Wednesday, January 10, 2018

It Rained in the Desert

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January 10, 2018

Went to bed with rain on the roof of the Stinger "B" and woke up to sunshine and beautiful blue skies.

Opened the front curtains to the sun just peeking over the mountain's in the
East.( I took this through the windshield so there are few spots of dirt.)

Everything looked so bright outside I took
a quick walk around the place.

I know it is probably just me but even the trees, bushes and saguaros look shinier.
There is something about a rain that just does that.

Short back track to yesterday.

Leaving for a ride into Quartzsite it had started to rain and the clouds
looked heavy over the mountains in the west.

Not sure if it was a rain line or dust but the mountains to the Northeast
were obscured.

On our way out of Quartzsite last night the sun was a bright shiny
orb of light sitting on the mountains.

Then we spotted this rainbow shooting through the clouds
that had settled on the mountain.

Then back at the Stinger "B' we could see a complete rainbow.

We could see the mountains southeast of us in the last of the sun's light.

There was just something about last nights sky as the sunlight left us.

The last of our light slipping behind the mountains.
The light splashes on the desert floor in the black are puddles of water.

I had hoped to have this written and published earlier this morning. Then I had a wonderfully unexpected call from a friend. It is a friendship that has stood the test of time and distance. We have known each other since my parents and I moved across the alley from her and her parents when we were both three years old. It was a wonderful way to start the day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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  1. Nice post, Deb, as usual. Your collage pictures of the rainbow are pretty and I saw that same fluff of white clouds coming out of the mountain!

    1. Thank you, Patsy, especially since the photos you took yesterday were so much brighter.

  2. Yes a wonderful post and you enjoying the desert again.

  3. An excellent post. I think the 'shinier' might just be less dust with the rain having washed some of it off. I know even the rocks are shining.

    1. You are probably right about the less dust...:)
      I love how the rocks seem to twinkle in the sunrise.

  4. I especially like the ending statement..what a positive outlook! :) Beautiful pictures and rainbow is wonderful. So nice to see everybody getting together with nice spacing in between.

    1. Thank you.
      It is nice to be able to get together and still have your personal space. That what is wonderful about the room the desert allows.

  5. Beautiful picture of the rainbow on the mountain. It was nice to get the rain and knock down the dust and freshen everything.

    Not many of us can say we've had a friend since three. That is rare and special.

    1. It was nice to have it rain. I even think another shower or two would be welcomed.
      It is a wonderful thing to have a lifelong friend.