Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hanging Out


Was that sort of do nothing special day. We did some cleaning and loads of laundry.

Packed away Thanksgiving Decorations

 I am surprised as to how well the Splendide combination washer dryer works. I am very happy we opted to have it installed. Yes, things do get more wrinkled and it definitely takes more time to do a load but if we are just hanging out time is not an issue. The wrinkle part; I find if I take clothes I do not want to be wrinkled out a little damp it helps and the rest well wrinkles in towels and sheets not a big deal. The convenience of having a washer dryer in our unit...priceless...:)

Tom was a "happy camper". Not only was the Packer game broadcasted live in this area they won! So he definitely enjoyed his day.

We decided on pizza for dinner. So we checked Yelp, found a pizza place with 4 1/2 stars called Pie Society, and went and checked it out. The pizza crust was thin and crisp, toppings were good, and the price very good. We would agree with Yelp's review. A nice end to a nice day.


Was a little more hectic and cold. We Christmas shopped in person and online. The good news getting close to being done.

Also, had my hair done. I am not admitting to anything but there was some grey to be covered. It can be a little nerve-racking letting someone new color your hair but the young woman who took care of me was very personable, asked the right questions, and did a good job. My next appointment will include a cut which is probably the most nerve-racking. (Ladies you know what I mean.)

Today is a dreary and cold day. Doing wash, crocheting, and there is chili in the crockpot. Tom is packing up what he can outside as we are leaving her Friday and have plans for the next two days.
Other than that just enjoying our time.

"Taking time to do nothing
often brings everything into perspective."
                                               ~Doe Zantamata

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