Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bumps in the Road

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We are presently at the High Chaparral RV Park in Casa Grande, AZ. It is a Passport America Park and we have full hookups for three nights and at the price of $15.00 per night we are pretty "happy campers". The Stinger "B" is parked in a nice long pull thru site and from what we could see when we pulled in this is a very clean well kept park. This may not be where we planned on being parked, we are not going to be doing what we planned on doing but right now in this place at this moment life is good.

I am choosing to do this post in real time. There will be catch up posts interspersed over the next week or so. Mainly because they are part of our Adventure.

March 22, 2018

Today was pretty much a do nothing type of day. Since, we would be moving tomorrow I did some inside cleaning while Tom was busy making sure the Stinger "B" would be ready to move in the morning. At this point we were not sure what we would find out at the Napa Auto Care Center, this guy also works on RV's, but we were optimistic and  still thought we would be able to spend some time Casino parking in Tucson for a couple of days.

Around 2 or so we were both settled comfortably in our chairs to relax and enjoy the afternoon. The sun was behind the clouds and there was just enough breeze to make sitting out a pleasant experience. A little later we enjoyed a nice Happy Hour.

With the cloud cover most of the day the sunset was a pleasant surprise and a nice ending to our time spent at Coyote Howls East in Why, AZ.

March 23, 2018

Our appointment to have the air leak checked out was at 9:00 AM in Ajo. Which is only about 11 miles from where we were parked but in our haste to get going I complete forgot to take a picture of the Stinger "B" leaving the spot she had been parked in the last 8 days.

This was the spot.

This is where we brought the Stinger "B" this morning.
One of the many murals in Ajo.

This mural was on the other side of the building.

Things did not go well this morning. If you read our blog post from when we left Quartzsite you will recall I mentioned we had some problems with our airbags not wanting to stay inflated unless we were moving. Tom was really hoping it was a leak in the airline and would be an easy fix. Unfortunately, that is not the case it is a leak in the airbag itself. The service manager who checked it out said this was not something he handled but he did give Tom the name of a place in Tucson he thought did this kind of work. (Side note: they did not.) The one good thing is as long as the motorhome is running and moving the airbag does stay inflated.
Second Reason I wrote things did not go well:  This is when you know it is not going to be your day, the gentleman who checked out the Stinger "B", after taking care of and moving RV's for the past 25 years without an incident this morning he side swiped an open building door with the the Stinger "B". He called his insurance and we will be able to have it taken care of when we get back home.

 It is hard to see in the pictures but the gentleman, who apologized for the deed, estimates there is between 2 and 3 thousand worth of damage.

No charge for his time this morning.
Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. After I took my shower last night when Tom went to turn on the water in the kitchen sink our pump did not turn on. No water. We have been having an issue with our grey tank and had it checked out in January when we were in Quartzsite at that time the assessment was we could wait until we got back to Escanaba to have it taken care of. After checking out a couple of possibilities Tom is pretty sure grey water shorted out the pump. Luckily, they have showers at Coyote Howl East so Tom took a walk to the showers and then we went to bed. Enough fun.

Anyway, back to this morning after the news about the airbags and with no water pump we decided to head toward Gila Bend where we hoped to snag one of the full hookup sites at the Holt Shell station and start making phone calls. After finding out they were filled up, we parked, discussed our choices, and started making the phone calls. We did find one place in Gila Bend that said they did the work we needed done on the airbags. After talking about our situation a little more Tom decided to call Lazy Days in Tucson to see what help the could offer. (We purchased the Stinger "B" from Lazy Days in Florida.) The good news is they had a cancellation so we have an appointment to have the grey tank and pump looked at on Wednesday. The service person Tom was talking to recommended a place right next door to them as a good choice to take care of our airbag problem. Tom called and they will be able to get the airbags we need and replace them Monday morning. We then started checking for a place to park with full hookups and found this place. As of right now there is a "plan" in place and hopefully by the end of the week we will be on our way with everything taken care of. Well everything but the washer/dryer we are waiting on that until we are back in Escanaba. We are pretty sure by the end of the week we will have spent enough money for a while.

Heading north on 85.

Merging onto I-8 heading east.

Stopped for diesel at the Holt Shell in Gila Bend.
We now have a cleaner windshield.

As we drive east on I-8 we go through the Sonoran Desert National Monument.
When we are headed East I always feel a little sad because this is the  last time
we will see this many Saguaros in one place until next fall. 

Saguaros as far as the eye can see.

I would love to be here one year and see them blossom.

We have now merged onto I-10.

Within a mile we exited off and head towards the  High Chaparral RV Park.
The address for this park is Casa Grande but it looks like we are headed
to Arizona City. 

We parked, set up, put our feet up, and enjoyed a short Happy Hour. Later, Tom grilled some shrimp and I put together a cole slaw. A nice meal to end our day. (Which I never think to take a picture of.) Not sure what we will be doing the next couple of days but we are going to do our best to enjoy the days.

Things do not always turn out as planned and there are always going to be "bumps" in the road. 
We can choose to let this ruin the rest of Adventure 4 or we can take care of it and move on.
We have decided to move on. 
Looking on the bright side, this is a nice park and with our Passport America the price is right, 
they allow RV washing, and long showers are pretty wonderful. 

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  1. Oh my! I sure hope things turn out well. Fingers crossed for you.
    I love your positive attitude toward these 'bumps'. I admit I may not have your level of patience. That is a great quote about the roller coaster. I might steal it!
    We'll be watching to see how this all turns out. Safe travels!

    1. Thanks...there are fingers crossed here, also...:) I am not sure why we are not more upset. I think we have come finally reached the place that says if you cannot change not dwell on it.

  2. Love the drive and the Saguaros! Wow..he certainly did side swipe the Stinger B..You always have such a good attitude, but it is can worry yourself sick or just enjoy the ride and trust that in time, it'll all work out! Happy Hour always helps! I love the roller coaster saying! Keep enjoying! Miss you guys!

    1. I love that drive on I-8, usually we are past Tucson the same day so the Saguaros are behind us in a few hours.
      Like I said to Dave above I am not sure why we are not more upset...maybe when the bill is handed to Tom...LOL Miss you, too. Looking forward to more "Happy Hours" together in the future.

  3. Oh gosh. I'm so sorry for your troubles. I always use LaMesa RV for repairs when I'm in Tucson. And then to have your rig damaged!!! I sure hope your luck changes and they get everything fixed quickly!!!

    1. Good to know about La Mesa RV. We had good service at Lazy Days last year which is one of the reasons we choose them.
      Our luck is looking better. For some reason, and we are not questioning it, the pump just started working...:) Still having it checked out though.

  4. Oh dear, so sorry to hear of the troubles you are dealing with and then to have an additional scraping on the Stinger B. I, also, love your attitude. What is the point in stewing about things, it doesn't help.
    I hope you get some nice days and can at least relax while waiting to have the repairs taken care of.
    Take care, we think of you guys often.

    1. Thanks...even though I have always tried to be a "glass half-full" type. I am surprised I am calm about I said to Shirley maybe when they hand the bill to Tom...LOL
      We think of and miss you guys. Take care.