Monday, January 13, 2020

Sunrise, Sunset and Mines

(Yes, I am catching up again. The frame on my glasses broke a couple days back and wearing the old ones did not work for any amount of reading or looking at pictures. We went back to where I bought them in Los Algodones last year and unfortunately they were not able to fix them. They asked if I would mind leaving the glasses so they could do a  search for a frame that wold fit my lenses. Since, they were pretty useless the way they were I agreed. A little later in the day they called  and had found two pairs for me to choose from. I am wearing them right now and it is amazing what a difference having the right prescription glasses makes when trying to read. )

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

As I sat writing the blog today I could hear a distant train whistle. That sound never bothers me as it actually brings back wonderful memories of my childhood. We lived fairly close to the tracks and could hear and see trains all day. I remember especially the Peninsula 400 passenger train that was operated by the Chicago and North Western Railway between Ishpeming, MI and Chicago, IL as it would go around the bend early in the morning heading towards the depot it would blow its horn. I got to ride that train between Escanaba and Chicago more then once with my mom going to or coming from visiting with her sisters in Chicago. One of those memories of a different slower paced time. It is wonderful how life flows on day by day and little things bring back thoughts of days gone by bringing a special moment of smiling peace into our hearts. For me a reminder of how lucky I am  to have the memories.


Before the sun came up over the Cargo Muchacho Mountains

some beautiful color filled the sky 

to start the day.

The sun just starting to peek up over the mountains.

Yes, I am playing with the effects setting on my camera again.

I like how it looks like a ball of light sitting on the mountains.

The Ocotillos

and our neighbor's 

homes in the early morning light.

I am heading towards a chair and my warm shawl and soon
the coffee will be ready. Tom will bring two mugs out and we
will sit in the warm sunlight as another wonderful day begins.

It seems like we have been busy running a lot but this morning

we sat and watched the sun slowly light up the desert.

Then it slipped under the clouds

and everything seemed to have a blue tint to it.

It is beautiful how the sun and the clouds cause shadow to
dance across the mountains.

Even the dunes in the distance are filled with shadows.

Tom has everything ready for tonight's fire.

Again playing with the camera's effects.
It looked like the sun exploded out from the clouds.

I forgot to change it back to normal and took this picture.
 The clouds looked almost like smoke signals in the distance.

A ride back into the Cargo Muchacho Mountains to see some mines.

Jerry had taken Deb for ride a couple of days before into the mountains in search of some old mines out there. Doug had asked Deb for directions and she volunteered to do one better and ride along. They invited Tom and I to go along but I was cooking something I wanted to finish besides I honestly do not enjoy checking out old mines as much as Tom does. It sounded, from the talk during happy hour, that they all had a good time. The following are pictures Tom took while they were out and about.

Looking down at the bottom of an open pit mine.

The colors are beautiful

and the shadows add to the beauty.

Deb, Doug and Yuma
taking pictures of the mine.

 I asked Tom what this was and he said, a pipe sticking
out and he thought it was interesting.

Doug and Yuma went in to check things out.
Tom said, he and Deb decided to stay outside.

Doug making his way back out.
Yuma had scooted out quickly before him.

Doug trying to get a picture looking down the mine shaft.

A very deep hole.

Tom nicely framed the mountains in the back with what
may of at one time been windows.


Stepping outside around 5 o'clock I noticed the moon was
already up and ready to join us for the evening.

A train going by in the distance.

The sun quickly slips down behind the mountains  




Some pink afterglow is beautiful to see

as the darkness of the night sky slowly descends on us.

Tom built us a lovely fire. We moved our chairs in another
circle and the easy flow of conversation continued as
we watched the flames dance as the darkness enfolded us.

I used my flash for this picture of the twilight.

Doug had left and we are still sitting with Deb and Riley
as we watch the last of the fire's glow.

It was a very good day out here off of Ogilby Road. A beautiful sunrise started our day. Tom enjoyed a ride out into the mountains with friends. In the company of good friends we sat and watched the sun leave our day. Then our day ended in the warmth of a desert campfire. Another day to slip into the pages of our memory book.

There is a quietness in the darkness here that is only broken by the sound of a train going by in the distance. As I finish writing this that is the sound I hear. It is late and time for bed.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Wonderful retirement and beautiful pictures!

    1. Thank you, Romy and you are right it is a wonderful retirement.

  2. Great pictures Deb! It all sounds so wonderful :) Doug is a little too brave for my liking! LOL..Nothing better than a desert campfire with friends! Missing you guys HUGS!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. Tom agrees with you about Doug. Missing you guys, also. Hugs!

  3. We had a great time looking for those mines, or at least I did. We truly enjoyed the fire, thanks for the invitation. We like that area, it's peaceful and yet there is plenty to do not far way. The sunrises and sets are stunning some days! Keep having fun there.

    1. Tom said he really had a good time looking for and finding those mines. Glad you enjoyed the fire. We were happy the wind cooperated and we could have one before you and Riley left.

  4. I do rather miss having a campfire. GREAT pictures. I enjoy the mines just for the hiking aspect.

    1. Thank you, Nancy. We always enjoy being able to have a campfire.