Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy Birthday and Quick Update

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Our beautiful daughter turned 32 yesterday and we cannot believe how fast the years have gone by. We love you and are proud of the woman you have become. XOXO 

Rachel is the mother of three of our grandchildren.
Top to bottom: Charlotte (6), Nathaniel (3), Adelaide (1)

March 16,  2018

We got up yesterday morning, March 15th with a "plan". To drive into Quartzsite and get our wash done, run a couple of errands, and then spend the rest of the day doing nothing.  As we were having our coffee, listening to the wind blow, and knowing we were not going to be sitting outside. We made the decision to pack up and move to Why, AZ.

We are now parked at Coyote Howls East until next Thursday morning. To say the WiFi here is slow would be an understatement and even our hotspot is extremely slow. Any pictures I have tried to download are taking to long. After waiting almost 5 minutes I had one picture .  So unless something changes there will be no Celebrating the Dance Blogs posted while we are here. I am just hoping this will publish.

In the meantime, we hope you are all having a good week and, if you are traveling, we wish you safe travels.

                Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Parked on Plomosa Road

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March 12, 2018

Today we got up had our coffee, breakfast, packed up, hooked the Jeep to the Stinger "B" turned onto Airway Avenue, then Andy Devine Avenue (Historic Route 66) for a moment, and merged onto I-40 going West, and left Kingman in the rearview mirror. It was 9:45AM and by 12:45PM we were parking off of Plamosa Road near Quartzsite. (We also took the time, because we had full hookups, to take one last shower with unlimited water.)

The week we spent here was a good one. We got the desert dust and dirt cleaned out of and off of the Stinger "B" and the Jeep. There was the opportunity to restock the refrigerator and pantry, plus, we were able to relax. Almost forgot, we both had our hair taken care of; Tom's is now a reasonable length and my violet is back.

While there, we also drove back South as far as Lake Havasu City to spend an afternoon celebrating with our fellow Yoopers, who escape the cold of the Upper Peninsula, the fact that we are Yoopers. The best part of our time in Kingman was being able to get together with our friends, Jill and Rick and Trish and Pat. We had the time to enjoy good company and what I hope was good food, I made brunch. 

We are now parked, as I mentioned above, out on Plomosa Road until Friday morning. Tom has a follow up appointment in Phoenix with the Electrophysiologist he saw last year and I have an appointment with a dentist in Los Algodones. The first thought was to park out at Dome Rock, to be closer in town, but then we would have missed parking out here. Plomosa Road is were we spent our first time  boondocking in the desert with the Crusader and we have done so every year since. So not wanting to break tradition when we saw the sign for Plomosa Rd we turned left. Plus, it gave us the chance to get together with Kathy and Rick, It's about time, one last time. I think we interrupted their chores but Rick graciously invited us in and it was nice being able to sit and catch up. They will be starting there trek back to Canada in the next couple of days and we will be running to appointments so we said see you down the road and with hugs headed back to the Stinger "B". Safe travels Kathy and Rick. 

We are now following the paths of  several of our Canadian friends as they make there slow trek back to Ontario. We wish them all safe travels. 

On our way to Mass Saturday evening the storm clouds were beautiful
but, of course, I had left the camera back at the Stinger "B".

Sunday Brunch at the Stinger "B"
This crew is impossible to get to looking all the same way at the same time,
to busy talking, I took five pictures and this is the closest I got.
Left to right: Trish, Pat, Tom talking to Rick, and Jill.

Later that afternoon we thought it may be raining outside
but we can enjoy some sunshine inside.
Those may be Mimosa's.

The "X" marks the spot we had been parked in.

Tom finishing the hook-up.

They do have a cute sign.

Our views as we leave Kingman.

Holy Moses.... how can you not love the name of this wash?

We turned on to 95 and stopped for a minute.
I thought the clouds over the mountains looking back east were beautiful.

With one last wave we said, hi and goodbye to the hand for this year.
I always look forward to seeing it.
(Patsy and Shirley I think it said to say Hi!)

Driving through Lake Havasu City

and then one last traffic light

and we are looking at desert once again.

Though I took several pictures along this stretch, it is hard not to, I am only
sharing these two. The front windshield is badly streaked from the rain we
had while parked and Tom needs to re-clean...:)

One of our last looks at the Colorado River for this Adventure.

There was a lot of traffic on 95 heading north as we headed south.
There was probably just as much traffic heading south we just do not pass it.

We saw semis

and even quite a few of these little vehicles

in between the RV's.
We are a country of people on the move.

Then in the distance we can see the Plomosa Mountains

and when we saw this sign the decision was made.
Turn left we are parking out here.

Our patio view

and a wonderful cloud that rolled by as we just sat and enjoyed the moment.

The sun setting

on what 

turned out 

"Live itself is a privilege,
but to live life to the fullest - well,
that is a choice.
~Andy Andrews, American Author

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful day!
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Friday, March 9, 2018



March 8, 2018

We spent the afternoon in Lake Havasu City, Arizona with around 250 other Yoopers who have escaped the frozen north. It was a wonderful afternoon and looking around you we could see groups of people laughing and talking. It is an afternoon of spending time with old friends and meeting new friends;  all with one thing in common a love and pride of where we call "home". It does not matter if you left the Upper Peninsula of Michigan years ago or, if you are like us, spend your winters in a warmer climate then make the trek back to the UP every spring, Once a Yooper Always a Yooper. 

The hand waves us in.

We can see a patch of blue water in the distance.

A small peek of the London Bridge from the traffic signal.

We are here with the early birds.

Slowly the group grows.

We are under "our" tree

and sharing it with some Marquette Yoopers.

Unfortunately, I did not get a very good picture of today's entertainment.
This gentleman does an excellent job every year. 

This is a beautiful park.
Rotary Park

Rick and Tom,
looks like someone across the way was saying something interesting.

Alice and the committee do an excellent job each year putting
this day together for us all to come and enjoy.

Jill and Barb talking with Tom and Bob just behind.

Barb and Bob

Jill and Rick with Jill's sister Jewell standing in the center

Paula and Tom

Trish and Pat

(Alice, Barb, Jill, Pat and I all went to Holy Name High School together. It does not seem possible but we will be joining the rest of our classmates in August for our 50th Reunion.)

We took a quick ride over the London Bridge.

After crossing the London Bridge we are on the Island
looking back at Lake Havasu City.

A wave goodbye and we are on our way

 headed North on 95.

Heading East on I-40 as the sun sets behind us.

The sun slipping behind the Black Mountains
in a beautiful golden glow.

Continuing on we can see a train off in the distance to the 
right of us heading south. Behind, the last of the sun's
light touches the Hualapai Mountains.

We turn a corner and below we see the
lights of Kingman.

Just a short distance now and we will be at our home, the Stinger "B". 
We will say goodnight to a day filled with what will become good memories.

"Leaving Home always means
leaving with your feet,
never with your heart."

 We hope your day was filled with wonderful moments.
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P.S. For those who were in Quartzsite in January. Look who moved and got a job in Kingman.