Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spending Time With Grandchildren

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

We are still hanging in there after enjoying a few days visiting with our grandchildren. On Wednesday, the 17th, we headed back to Mackinaw City to pick up three of our grandchildren. The sky was a lovely blue with wonderful white clouds. We had thought we were going to have them from Tuesday through Saturday but it only ended up being a couple of days. Our daughter-in-law, Nadine, was at the house Friday afternoon, I think she had a harder time being separated from them then they did being away. (Though they did ask where mommy was a couple of times and the little girl asked about her daddy.) They headed back downstate and home Saturday morning.

Tom and I agree we never get tired of the views
of Lake Michigan along US-2.

Just before St. Ignace there are sand dunes and signs warning
about sand on the road. There is parking and when the weather
is warm the cars are parked bumper to bumper while their 

occupants enjoy the lake. In the middle picture is one of the steps
provided to reach the lake. (There is a lot of protected area 

along here.) Though with the lake being so much 
higher this year it does not look like there will be much beach area.

Crossing the Mackinac Bridge.

We have ate at Darrow's Family Restaurant in Mackinaw City
many times over the years and this is the first time I have 

noticed this. It is in their parking lot.
We met here for lunch before heading back to Escanaba with our
precious cargo.

Heading back across the Bridge.

It was a tight squeeze but we got all three car seats across the
back of the jeep.
Left to right: Marcella, Noah, and Jonah
For a while it was very quite.  

Our daughter Rachel actually started out trying to get a picture
 with the two who are two. Nate over on the left in blue and Marci
on her lap. Nate would not move closer, then Adelaide crawled 
up on her lap, and Noah showed up. (We are missing two.)
I just kept clicking.

She kept trying to get a picture of these two sitting next to each 
other and smiling.This is as close as she got.Nathaniel is her son 
and Marcella is our son, Thomas's daughter. They are both two
though she is 5 months older.
The two youngest.
Our daughter, Rachel's youngest Adelaide ((9 months) on the left
with Marcella (2), named after my mom, on the right.

The two "middle's".
Jonah, who looks so much like his father
at this age (4) and Nathaniel (2).

The two oldest.
 Our son's son, Noah (6) Our daughter's daughter, Charlotte (5)
Charlotte is a mini-Rachel.

Noah and Jonah trying to help Adelaide eat.

For dessert Thursday night my daughter melted chocolate and let them dip and spread it on marshmallows, strawberries and creme-puffs.(She is brave and they loved it.)

We have several puddles in our yard
and Nathaniel got out of the car on
Sunday and proceeded to fall into this
one. So his mom let him have some fun
since he was already muddy and wet.

Our backyard tree is getting leaves.

A couple of dandelions and we have a few
tulips coming up.

So it was a busy and noisy couple of days but at the same time it was fun to have them all here under one roof. (Making memories is what it is all about.) Of course, if the weather would have co-operated and they could have been outside more and it would have been easier on them and the adults. Since, except for one chair, our living room furniture is gone they did have extra room to play in.

In between the rain Tom has been out doing yard work and I have been taking care of errands. Today I had my hair fixed, it needed major help. Tomorrow I will be upstairs going through stuff. Packing what needs to go into storage, boxing what I want each of the our kids to have, and putting stuff aside for them to go through. Wish me luck. I am hoping to be finally done by next Wednesday.

Hope the sun is shining where you are and you are enjoying your days. If you have a minute to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Always nice to spend time with the grands. nice that you can have them over for a visit.

    1. It was nice having them all here. We see our daughter and her kids almost every day, when we are here, but our son and his family live a good 7 hours away so we do not get to see them that often.

  2. Looks like fun times with your beautiful grandchildren. Sounds like the purging is moving along nicely. I love the idea of the Warrior Stone, very thoughtful. Your pictures of the kids sleeping in the jeep is priceless. :)

    1. Our daughter-in-law said they hardly ever sleep in the vehicle for her but after several questions about the bridge it got very quiet for almost two hours. Which meant the...are we there yet...questions were limited...:)
      I am thinking that Warrior Stone is new, I agree very thoughtful, I do not think I could have missed it before.

  3. Making memories with the grands is priceless as are many of the pictures.
    Glad to hear the purging is almost finished.
    Looking forward to reading about your new found freedom.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, spending time with the grandkids is special. Looking forward to being free of the stuff...:)