Sunday, January 14, 2018

Enjoying the Days

January 13, 2018

Saturday we started the day by driving over to RV Lifestyles to get some things checked out on the Stinger "B" and while they took care of that we drove over to the Mountain Quail Cafe for breakfast. If we are going out to breakfast in Quartzsite this is the place we are headed to. The food and the service are always excellent.

Parked back in our neighborhood I decided to take the new camera out for a walk. Below are some of the photos.

First stop was to check out the Ocotillo across the way. Some green on the
branches but no sign of little green leaves. 

Trying out the zoom.

Not sure why I liked the look of these rocks but I did.

Tall stately Saguaro.

Happy Hour at the Stinger "B"
From the right: George, Suzie, Bill, Patsy, Tom, and my chair.

The end of the days light.

January 14, 2018

Early this morning we headed into Parker for 8 o'clock Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The light was just starting to peak over the mountains as we pulled out and once we turned north onto
US-95 I tried to capture some of the color. This is only my second day using the new camera and they did not turn out to badly. I am reading the book and I can tell this is going to be a process but one I am going to enjoy.

I could tell the sun had come up over the mountains behind us by
the light on the mountains in the west.

The road ahead.

After Mass we had breakfast at the Crossroad Cafe and we would go back again. They even offered Mimosa's and Bloody Mary's but knowing I was going to be doing some grocery shopping afterwards I decided coffee was to be the beverage of choice.

On the way home we took a quick ride down Plomosa Road.

Tom and I are guessing this is their "RV"

Saguaro with the Plomosa Mountains in the background.

In past years when we have parked in this area in March there are maybe
 a half dozen RV's parked near us. Just a "few" more in January.

Back home, Suzie and George on the right and Patsy and Bill's
Black Beauty can be seen on the left.

As we were sitting and chatting at today's Happy Hour George mentioned that Nancy Kissack, Kissack Adventures, had contacted him about stopping out to meet them and it was not long after that she pulled up. To end up meeting not two but six fellow bloggers. She was a wonderful addition to the Happy Hour. It was nice to meet another blogging RV'er and with that in common the conversation just continued to flow. 

Tonight's Happy Hour and I barely got Tom in the picture. Going right:
Bill, George, Suzie, Nancy, and Patsy.

I keep missing the actual sunset.

The last of the light on the mountains to the east of us.

The sky turned a lovely pink.
Quartzsite in the distance.

The last little bit of color as the sun sinks farther into the west.

We have had a couple of great days parked out in the desert. We hope you enjoyed your weekend.
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Friday, January 12, 2018

Change is not Always the Answer

January 12, 2018

First of all I just wanted to say I have been trying to get into a "Blogger" routine and after a few days I can tell morning is not it. Sometimes it is but not always. I like to read other blogs in the morning and answer any comments we have been lucky enough to find on ours. I have also been trying to keep up with a daily blog because I want to be one of those bloggers but I am facing the fact that is not me either. I enjoy blogging but the key word here is enjoy so I am going to go back to what was my routine which is no routine at all. My whole life I have been a "fly by the seat of my pants" person so I am not sure why I thought now was a good time to change. (Not to say when I worked I was ever late because I was not, not to say my children were late for stuff because they were not, not to say if I say I will be somewhere at a certain time I will not be because I will, and if I make a promise I have and always will keep it.) Honestly, I have just always hated schedules so now at a time in my life, when as Tom just reminded my we do not need any schedules, why I thought putting myself on one was a good idea, I have no answer.

I hope if you read our blog you will still come back and see how we are doing even if it does not change every day. Plus, there is a promise of better pictures. I have a lovely new camera and today is the day I get it out. (Just between you, me, and as my Dad would say the fence post I am hoping to impose on the neighbors across the way for help getting started.) I did purchase the "For Dummies" book for my camera, I love that they put those out, but I think, actually I know,  I will need more help then that.

Right now in this minute we are parked in a beautiful place near wonderful neighbors and as I sit here typing this I am looking out the window at a beautiful blue sky wondering what am I doing sitting and looking it is time to get out there and enjoy this beautiful day. Tom joins me in wishing each of you a great day well lived.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have time to leave a comment, 
as always, we would enjoy hearing from you.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Location Same Beautiful Blue Skies

January 11, 2018

Yesterday was moving day, a very short moving day as it was just a couple of miles down the road. We had been quietly parked at the Roadrunner BLM but it was time to take on fresh water and empty the holding tanks. It was a nice surprise when Rick, It's about time, pulled in behind the Stinger "B" at the dump station. We spoke briefly, it seems that Kathy and Rick are also fighting whatever is going around. So we agreed in a couple of days when we are all feeling somewhat better we will get together and do some catching up.
The best part about our move is we are now parked by friends and it will be nice to spend some time visiting and chatting. Yet knowing we will all go about our every day lives doing our own thing.

The sun set under beautiful blue skies last night

and rose up over the mountains this morning to shine on those same blue skies.

I just had to take one shadow picture,
Me, the Jeep and the Stinger "B".

Off to the east we can see the same mountains we have
parked by in the past. We are farther away right now but
we can still see the familiar peeks. 

While we are here we will get to attend the 2018 Bloggerfest. We were able to attend the 2nd one and had such a nice time putting faces to blogs we read. We are looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new faces. (This also means I need to update our contact cards. We have been talking about a new picture and now may be a good time to get it down.)

While we are here we hope to be able to get the Jeep out into the desert and mountains. One place I know I want to to go is to the see the The Palms. Last year I could not make the hike because of my right knee, all I could do was watch Tom walk down the trail, but now that I have a new right knee to go with the left one and I am looking forward to the hike.

A short reflection: Something we have realized about this lifestyle we have chosen is even though part of the goal is to see new places there is something about certain places that draw you back. This is one of those places. When we pull in we feel like we have come "home" and "home" is glad to welcome us while we visit.

"All Journeys have Secret Destinations
of which
The Traveler is Unaware."

Hope everyone had a beautiful day!
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

It Rained in the Desert

(Clicking on the pictures will open them larger in a new window.)

January 10, 2018

Went to bed with rain on the roof of the Stinger "B" and woke up to sunshine and beautiful blue skies.

Opened the front curtains to the sun just peeking over the mountain's in the
East.( I took this through the windshield so there are few spots of dirt.)

Everything looked so bright outside I took
a quick walk around the place.

I know it is probably just me but even the trees, bushes and saguaros look shinier.
There is something about a rain that just does that.

Short back track to yesterday.

Leaving for a ride into Quartzsite it had started to rain and the clouds
looked heavy over the mountains in the west.

Not sure if it was a rain line or dust but the mountains to the Northeast
were obscured.

On our way out of Quartzsite last night the sun was a bright shiny
orb of light sitting on the mountains.

Then we spotted this rainbow shooting through the clouds
that had settled on the mountain.

Then back at the Stinger "B' we could see a complete rainbow.

We could see the mountains southeast of us in the last of the sun's light.

There was just something about last nights sky as the sunlight left us.

The last of our light slipping behind the mountains.
The light splashes on the desert floor in the black are puddles of water.

I had hoped to have this written and published earlier this morning. Then I had a wonderfully unexpected call from a friend. It is a friendship that has stood the test of time and distance. We have known each other since my parents and I moved across the alley from her and her parents when we were both three years old. It was a wonderful way to start the day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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Monday, January 8, 2018

Feeling Good About Life

January 8, 2018

We both slept in today and did not get up until just after 8:00am this morning. So, of course, the pictures I am seeing of today's sunset are all beautiful and colorful.

After connecting with Patsy, Chillin' with Patsy we stopped over to see her and Bill. Suzie and George stopped over and we had a nice visit. Both Bill and George gave Tom some needed advice on our water bladder and pump choices. In fact, George, Our Awesome Travels, had a extra used pump he gifted us with by saying, here I have just what you need. Then he explained to Tom how to hook it up and offered to help do so after explaining what else we would need to use it.

What a great community we have joined since we started this lifestyle. Everyone is always so willing to help out when ever and where ever needed. The best part is no one ever says this is what you have to do. Everyone just shares what worked for them and if you have questions they are willing to answer and help. We found information and suggestions on our blog from last night and even had one person message me after she could not get her comment to publish to let us know what they use and how it works. It makes us feel so good about the decision we made to start snowbirding at this point in our lives and grateful for the  people we have met along the way. We would be remiss not to mention our family and good friends back home that have been there when we needed help while we are across the country. We had one friend fix a water leak our daughter discovered, my brother fixed a second one,  friends have made sure our daughter and her children got home safe when she developed car trouble, and just today my brother said he would take care of a storm door the neighbor texted Tom about that is flapping in the wind. We both feel very blessed to have the people we have in our lives.

Just as we were getting ready to leave Deb and Riley of On a long and lonesome highway....who were out on a hike stopped by to say hello. As we really had to get going it was a short encounter but we hope to get to see them again and spend more time together. In the meantime we will be checking out their blog.

Bill used what he called a California duster on the Jeep's hood. (If we did not
remember the name of it correctly just remember we are retired and sometimes
the memory takes a rest.) Any way now people will believe us when
we say it is Thanks, Bill.

Tonight's sunset.
Standing there watching the light leave and watching the clouds on the right
I kept thinking they look angry that the sun had left us behind.

As the sun was setting tonight looking the other directions there was some
color in the sky.

"Happiness is not measured by the amount of money you have.
It is measured by the wonderful people in you life."

This, without a doubt, was a wonderful day. Hope yours was too.
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Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Do Nothing Day

January 7, 2018

Today was seriously a wonderful "do nothing day". No where to go nothing pressing to take care of. A day to let slowly unfold in its own lazy way.

I was up and out the door to take a short walk around where we are parked as the sun was starting to peek over the mountains. Since, I was still in my jamies and robe though wrapped in my shawl I was warm but not ready to go visiting.

This morning's sunrise.

Turning and looking around some of the clouds turned a light pink as the sun
made its way over the mountains in the East.

Without hesitation my favorite desert plant is the Ocotillo. The ones I am seeing
so far this year  are in need of a good rain so they can sprout their little green
leaves. No matter even grey I still love them. No rhyme or reason I just do.

The little white dot is the moon.
From here and in this light the Stinger "B"
looks nice and shiny.

Unfortunately, after its ride last  Thursday
this is its reality. Tom had down such a good
job getting all the grime and salt off. 
It is the desert and dust does fly.

After I came in we sat and drank our coffee and then we just relaxed. Around 11 or so I popped the egg bake into the convection oven for lunch. (No pictures, for some reason I hardly ever remember to take pictures of food.) As the afternoon progressed I did some crocheting Tom did some research. We want to get a water bladder but since gravity will not work to get the water from the bladder into this motorhome Tom is trying to decide on what kind of pump will work the best for us. When we had the 5th wheel we had a couple of large containers that Tom used to add water, which worked well from the back of the truck. Last year we worked at conserving but honestly I would like to be a little less conservative and take more showers. Basically that was our day. Well except for dinner which was leftovers from Thanksgiving that I had frozen and taken with us. The best part there is enough for one more meal.

Today was an excellent relaxing "do nothing day" here at the Stinger "B".
Tom and I hope you had a wonderful day!
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