Monday, January 1, 2018

The Stinger "B" Starts 2018 with Clean Windows!

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January 1, 2018

Not to brag or anything but I got the year right on the first try...LOL  Of course, I probably should not get to cocky as it is after all the day we all get reminded more than a few times what the year is. I am thinking I probably should wait until a little further into the month before I brag to much. Just the same I do feel accomplished. Plus, did you notice I got it right twice once in the blog's title and when  I typed the date...:) 

Neither one of us rushed into our day. We got up, Tom made our coffee, and we just enjoyed the morning. One of the perks about this whole retirement thing is for some reason Tom took over making our morning coffee, I do not know why but I am not questioning it I am just enjoying the fact.

Before lunch Tom took a ride over to the office to check if the site we are in would be available for two more nights. It is and we are now staying right here until the morning of the 4th.

After lunch Tom decided, after I mentioned how dirty our windows were, that he would go out and clean the inside needs to be done. Something to do tomorrow. 

I decided to try making muffins in the convection oven. I know they do not look all nice and puffy like regular muffins but that is because they are Keto Maple Pecan ones and even when I made them at home they sank in the middle. Even so they still have the texture and taste of muffins. I did do better with the timing the second batch and I did try one so I can say they did turn out.

I just have to mention baking these made the place smell pretty darn good.

We have also started to add things to the walls. It always takes me a while to decide were to put things on the walls of where ever we have lived. 

Our grandchildren's hand prints.

One of my favorite quotes and part of the inspiration for our
blog title. The other part is the song "I Hope You Dance"
written by Tia Sillers & Mark Sanders

I had been looking for something to put on wall next to the mirror and when I
 saw this at Arlene's in Tombstone last week I just knew it was the right thing.

One of the first knick knacks we bought on our first adventure was this little
Road Runner and now he as a home in our Stinger "B".

This years purchase the Berkey Water Filter
System, the 1.5 gallon travel size.
We had been talking about it for a while so
we bought each other an early Christmas Gift.

We, as most of you know, are from the UP
of Michigan. I just wanted to mention how
many times that little white sticker has helped
me spot the Jeep in a Walmart parking lot.

Our first "Happy Hour" of  2018

The sun sets behind the park models
across the way from us.

So begins a new year and we are lucky enough to still be living our retirement dream. We had a rocky start this year but in the end our dream continues to come true. Sometimes missing our children, grandchildren, extended family, and friends is hard. Then we  reconnect with friends we have met these last four years or meet someone new and the reality is this dream is what makes life worth living each and every day. We enjoy our time on the road and as it becomes time to head back north mile by mile we anxiously look forward to seeing everyone we love. We are so blessed to be able to do this and hope we never take any of it for granted.

It was a quiet day and we enjoyed it, hope you enjoyed yours.
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  1. Happy New Year, looks like you are off to a great start Clean windows are always nice.

    1. Yes, clean windows are great not looking through the water spots from the motor home's bath is especially nice.
      Happy New Year.

  2. I love the grandchildren's handprints! How special is that! Your decorations certainly make your little home nice and cozy. Sunset is gorgeous!

    1. I love the hand print's, also. I was thrilled when they were on last year's very large Mother's Day card.
      It does make the Stinger "B" feel cozier with special things on the walls. Hope you are both feeling better.

  3. thank you for sharing the special touches in your Stinger "B". they are all beautiful and meaningful to you.
    We don't have a lot of wall space in the Suite so I had to be very particular about what goes up. :)
    Sounds like a wonderful day for the first of 2018. Keep on enjoying every moment. See you soon!

    1. I understand the wall space problem it is what takes me so long to decide what to put were. Plus, the Stinger "B" lacks the counter space the Crusader had so a couple of wall boxes gave me a little shelf space for a couple of things. These are the fun "problems" to solve...:)
      See you soon and safe travels!