looked like it would be just as much fun to see the sculptures here. It is on Dragoon Road between Dragoon and Benson. It has a Benson Address and if you are interested in visiting google Rattlesnake Ranch in Benson, Arizona.

We are now close to I-10.

On I-10


The sun going down behind the Huachuca Mountains

The last of the sun's light on the Mule Mountains.

On AZ-90

That was our ride it was a long day but worth it. The weather was perfect and the views beautiful. Plus, now we have a list of more places to see and explore in the future. What a beautiful country we all live in. We continue to feel lucky every time we get to see a small part of it.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and sounds like it was an eventful day on some rough trails. I'll have to check out Rattle Snake Ranch.

    1. When we were past it we both agreed we have been down worse With your wrangler I am sure it would not have been a problem. The views are always worth it.

  2. Good pictures,I definitely want to explore the Dragon Mountains. Take care, Rawn Stone

    1. Thank you. I know we want to go back and check out the West side and the Ghost Town Trail.

  3. Thanks Deb, we'll keep Rattlesnake Ranch in mind. That is an area we enjoy.

  4. Gosh, he has some new sculptures at Rattlesnake Ranch. Yup some of those roads really aren't roads!! You can go online and get a pass for a year to access State Trust lands if you like. Mostly people just drive through anyway!!

    1. We have been down several of those non-roads and so far so good. Though we have also learned that sometime it is best to just turn Good to know about the pass.