Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Location Same Beautiful Blue Skies

January 11, 2018

Yesterday was moving day, a very short moving day as it was just a couple of miles down the road. We had been quietly parked at the Roadrunner BLM but it was time to take on fresh water and empty the holding tanks. It was a nice surprise when Rick, It's about time, pulled in behind the Stinger "B" at the dump station. We spoke briefly, it seems that Kathy and Rick are also fighting whatever is going around. So we agreed in a couple of days when we are all feeling somewhat better we will get together and do some catching up.
The best part about our move is we are now parked by friends and it will be nice to spend some time visiting and chatting. Yet knowing we will all go about our every day lives doing our own thing.

The sun set under beautiful blue skies last night

and rose up over the mountains this morning to shine on those same blue skies.

I just had to take one shadow picture,
Me, the Jeep and the Stinger "B".

Off to the east we can see the same mountains we have
parked by in the past. We are farther away right now but
we can still see the familiar peeks. 

While we are here we will get to attend the 2018 Bloggerfest. We were able to attend the 2nd one and had such a nice time putting faces to blogs we read. We are looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new faces. (This also means I need to update our contact cards. We have been talking about a new picture and now may be a good time to get it down.)

While we are here we hope to be able to get the Jeep out into the desert and mountains. One place I know I want to to go is to the see the The Palms. Last year I could not make the hike because of my right knee, all I could do was watch Tom walk down the trail, but now that I have a new right knee to go with the left one and I am looking forward to the hike.

A short reflection: Something we have realized about this lifestyle we have chosen is even though part of the goal is to see new places there is something about certain places that draw you back. This is one of those places. When we pull in we feel like we have come "home" and "home" is glad to welcome us while we visit.

"All Journeys have Secret Destinations
of which
The Traveler is Unaware."

Hope everyone had a beautiful day!
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  1. Nice to see you guys again we will enjoy catching up with you again.
    Like you said like to see new places but Quartzsite keeps us coming back (12 years now!) plus a few other places as well as new places along the way,

  2. Exactly my sentiment about this lifestyle, Deb. New places are always great but so far, only 2 years in, we feel like we're coming Home to many. :)

    1. We had read about this place in the desert before we stopped here 4 years ago. Honestly, at the time I would never have thought this would be a place I would want to spend a lot of time at let alone come back year after year. Now I cannot imagine not spending time here.

  3. Home is a state of mind, I think. Home means comfort, love, acceptance, understanding, etc. Those things you associate with good friends and family. This lifestyle allows us the ability to make those kinds of friends where ever we go and I think that's what draws us back to places we've been, the lure is the memory of good times, easy days and great friends. Or I could be totally wrong and we just do it because it's easier.

    Nice post Deb.

    1. Thank you, and Deb I totally agree with what you said about what brings us back. I doubt that "easier" is ever part of the equation...:) Enjoy your time over on the other side that is a beautiful area, also.

  4. It looks like you have found a new home nearby and with great neighbors.

    Glad you both will make the hike up Palm Canyon together this year. You will love it.

    1. We have found a good found a great neighborhood.

      I am so looking forward to getting my glimpse of the Palms.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I've never heard of Palm Canyon may have to try it while we're there. I have to agree with you with the way you feel about "coming home"..beautiful way to put it! Looking forward to our first time at Bloggerfest!

    1. Looking forward to meeting you at Bloggerfest if not before.