Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Parked in the Salome KOA

Februarry 21, 2017

When we left Borrego Springs yesterday we planned on stopping in Indio at the Walmart, unhooking the Jeep, doing some grocery shopping, checking out Trader Joe's, and stopping at Walgreens to pick up a couple of prescriptions. Well we all know what the say about "plans". Instead we turned onto
 I-10 and just kept going. I am not sure either one of us knows why we made the decision we did; maybe the traffic or maybe we just did not feel like shopping. Anyway, we will drive into Buckeye today and do the shopping we had planned to do in Indio, except for Trader Joe's we will stop there when we drive over to Phoenix Thursday.

We did not want to drive to far out for one night and knew about the Scaddan Wash so we decided to park there. Not a great choice, it is close to I-10 and the traffic is pretty steady, but for one night we could live with it.
After we parked and unhooked the Jeep we took a ride over to LaPosa South. We are planning on spending a couple of weeks there and wanted to see if the spot we like to park in was open. This is just our third year parking out at LaPosa South and the first year we found an area a ways out we like. The first year we could barely see our neighbors except for one other small RV way at the other end of the pad. Then last year there was one other RV on the same pad but we could see other neighbors a couple of  pads over. This year when we checked it out we found  three other RV's on the same pad but our space was there so fingers crossed no one shows up before Saturday and parks in it. Everyone is still parked a good distance apart but it is strange to see how many more RVer's have found there way out there.
The main reason we stopped in Quartzsite on our way to Salome was to pick up our mail. Knowing we would be coming this way towards the end of February we had our daughter send it to the Quartzsite post office a couple of weeks ago. That way it would be waiting for us instead of us stuck somewhere waiting for it to show up. You cannot pick up general delivery at this post office before 11 o'clock so we just took our time getting ready to leave in the morning. Besides we only had about 37 miles to go to reach our destination.

Managed to get this shot through my side window as Tom turned on the road.
There is a screen on the window which is why it looks somewhat distorted.

A short ride on I-10.

Then we turned onto Arizona 60. 

We are parked in a full hookup site for four nights. As I write this I am on my 4th load of laundry. The nice part it is only costing us $20 for the four nights we will be here. When we bought the Stinger B we received 14 free days of camping at Thousand Trails/Encore Parks and at this park for an extra $5 per night we could get a Premium 50 amp pull thru site so we are splurging.

We will be taking care of household chores during this time but should be able to get in some relaxation and a couple of Jeep rides.

"Travel is at its most rewarding 
when it ceases to be about reaching a destination
and becomes indistinguishable
from living your life."
                                                               ~Paul Theroux

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Moving On

(Clicking on the pictures will make them larger.)

February 20, 2017

We were both up early this morning as it would be our last sunrise in this wonderful place filled with memories we will carry down the road with us. Tom started the coffee while I stepped outside to take pictures of the sun coming up. I always have such mixed feelings about packing up and leaving a place we love and this has been one of those places. It has been special being parked here but at the same time we are both anxious to be moving on to new adventures.

I caught the sunrise between our home and Patsy and Bill's home on wheels.

The sun reflecting off the Stinger B.
There is a look of softness to the desert in the morning light. 

I always love watching the shadows crawl across the desert floor as the
sun slowly rises over the horizon.
Standing here I can see Elaine and Clark's flag fluttering over their
Newell in the distance.  They are just left of the shadows.

After drinking our coffee it was time to start getting ready to roll our wheels. We each have a list of things we take care of then we sit down and go over the list checking each one off to make sure everything is done and secured. Usually at this point Tom starts the engine and I get out and check that all our lights are working and the wheels on the Jeep are rolling. This morning before we did this we walked over to say "see you later" to Patsy, Bill and there little dog Clemson. We are looking forward to following their blogs, Chilin' with Patsy & On Our Way, reading about their future adventures, and crossing paths again in the future.

My Valentine's Day Roses from Tom.
 I always hate throwing them in the garbage so today I left
them here with the remnants of last night's campfire.
Two good memories.

The lights are checked, the engine is running and Tom just asked me
where I was going. ( Actually, he yelled out the window so I could hear.)
I wanted one last picture before we left.

Pulling out onto S22 and heading east.
Top photo: The Santa Rosa Mountains, our patio view these past 10 days.

Some views out the front windshield of our ride on S22.

Turning north on California 86  and on our right we can see
the Salton Sea in the distance.

Crossing back into Arizona.
Bottom left we can see Quartzsite in the distance.
This will be our stop for tonight.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Our Last Day in Borrego Springs

February 19, 2017

I was up early as I did not want to miss the sunrise and this morning's did not disappoint. Tom was up not long after and in no time he was handing me a hot cup of coffee to enjoy with the show the clouds were putting on out our window.

The colors were beautiful. Looking across the way it looked like the clouds
had settled at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains.

Looking west it looked like a rainbow was shooting out of the mountain tops.
If you would like to see a great picture of this (click here) Patsy calls  it
a sun dog and her picture shows off the colors wonderfully.

The morning sun reflecting on the Stinger B

As the sun warmed the air the clouds reached up from the
floor of the desert and covered the mountains.

The mist crept across the desert floor threatening to envelop us all. 

It stopped short and receded back to the mountains.

The colors of the desert floor were so vivid this morning.

The clouds back at the base of the mountains.
They rose up once more, after this, to touch the sky
before they faded in the sun's warmth. 

Tom and I had finished our coffee by now and where talking about what we would do with our day. When I read something on Patsy's comments about their neighbors, the Green's, leaving this morning and if we wanted to see them we should stop by, by 8:30. Since, it was 8:20 when I read this Tom and I got ourselves ready and we walked over to Patsy and Bill's where the plan was to have a "Morning Happy Hour". We spent an enjoyable time visiting and sharing stories. So glad we had this opportunity, we had met Lorne and Sue briefly at the 2016 Bloggerfest, this gave us a chance to learn a little bit about them. Plus, we got to meet their daughter, granddaughter, and friends Harold and Pat. 

Left to Right: Harold, Kaitlyn (Sue & Lorne's daughter), Lorne, Sue,
 Myself, Tom's empty chair, Patsy, Pat.
In the center Kaitlyn's daughter Gracie. (She is a cutie.)

Right to Left: Bill, Pat, Patsy, Tom's chair, myself, Sue.

Walking back to the Stinger B the shadows
cast a beautiful blackness to the mountains.

There are metal sculptures by Ricardo Breceda scattered in the desert around Borrego Springs. There were a few we still had not seen so we headed out to do just that. (What I am planning to do, after I go through all the pictures Tom and I have taken, is one blog post on just the sculptures.)

More mountain views on our way over to take some pictures of
Ricardo Breceda's metal sculptures.

We had heard there was a serpent in the desert with the tail of
a rattlesnake. Today we found him.

The sunset and clouds in the east.

Tom getting tonight's campfire ready.

Bill walking over from their home on wheels. He is carrying two chairs
so Patsy must be braving the wind and cold to join us. Elaine and Clark
pulled up at the same time.

Clark took what he calls a Usie and was nice enough to send us a copy.
Left to Right: Clark, myself, Tom, Elaine, Patsy, and Bill's hand. 

It was a lovely evening spending time in this circle; unfortunately, the weather did not co-operate. It turned colder and the wind would not give up and after about 90 minutes, or so, we decided to say our good nights.

"Spending time collecting moments 
is a perfect way to spend a day."

Clouds on a Rainy Day

February 18, 2017

It rained here most of the night and then on and off during the day.

The view is still beautiful and the clouds seemed to be dancing
across the mountains surrounding us.

As we drove into Borrego Springs, to attend mass,
every where we turned the view was magnificent and the clouds
continued their dance.

Taken just before we went into
St.Richard's for mass. 

The sun was setting as we left mass.
This was taken in front of their Shrine
Honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe.

“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain.” 
    ~Vivian Greene

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Friday Market at Christmas Circle, Fonts Point, and Inspiration Wash

(Clicking on the pictures will make them larger.)

February 17, 2017

We missed this morning's sunrise but sitting out on our patio, drinking coffee, and watching beautiful clouds touching the tops of the mountains is not a bad way to start the day. Bill from On Our Way walked over to share some interesting information. Yesterday evening when they were leaving our place a motor home pulled in and parked, what looked like from our angle, pretty close to them. Well it turned out to be people they knew, Lorne and Sue Green A Place Called "Away" . It is a small world.

Morning Clouds

Market at Christmas Circle

Our first stop this morning was at the Friday market. We walked up just as Patsy and Bill were leaving. We stopped for a moment to chat then they were on their way and we continued on to check out the stands. It is a small market with some fresh vegetables, oranges, baked goods, cheese and humus, and there was a food vender. We did pick up a some fresh broccoli, kale, and a couple of oranges. 

There was even live music under the pavilion.

Fonts Point

After dropping our purchases off at the Stinger B we decided to take a ride out to Fonts Point. I had read this was a excellent place to view the Borrego Badlands.

The ride to and from viewing site.

We walked up this hill after reading the above information.
Below is what we saw at the top of the hill.

Here we are taking pictures of this magnificent view. 

There is another overlook, which looked like it had more signs with information about the area. We started up but by now it was getting pretty windy and we decided we had "ate" enough sand and would save it for next time.

The view as we turned down the road to leave.

I took this just before we turned off down the road below.
This is what we thought all the desert in the southwest would look like.

We headed off down this road not sure where we were headed but after a
little bit there was another turn off that we were pretty sure would bring
us back to S22.

Spotted a lonely little Teddy Bear Cholla.

We can see what we are pretty sure is S22 in the distance.

And it was.

Inspiration Wash

Seeing this sign we decided to take a short ride in and see where it would go. 

The further in we went the narrower it seemed to be getting. Not far after
 this  picture we found a place to turn around and headed back out.
 We really would like to drive and explore further but we will do that next
time we are here. When they are not predicting high winds and rain.

We can see our home in the distance.

The clouds were amazing all day. 

 Evening Clouds

Looking East as the sunset behind us.

Each day is a little lifetime,
enjoy every moment.