Sunday, December 17, 2017

Day 3 of Adventure 4

December 17, 2017

At around 6:30AM we awoke to rain on the roof of the Stinger "B".  At around 8:00AM when we were ready to leave and opened the front curtain this was our view. I had hoped to take a walk through the rest stop and snap some pictures of the Route 66 building reproductions but not in the rain. Though at least it is not snow...:)

A quick snapshot through the windshield as we pulled out.

The view through our windshield as we
started west on I-44 this morning.

We crossed into Oklahoma around 11:30AM and there is no picture of the welcome sign because we never saw one.

Driving through Tulsa, OK.

More views through the front windshield of today's drive.

It was a long grey day today, especially for Tom driving. We had hoped to stop tonight and spend at least two days in this spot, a casino by Oklahoma City called the Lucky Star. They have free full hookups. We got here and found that they are very shallow parking sites that need to be backed into. Since, it is not anywhere we would stay for more then one night we are parked over on the side as it was not worth it to us to unhook the Jeep for one night. (A note for anyone with a 5th wheel the sites would not accommodate a 5th wheel with the truck hooked up.)

We put 337 miles behind us today and are now looking at tomorrow's route and a place we can park for a couple of days. It will probably be an RV park and we are contemplating one we have stayed at in Amarillo before, just not sure we want to go that far. We will see how we feel, mostly Tom since he is doing the driving, in the morning and decide from there.

Today was a happy day hope yours was too.
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Saturday, December 16, 2017

We Found A Weather Window

December 15, 2017

After getting up at 5:00AM on the 13th and 14th with no luck on the 15th it was a go. We pulled out of Escanaba about 9:30AM.

As mentioned above we were up again on the 15th at 5:00AM to start packing what was left into the Stinger "B". (Everything we did not want to freeze.)  As you can see we did have some snow.

We would like to take a moment here to thank our daughter for being there to help us get the Stinger "B" packed and for taking the pictures. She really hates to see us go so we are doubly thankful that she helped us leave.

In the center picture we are kicking up our heels, one each,
as we prepare to finally leave.

Backing out of the driveway at about 6:30AM.
We live across from the High School and wanted to beat the school traffic.

Parked in St. Anne's parking lot where we would hook up the jeep
in a few hours and be on our way.

Our empty driveway.

Out to breakfast with our daughter, Rachel, and granddaughter, Charlotte.

We are on M-35 and leaving the Winter Wonderland behind us.

About 60 miles down the road we cross over the Menominee River and
we are in Wisconsin. The roads continue to improve.
Once we were past Green Bay, another 60 miles, they were clear and dry.

We crossed into Illinois and except for a small a dusting here and there
 the snow is gone.
In the bottom picture we could see the sun setting right at the edge of
the cloud cover.

Our first sunset and it was beautiful!
I took this out the side window as we were still on the move.

About an hour after dark we arrived at our destination for the night. I had a vague memory of someone posting on their blog that they had stayed at a gas station with electric hook-ups in 
Wenona, IL. (It surprises me what I file away sometime.) After some research I found the information on RVing the USA is our Big Backyard . I had a feeling it was were I had read it, since, they live in Wisconsin and would probably follow the same route as we would south. Some more research on line and I found that it was called The Princess Wenona RV Oasis. The number listed was disconnected but I did find a review from three months ago so with fingers crossed, we have been doing a lot of that lately, I plugged the name into google maps and "Hazel" delivered us there. For $20 we had electricity which means we had heat and slept all nice and cozy warm. They do have full hookups but at this time of the year their water is shut off. 

After putting 388 miles behind so ended our first day on the road.

December 16, 2017

We slept in this morning until 6:30AM and by around 8:00AM we were on the road again. Through Illinois heading towards St. Louis, MO. 

Leaving the UP was a little hard on the vehicles.
The poor black Jeep took the worst of it.

Our first sighting of the Gateway Arch. The front windshield is a little dirty. 

There is something about crossing the Mississippi River and seeing the Arch that says you are headed West.

Then we are crossing the Mississippi River.

We are in Missouri.

This was the first time, this year, we could here the engine working as
we headed up a couple of hills.

Some more pictures of the road ahead.
In the center a sign we have not seen since last April.

You know you are headed West when you
are looking our the front window and this
is the view.
Very bright sunlight.

We are now stopped for the night in a rest area just past Conway, MO. Our first night of  "pavement boondocking" this trip. It was after dark when we got here but I will take the time to take pictures in the morning. We stopped here once before back in 2015, though not over night, and there are some cute little Route 66 buildings (reproductions) here. Interesting little side tidbit today's mileage 388 miles we do not know how we managed to do that two days in a row. 

Good night for now. Tomorrow will be another long day and then we will stop for a couple of days, catch our breath and de-winterize the Stinger "B".


We have had two good days and hope you did, also.
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Forty-eight Years Later and It is Still Snowing.

December 13, 2017

Today we celebrate our 48th Wedding Anniversary!

December 13, 1969 

How can it be 48 years already? Looking at the above picture we were so young and had so many dreams for the future. Some came true, (we have two great kids, one great daughter-in-law, and six beautiful grandchildren) some went by the wayside because as time went by they became less and less important, (the large house), and one we are living, (traveling in our motor home). All and all it has been a pretty wonderful 48 years which is probably why it has gone by so fast. That is not to say we have not had some rough patches but that would be because we are both independent self-thinking people. What is important is in the end we learned to compromise and still love and respect each other. Not to mention standing firm and together we got through our children's teenage years...:)

It snowed the day we got married and it is snowing today.

Today's Winter Wonderland.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Stinger "B" is Ready to Leave

 December 12, 2017

We have everything in her that will not freeze and now we need that weather window to open up. As of right now Thursday is looking good. We would appreciate any good thoughts and weather you can send our way.

As pretty as the Stinger "B' looks against the white snow she is also looking
forward to being on the road and headed to somewhere warm.

Looking east our over Little Bay de Noc on Monday.
The snow was coming down and though you cannot see them in the picture
there were some ducks swimming out on the lake between the two trees.
They looked like they were having fun.

It was a busy day but a good one, hope yours was too.
We always enjoy reading your comments.

Friday, December 8, 2017


December 8, 2017

Tom received the all clear this morning at the doctor's. He told him, see you in May for the six month checkup and enjoy the warm weather. Everyone who sent prayers and good wishes, thank you. Patsy, you can uncross your fingers and toes...:) Well, maybe, if you would just keep a couple crossed we still need a "weather window". It would be appreciated...:)

This doctor, though he is originally from here, actually lives downstate in Traverse City and said he hoped we were not going through Lower Michigan to head south. We said, no we now how bad the stretch between the bridge and Gaylord is in the winter. I said, I think the only stretch that is worse is, and we all said in unison, Houghton.

So now we will spend the next couple of days getting everything that we do not need to worry about freezing into the Stinger "B". The last of it will go in the morning we are able to leave. At the same time we will be checking the weather here and the route ahead. We have two possible routes and the weather and road conditions will determine which way we go. Hopefully, I will be able to refrain from doing it (I may be a little anxious.) Our daughter, Rachel, has offered to come and help me hall things into the Stinger "B" and considering how much she wants us to stay here I really appreciate it. Our granddaughter is spending the weekend with her father so our first day to possibly leave is Tuesday, the 12th. We told her we would not leave while she was gone and this gives her time to get home and spend a little time with us. The only regret this year is, because of the time and weather,  we will not spend a few days with our son, daughter-in-law and their three kids before we leave. We last saw them in September and by the time we get back it will have been eight months before we see them again and that is the longest stretch we have gone without seeing them.

The weather has turned cold and we are getting snow tonight. Looking ahead there is a good possibility it is here to stay.

Tuesday, December 5th

Looking south out over Little Bay de Noc. 

I took the above picture down at our park. The wind was blowing and the leaves were dancing across the road as I drove along the water.

The lighthouse decorated for the season.

We had a good day today and we hope you did, also.
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Sunday, December 3, 2017

December 8th Will Tell the Tale

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Just a few more days, 5 to be exact as of this writing, and we will know if we will be backing out of the driveway this year or not. We have tried not to plan but then we will get to talking about the weather "predictors" and when we will have a window to escape. (It has been unseasonably warm here but of course that is about to change. By Wednesday the temperatures will be in the twenties.) Then we go back to our day to day living both of us hoping we will be leaving next week but trying not to plan or count on it. Praying and keeping our fingers crossed just the same.

Thursday, November 28, 2017

I picked my granddaughter up from Girl Scouts and as we were walking to the Jeep the sky off to the East was a beautiful pink. By the time we drove down to the Lighthouse to get a better view and picture the color was starting to fade.

The clouds did have a little of the pink left when I snapped this.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

I decided to make a batch of Meat Pies, I have not made this many in a few years. Though there was a time I would make no less then 14 pies, for when we had family and friends over during Christmas Holidays. The last few years I have only made a couple but since I had the time and the space I went for it. The two largest will go to my brother, Frank, who is always there to help when we need him and watches the house when we are gone. The littlest ones are for our daughter and we will take two medium ones with us and one will stay here in the freezer. I do not remember a Christmas Eve without meat pie it is a family tradition.

"The most treasured heirlooms
art the sweet memories of family."

Hope you had a Wonderful Day!
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Saturday, November 25, 2017

End of the Day Light Dance, November 24, 2017

(Clicking on the pictures will open them larger in a new window.)

November 24, 2017

On this date in 1987 we finalized the adoption of our daughter, Rachel Ann Jung Duchaine. What  Judge Goebel did not realize is that his announcement was just a formality. We first saw Rachel's photo on June 23, 1986 and from that moment on she was our daughter.

The sky was beautiful as the sun set last night. The ending light of the day seemed to dance with the clouds.

Headlights coming towards us as we head south on M-35.
We are on our way to Oconto, WI to pick up Charlotte.

We are enjoying our weekend hope you are doing the same.
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2017

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving. A day to think about all the blessings we have. When we look back on this past year we cannot help but be thankful for our children, grandchildren, extended family and friends. We are grateful for this time in our lives when we are able to travel and spend time getting to know the beauty that is our country. We look forward to being able to do more traveling in our Stinger "B". 

It is nice to have a day to remind us all to give thanks but I keep thinking that giving thanks should not be confined to the 4th Thursday in November, or if you are Canadian the 2nd Monday in October, it is something we should think about every day. 

"When you arise in the morning, 
give thanks for the morning light,
for you life and strength.
Give thanks for you food,
and the joy of living.
If you see no reason for giving thanks,
the fault lies with yourself."
~Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief

Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Clouds Turned a Wonderful Pink

(If you click on the pictures they will open larger in a new window.)

November 13, 2014

There is not a lot going on around here. Organizing a few things and doing some Christmas shopping. Tom is getting better everyday and after what seems like forever he is scheduled for his second procedure tomorrow. If you are reading this and you are someone who believes in prayer, as we do, we would appreciate a prayer or two that everything goes well.

So to explain tonight's first picture. One of things I enjoy doing is crocheting. I am not one to just sit and watch television or just sit outside in the sun, though I do enjoy the sun thing, so a lot of times I am crocheting. Anyway, back to the picture below it is a shawl that morphed into a large triangular wrap. Over the last seven years I have made at least 25 afghans, 30 plus hats, several baby sleep sacks, and couple of shawls. Lets just say there is always left over yarn. If you are a knitter or a crocheter you know how you have trouble, well at least I have trouble, throwing out the left over yarn so it accumulates in bags. If you sew it is just like all those scrapes of material that you have saved. Again, at least that I have saved over the years. I read a saying once...she who dies with the most material wins...and for a while I was in the running, Though, since we have been getting rid of stuff my chances of winning have dwindled to just about zero.  So again back to the picture. This was made with all that leftover yarn and it will be keeping me warm when I am sitting out watching the sunrise in the desert. Our granddaughter, Charlotte, was over and she was picking out different yarns she recognized from her afghans and other yarns she remembered from things I have made. So as I am wrapped up all warm and cozy I will be remembering mostly the afghans I have made our grandchildren and I will be thinking of them all snugly and warm.

Yesterday, Sunday, we took a ride down to Oconto, WI to pick up our granddaughter who had spent the weekend with her Father. (It is a half-way point.) It was a grey day and Lake Michigan was smooth like glass...grey glass.

Tonight's sunset turned the clouds a lovely pink. (Yes, that is white stuff on the ground. For those of you lucky enough to be in warmer places it is called There is something hopeful about a pink sky. A promise of a better day and not just weather wise.

Looking out our front door across the highway. The high school is in the
distance and the church is Central Methodist.

We are both hoping you had a wonderful day.
Thank you for taking the time to read our blog today. 
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