Friday, November 3, 2017

November 3rd

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Friday, November 3, 2017

After running some errands this afternoon I was approaching my turn onto Lincoln Road and home when I could see this ahead. We only had a high of 40 degrees today but the sun had made it bright and beautiful. I had seen clouds earlier but in a rush to get things done had not taken any real notice. Noticing now my first thought was this does not look good; this looks like snow. I decided to keep going straight and head down to lake.

Where I would normally turn left.

Continuing down Ludington Street the clouds do look ominous.

Down on the lake the clouds look dark and beautiful at the same time. There
is a breeze and I could see whitecaps. Little Bay de Noc looks dark and cold.

It looks like Stonington is already under the clouds.

After taking the picture above I turned to the right and saw the sun
through the clouds and the water looked like silver.

Checking the weather when I arrived home I found there is a Winter Weather Advisory in effect from 11:00 PM EDT, tonight, until Saturday, 12:00 PM EDT. There is a mention of 2 to 4 inches of snow accumulations but it sounds like most of it will be south, north and west of us. With any luck it will miss us all together which happens more times then not.

Over the years I always enjoyed the first snowfall, yes I did say enjoyed, the beauty of the white covering the tree branches, bushes, and ground making everything twinkle in the crystal whiteness. I have always felt that the cover of snow gives a softness and quietness to the world. What I do not like is driving in or after the first snowfall because it seems like a vast majority of people forget what it is like to drive when the roads get slippery. So there will be the inevitable rash of fender benders from people slamming on their brakes at the last minute. One last musing, at this point in life Tom and I agree we would rather look at pictures of the first snowfall instead of experiencing it up close and personal. For now as I write this it is 36 degrees and there are no stars to be seen which means those clouds that were in the distance are now overhead.

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Addition:  Our first snow of the year.

We awoke this morning to a dusting of the white stuff.
Looking out our back patio doors and front door.


  1. At our age and stage in life, we agree. Pictures of snow are much nicer. Who knows? If we didn't have to get up in the morning, clean off vehicles and drive in it to go to work, maybe our opinion of snow would be different. We didn't have that opportunity to just enjoy it. If at any time we HAVE to deal with it for a while or forever, we will, just like you are. Be Happy where you are for sure, we are all alive and no one can take HAPPY away from us. :)

    1. The temperature did make it up to 46 and we had rain so the snow is gone.
      Then when we were done working we usually had the fun of cleaning of the vehicle to drive home...the good old days. When our kids were in school we had a full size van and more then once I had to use a broom to reach the top of the front
      For now we are dealing and looking forward to Tom feeling better and looking at pictures of snow from a distance...:)

  2. Deb, I don't know that I like pics of the first snow fall at this time. Glad we are where we are and hope you and Tom will be on your way south soon. We think of you both each day and hope to be able to spend time together again this year. Take care.

    1. Bill, I know I did not like that there was snow to take a picture of...:) We are hoping to be south of here in the near future and looking forward to spending some time parked near you guys again. Tom said, to mention he is looking forward to trying out his drone.

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