Saturday, December 16, 2017

We Found A Weather Window

December 15, 2017

After getting up at 5:00AM on the 13th and 14th with no luck on the 15th it was a go. We pulled out of Escanaba about 9:30AM.

As mentioned above we were up again on the 15th at 5:00AM to start packing what was left into the Stinger "B". (Everything we did not want to freeze.)  As you can see we did have some snow.

We would like to take a moment here to thank our daughter for being there to help us get the Stinger "B" packed and for taking the pictures. She really hates to see us go so we are doubly thankful that she helped us leave.

In the center picture we are kicking up our heels, one each,
as we prepare to finally leave.

Backing out of the driveway at about 6:30AM.
We live across from the High School and wanted to beat the school traffic.

Parked in St. Anne's parking lot where we would hook up the jeep
in a few hours and be on our way.

Our empty driveway.

Out to breakfast with our daughter, Rachel, and granddaughter, Charlotte.

We are on M-35 and leaving the Winter Wonderland behind us.

About 60 miles down the road we cross over the Menominee River and
we are in Wisconsin. The roads continue to improve.
Once we were past Green Bay, another 60 miles, they were clear and dry.

We crossed into Illinois and except for a small a dusting here and there
 the snow is gone.
In the bottom picture we could see the sun setting right at the edge of
the cloud cover.

Our first sunset and it was beautiful!
I took this out the side window as we were still on the move.

About an hour after dark we arrived at our destination for the night. I had a vague memory of someone posting on their blog that they had stayed at a gas station with electric hook-ups in 
Wenona, IL. (It surprises me what I file away sometime.) After some research I found the information on RVing the USA is our Big Backyard . I had a feeling it was were I had read it, since, they live in Wisconsin and would probably follow the same route as we would south. Some more research on line and I found that it was called The Princess Wenona RV Oasis. The number listed was disconnected but I did find a review from three months ago so with fingers crossed, we have been doing a lot of that lately, I plugged the name into google maps and "Hazel" delivered us there. For $20 we had electricity which means we had heat and slept all nice and cozy warm. They do have full hookups but at this time of the year their water is shut off. 

After putting 388 miles behind so ended our first day on the road.

December 16, 2017

We slept in this morning until 6:30AM and by around 8:00AM we were on the road again. Through Illinois heading towards St. Louis, MO. 

Leaving the UP was a little hard on the vehicles.
The poor black Jeep took the worst of it.

Our first sighting of the Gateway Arch. The front windshield is a little dirty. 

There is something about crossing the Mississippi River and seeing the Arch that says you are headed West.

Then we are crossing the Mississippi River.

We are in Missouri.

This was the first time, this year, we could here the engine working as
we headed up a couple of hills.

Some more pictures of the road ahead.
In the center a sign we have not seen since last April.

You know you are headed West when you
are looking our the front window and this
is the view.
Very bright sunlight.

We are now stopped for the night in a rest area just past Conway, MO. Our first night of  "pavement boondocking" this trip. It was after dark when we got here but I will take the time to take pictures in the morning. We stopped here once before back in 2015, though not over night, and there are some cute little Route 66 buildings (reproductions) here. Interesting little side tidbit today's mileage 388 miles we do not know how we managed to do that two days in a row. 

Good night for now. Tomorrow will be another long day and then we will stop for a couple of days, catch our breath and de-winterize the Stinger "B".


We have had two good days and hope you did, also.
If you wish to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Thank God that the window opened before the busy weekend and we are both so very happy for you that you got out of that snowy driveway. Yay to dry pavements and double yay to sunny skies in the windshield.
    Crazy that you travelled 388 both days. You are being guided, methinks. :)
    Continued safe travels.

    1. We firmly believe all the prayers and good wishes are what got us out of the driveway. We were so thankful for clear roads. Thank you.

  2. Glad to read that your on the way.
    Three days on the road before a rest is tiring but needed to get to warmer Temps.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We are definitely happy to be on our way. These long days on the road are not how we like to travel but like you said to get to warmer temperatures it was necessary.

  3. Enjoyed the recap of your take-off and travels so far! As a former Yooper, I know you won't miss the drudgery of winter yet to come. Travel safe and bask in the warmer temps of the South.

    1. The UP is definitely a beautiful place but you are so right we do not miss the winters.

  4. Wonderful that you got that window of opportunity and are now on the road again, Safe Travels and enjoy the journey.

    1. We are doing our best to enjoy the journey especially now that we are out of the snow.

  5. Congratulations on finding a window! Your daughter and granddaughter are adorable. Love your granddaughters hair, so cute! Looks like a great drive so far, we'll be following.

    1. Thank you it was a happy morning. We may be a little bias, okay lets be honest a lot, we think they are adorable too...:) Our daughter has a knack for doing hair I never mastered.
      Happy to have you following along. (I just clicked on your name and found your blog. I will be checking it out.)

  6. Glad to see you are out of the cold and into some unseasonably warm weather. Enjoy the trip.

    1. Thank you, it is nice to be out of the snow and freezing temperatures.