Friday, October 30, 2015

Cloverdale, IN to Rolla, MO

October 30, 2015

We pulled out of Cloverdale RV Park around 9:35am this morning, stopped for gas then merged back onto I 70 continuing or trek West and South. It was cold and dreary as we started our day but because we had spent the night with full hook-ups we were able to enjoy our coffee and breakfast before we took off.

We crossed the border into Illinois about an hour later and by the sun was out.

Driving through Illinois
We have driven through a lot of constructions zones over the years and I have never taken a picture. Today when we caught people working I decided it was time.

We crossed the Mississippi just a little after noon. Between the construction and the traffic I am not sure of the exact time.

I did get some pictures of the Arch.
Also a couple as we drove through St. Louis.
The road ahead as we make our way through Missouri.

As the day progressed the clouds again took over and now as I write this I can hear the rain on the roof. We are tucked in at a Walmart in Rolla, just off of I 44, with several other RV's and a couple of semi trucks.

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.”
                             – Babs Hoffman 

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