Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Do Nothing Day

January 7, 2018

Today was seriously a wonderful "do nothing day". No where to go nothing pressing to take care of. A day to let slowly unfold in its own lazy way.

I was up and out the door to take a short walk around where we are parked as the sun was starting to peek over the mountains. Since, I was still in my jamies and robe though wrapped in my shawl I was warm but not ready to go visiting.

This morning's sunrise.

Turning and looking around some of the clouds turned a light pink as the sun
made its way over the mountains in the East.

Without hesitation my favorite desert plant is the Ocotillo. The ones I am seeing
so far this year  are in need of a good rain so they can sprout their little green
leaves. No matter even grey I still love them. No rhyme or reason I just do.

The little white dot is the moon.
From here and in this light the Stinger "B"
looks nice and shiny.

Unfortunately, after its ride last  Thursday
this is its reality. Tom had down such a good
job getting all the grime and salt off. 
It is the desert and dust does fly.

After I came in we sat and drank our coffee and then we just relaxed. Around 11 or so I popped the egg bake into the convection oven for lunch. (No pictures, for some reason I hardly ever remember to take pictures of food.) As the afternoon progressed I did some crocheting Tom did some research. We want to get a water bladder but since gravity will not work to get the water from the bladder into this motorhome Tom is trying to decide on what kind of pump will work the best for us. When we had the 5th wheel we had a couple of large containers that Tom used to add water, which worked well from the back of the truck. Last year we worked at conserving but honestly I would like to be a little less conservative and take more showers. Basically that was our day. Well except for dinner which was leftovers from Thanksgiving that I had frozen and taken with us. The best part there is enough for one more meal.

Today was an excellent relaxing "do nothing day" here at the Stinger "B".
Tom and I hope you had a wonderful day!
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  1. I have a 45 gallon water bladder from Camping World.I use a second RV pump to get the water into our trailer. Some rigs can use their on board pump to do this, it is a matter of the valve settings. We couldn't, so thats why the second pump.

    1. Thank you, Bill for the information. We wondered about the quality of that particular bladder now we feel better about ordering it.

  2. Nothing wrong with this kind if days at all we manage to survive quite a few like that.
    I have a couple of used water pumps just taking up space here, I use one just for that purpose.

    1. We always enjoy a good do nothing day.
      Thanks George we appreciate your's and Suzie's generosity.

  3. What a beautiful sunrise. My favorite is the Ocotillo also especially green and in bloom, but I like them anyway too. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me, especially because your saying at the bottom is so true! :)

    1. It was a perfect Sunday. I think what I really love about the Ocotillo is there resilience. There is no rain yet they stand tall and wait for better times.

  4. We get real good at what you sign says to do. This lifestyle allows it, we all just need to take advantage and do it.
    Even dull days bring projects IF you want them. Today, cloudy and I have a fridge and freezer to go through. what IS in there?

    1. You have just made me appreciate my small refrigerator and quick glance and I know what is in there...LOL

      I know I need a reminder every once and awhile that it is okay to sit, relax, and enjoy the day.

  5. Nice to have lazy days. I look forward to them. I think the Saguaro is my favorite or the pipe organ cactus.

    1. Lazy days if well enjoyed are the best. I like the Saguaros, also. I always look forward to seeing those first ones standing tall and majestic.

  6. Even though our On-Board Pump would siphon the water from our container we use a second pump so we can filter it before it goes into our tanks. The second pump saves the wear and tear on the main one and acts as a backup in case the main one fails.
    Do Nothing Days are good to have once in a while besides "Your Retired"
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, we agree, being retired means a well enjoyed do nothing day is always a good thing. Tom said, to say thank you for the information he appreciated your input.