Saturday, August 19, 2017


August 19, 2017

So the fun begins. Actually it started this past Monday inside of the Stinger B. Even though my knee is not ready to go up and down the stairs here in the house it is able to handle the stairs into the motor home so we are getting rid of stuff in the Stinger B. We started by emptying out all the cupboards, wiping them out, and putting back only the stuff we actually have used. Then we went through everything under the bed and the booths. I had already gone through the cupboards in the bedroom when we first arrived at the house. It is amazing how much stuff we really do not feel the need to haul around anymore. Every year we leave more and more behind. We do have one storage unit where we are putting the stuff from the house and motor home we want to keep. Looking at the excel sheet we can already see things that will be coming out of there probably next year. Our plan from the beginning has always been one storage unit and what does not fit we do not need. I am finding the more we live in the motor home the less we need to live happily. This year it was particularly hard to move back into the house. To much stuff and more space then we need.

Anyway, we had planned on starting the "basement" purge tomorrow. The prediction was for rain today then sun on Sunday and Monday but this morning that changed to sun today and Sunday rain on Monday. So we decide today was the day. When we bought the Stinger B back in December we took one day just to move everything out of the Crusader into it. Nothing really organized just getting it in and then out of the way for the service people to get the work done while we headed north for Christmas and New Years with our children and grandchildren. When we got back we did take another couple of days to organize and put things away inside. We also took everything out of the "basement" and tried to organize it but it really was still a mess. We knew where the things we really needed where but otherwise, like I said, a mess.

As of the end of today we have eliminated two containers and have seven containers packed and inventoried. Once we finish going through the rest of the stuff, we have under there, we will make a final decision as to what stays. I am thinking we may eliminate at least one of those seven.

Tom pulling out one of the many containers. 

One bay vacuumed and wiped out.

More boxes and that last bay on the passenger side will be
tackled tomorrow.

Looking up, the sky was a wonderful blue with lovely white fluffy clouds floating by this afternoon.

One more summer birthday. Aden turned 13 on Thursday, August 17th. I guess some could say that technically he is not our grandson but he is our grandchildren, Nathaniel and Adelaide's, big brother so in our book he is our grandson.

This was taken last October and he has
grown several inches since then. In fact,
I am pretty sure he is taller than I am.

Not that we are counting but 53 days, give or take a day, until we back our of the driveway and head out for winter. Having said that I realize the days will fly and we still have lots of things we want to accomplish before then. Hope everyone is taking the time to enjoy the summer.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Slow but Sure

Wednesday, August, 9, 2017

The knee is getting better day by day...slow but sure. This past Sunday was a big day went on my first outing, besides physical therapy and doctor We went to Mass, out to breakfast, and a short ride. It was just wonderful to get out and do something.

Then Tuesday went and had my hair done...added silver and lavender highlights.

Now some catching up: (Warning...grandchildren pictures.)

I had decided to start mentioning family birthdays in the blog and of course I missed three since the surgery.

On July 21st our grandson, Jonah, turned five. He is our son and daughter-in law's middle child and has been running and climbing since he learned to walk.  He has the cutest little face. (We, of course, are not bias at all...LOL)

This was the cutest thing to watch we were at
Cracker Barrel, a couple of years ago, and we
were getting ready to leave. When it is time for
a nap it is time for a nap.

At the Detroit Zoo.
For his birthday this year all he wanted was
a turtle birthday. He looks so darn happy.
Wish we could have been there to see it.

On July 30th our granddaughter, Charlotte, turned six. She is our daughter's oldest. She never ceases to amaze us with what comes out of her mouth. Sometimes I wonder if she is really only six. She is definitely her mother's "mini-me".

Mother and Daughter.

Oh No!
From the time she was about one she would
do this. It was the cutest thing.

I do not remember the last time she did it.

On August 1st our granddaughter, Adelaide, turned one. She is our daughter's youngest and our youngest grandchild. We can already see her personality starting to shine through. Even though she cannot really talk yet she gets her point across especially when she is unhappy with the way things are going.

She is about 5 weeks here and talking up a storm.

Her mother saw this on the internet and thought
it was a cute idea, and it is.
Unfortunately, Adelaide did not agree.
The problem is she does not like sitting in the grass.


Happiness is Having
Grandchildren to Love!