Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mt. Airy, North Carolina (Mayberry)

April 24th through 29th 2015

After leaving our friends home we made our way North to Mr. Airy, NC and the Mayberry Campground. Large campground, the grounds are clean, and the views are not bad. The spaces are not spacious but we had full hook ups.

The street we parked on.

We did take the time to visit a few of the spots made famous by the Andy Griffith Show. Though, of course, it was not filmed here it is were he grew up and there are reproductions of the jail, courthouse, Wally's Service Station, plus they have tours you can take in squad car reproductions.

Tom in Otis's cell.

We both just had to take a picture at the Sheriff's desk.

Floyd's Barbershop Downtown
Sign in front said: Andy Griffith's Homeplace from 1935-1966
It can be rented out.
We also visited the Andy Griffith Museum and Playhouse. There is also the Siamese Twins Exhibit located there. One of the houses they lived in with their wives was located at the campgrounds we stayed at. They are considered to be the original Siamese Twins. They married sisters and between them had 21 children.

Picture from the Internet of Chang and Eng Bunker 

Located outside the Andy Griffith Museum.
 The North Carolina Granite Corporation, the world's largest open face granite quarry is located in this area and they have a viewing area. So we took a ride over to check it out.

Pilot Mountain was also on our list of places to visit. So we did a little back tracking and took a ride into the State Park.

Views taken from the State Park.

Pilot Mountain
Landmark for Indians and Pioneer Settlers.
Elevation 2,420 feet.
State Park since 1968.
Stands 3 miles west.
We had to take a selfie in the viewing area of the State Park.

Some wisdom from Aunt Bee.

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  1. Glad to see that you are out getting to see some of the wonders this great land has to offer.
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