Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Rain and Wind

Monday, February 10, 2020 (The Rain)

Did not see the sunrise this morning but there was
some pretty pink color on the horizon in the East.

There was also some touches of pink on the edges
 of the clouds across the way in the West.

The clouds to the Northeast were dark 

then off a little to the North there was light
just above the horizon.

A few hours later I could see the start of some
light on the Imperial Dunes which are to
the Southwest of us.

Plus, the sunlight was on the mountains to the North
even though the sky was cloud covered.

With grey skies above I could see a streak of light
in the dunes

and then they were bright with sunlight.

Though it did not last long.

The sky was doing its best to peak 

through here and there.

Amazingly the sky was blue right above us.

Then the clouds took over and 

at about 11:30, as you can see from the drops on the
front windshield, the ran came down.

Yet to the North we could see sunshine and blue skies.

The rain was coming down as we got ready to leave. We knew it was coming but had this little tiny bit of hope it would wait until later in the day or stop for awhile. Neither of these hopes happened it was  coming down and it showed no signs of letting up. Aware that it was going to be a wet walk to the Dental Office in Los Algodones Tom put our rain ponchos in the Jeep and I grabbed our umbrellas and we were off. Any other day I would have personally welcomed the rain. It really was not that cold and walking in the desert watching the small washes fill up, is in my opinion, not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Yes, I would have gotten wet but the only place I would be going is back to the motorhome and I can easily get dry. Today knowing we had several blocks to walk in the rain and would be wet when we got to the Dental Office and wet again when we got back to the parking lot was not something we were looking forward to.

On the drive out to Ogilby Road we could see the rain

filling the small washes with water.

The various plants out here do need water to survive and
we enjoy seeing them so we are trying not to complain.

Looking down on to I-8  soon we will be merging east
and heading towards our destination.

Just as we reached Ogilby Road we received a phone call from the dental office offering us a ride from the border to the office which we gratefully accepted. So we called once we were ready to start walking from the parking lot and we were picked up at the Purple Pharmacy.  After Tom's appointment he offered us a ride back but the rain had let up quite a bit and we had our umbrellas so we decided to walk. Walking under the vendors roofs we were able to stay dry and avoid most of the puddles. Back at the border we walked to the end of the line. Luckily we were under a cover most of the time and the rain stopped while we were in line. Yes, for those of you that experienced the rain here on Monday and have been to Los Algodones, the parking lot was full even with the rain and there was a line.

We took a drive over to Yuma, I had two packages to mail and we needed a couple of groceries. Heading back to Ogilby Road just after we went through the California check point we could see the rain ahead. So we arrived back in the rain.

Last two pictures of the day, blue sky surrounded

by dark clouds to the South and East of us.

 It was not fun making the trip to the dentist in the rain, Tom does not think it was fun period.  He needed to have the tooth pulled and we wanted to have some time between when it was done and when we leave this weekend to make sure he does not have any issues with it. So we got a little damp but we did not melt.

We did not see a sunset today just the light leaving the day.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 (The Wind)

The wind woke us up this morning before the sun joined the day. Hearing the topper on the living room slide there was not doubt it needed to be brought in quickly.

It was extremely windy out this morning and going outside to take pictures of the sunrise was not going to happen. The pictures below were taken through the front windshield of the Stinger "B" it is not real clean and hopefully I removed most of those spots.

The first of today's sun light coming up behind the mountains.

As you can see there is some dust in the air.

I love how when I zoomed it looked like the sun was
 engulfing the mountain in its light.

Out to the West the dunes were hidden from sight.
(I did open the door for this one.)
There is dust in the mountains.

The sun is up and the floor of the desert sparkles.

The sun is up and the sky is blue.
With the wind blowing the Stinger "B" was rocking as
we enjoyed our morning coffee.
Photo Illustration effect of above picture.

With the wind blowing the carpet up Tom noticed some
of the carpet stakes needed to be pounded back in.

This the perfect cloud to step out and see after a day
of rain and a morning of wind.

A few more clouds from my time

outside this afternoon.

I took a walk to visit this Ocotillo.

It is beautiful how some of the leaves 

are red.

Looked like a tiny little Cholla Cacti.
The first one I ever remember seeing out here.
Tonight's Sunset
The Cargo Muchacho Mountains

in the light of the setting sun.

I did some walking around tonight as I took the pictures of

sun leaving our day. A 5th wheel parked a couple of pads
over and is now in the direct path of the sunset view from
our patio. So no more sitting and watching the sunset.

This is my favorite.

Deb, On a long and lonesome highway...., has mentioned how
cannot get enough of the sunrises and sunsets out here.
I agree with her they never disappoint. It is so much fun to
watch the sun slip quickly from sight. 

Out of sight but its glow lingers.
Good Night.

It has been a lazy day spent mostly inside out of the wind. Tom took a nap between the tooth being pulled and the antibiotics he just felt tired. We have everything we need and we are parked in a beautiful place so sitting the next couple of days until he feels better will not be a bad thing at all. In fact I would say it will be quite nice to do just that.

I know I have shared this before but now
time it rains and I use an umbrella
I think of how it is its day to shine and I smile.
Monday was one of those days!

We are so glad you stopped by!
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  1. Hope Tom is back on top real soon. Anything I hate worse than a cold is having a tooth pulled! Ouch! Beautiful sunsets and lots of rain. Great combo.

    1. Thank you, Doug. Tom was feeling a lot better by Friday.

  2. Hope the mouth is good with no problems. The best part about all that rain is the flowers that come out to say hello later in the month.

    1. Tom's is doing good and so far no problems.
      Hope some of those flowers make an appearance before we leave Arizona.

  3. Dentists are sooo not fun. Hope Tom feels a whole lot better today. Desert sunrises and sunsets are incredible. I'm ready for sunshine now after all the rain.

    1. Tom did feel a whole lot better as the week as gone by. I agree desert sunrises and sunsets are beautiful. We did enjoy the sunshine after the wind left.

  4. Beautiful pictures once again! How nice of the dental office to offer a shuttle. Hope Tom's mouth is doing ok now and the next time you go over it's for lunch and margaritas! :) Love the little umbrellas, they're so cute!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. We really did appreciate that ride. Yes, we went today and he was able to enjoy lunch and a Margarita. A lot more fun then Monday...:) I do love those umbrellas, also.

  5. What else to do on a rainy day? I'm not lookiing forward to having my tooth pulled but I am looking forward to the end result when I can chew on my right side again. :) Hope he had no issues with it. How nice of George to pick you up at the border.

    1. Yes, what else might have been boring just sitting around watching the desert fill up with
      No, Tom has had no issues and hopefully you will have the same results. It was nice of George to come and get us; it was nice not to have to walk all the way in the rain.

  6. Lots of water, here too. Love the sunset photos Deb. Very nice of the dentist office to give you a ride. Very thoughtful. Hope Tom is up to par quickly. Enjoy!!

    1. Tom is really feeling better already. Glad you enjoyed the sunset photos.
      It is something to watch the sun slip away out here. I do not think we have seen it happen quite like that any other place and it never gets boring to watch.