Monday, January 22, 2018

Three Days Have Flown By

January 20, 2018

I am sure you have heard the saying, time flies when you are having fun. Well the last three days have been just that and have flown by.

We were up early on Saturday so we could be parked and waiting for the tent to open for the Big Tent Show here in Quartzsite. Patsy and Bill pulled out followed by Suzie and George and being the "newbies" we brought up the rear. Tom and I have been to Quartzsite every year, since we started snowbirding, but never for the month of January or the Big Tent. This has been a new and fun experience and with some guidance we knew were to find the "free stuff".

Side note: The pictures below that are in collages were taken with my phone. There must be a program out there that I can use to make collages with pictures but I have yet to find it. Of course, I would have to spend more time looking for one which I plan on doing...what is the word...soon...yes, that is the word...soon. In the meantime when I know I will want to put pictures into a collage I will use my phone because it has a nice program on it that does just that.

The sky was filled with  great clouds
as we headed over to the Big Tent.

We quickly realized there is a little bit of everything
to be found in the tent.

Though it was not as crowded outside there were still
people checking things out everywhere we looked.

Love the eyelashes.

Glad we got there early and were able to park in
the parking lot. Do not think the trek from down the
highway would have been much fun.

Back in our neighborhood the clouds continued
to fill the sky.

As the sun was setting
we had some wonderful pink along the edges.

Just as the sun was slipping behind the mountains
a cloud settled in and the show was beautiful

I was able to get one shot with my zoom lens.

January 21, 2018

Sunday morning we were up and moving early again. This time to drive over to Blythe, CA for Mass, breakfast, and some grocery shopping.

The sun is coming up behind us as we head west on I-10.

Crossing the Colorado River.

We are in California and it was at just about this moment we realized
that we were going to be an hour early for Mass.

So this was our first stop to pick up a few groceries.

St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church.
The gentleman in the picture was welcoming and giving everyone a hug
as they walked up to him. I thought he was greeting people he knew.
No, that was not the case, he was standing out in front of the doors
hugging and welcoming everyone.

After Mass we went to breakfast but there will be no picture of the restaurant. It was such a disappointment. As we were walking in a woman walking out said, to us, the service is very slow. Well slow service does not really bother us especially when a restaurant is busy. What does bother us is waiting for lukewarm food that is badly cooked. When Tom was paying the bill he was asked how it was and he told the woman there was nothing good about the food and her reply was we are not usually this busy.

My question, where is the Ocean?

This store was next to the sign but no its name was not ocean.

Lovekin Blvd...just liked the name.

Finished shopping and we are crossing back over the Colorado River.

Back in Arizona.

The highway ahead.

We always enjoy the scenery between Quartzsite and Blythe.

Passing by Dome Rock BLM.

Way off in the distance is LaPosa South and the Stinger "B".

Passing by the Big Tent.

Happy Hour at Patsy and Bill's.
George, Suzie, Patsy, Bill, Tom and my chair.

So ends the light of another day.

January 22, 2018

George and Bill helping Tom get our new sunscreen attached to
our awning. We feel lucky to be parked by wonderful friends.

This afternoon Suzie and George led the way over to the Senior Center.
We rode with Patsy and Bill in there "Black Beauty".
We had been looking forward to seeing Paul Winer in concert.
 Unfortunately, this is the sign we saw instead.

These three gentleman, who usually play with Paul Winer when he performs,
put on a free show, tips only, for anyone who wanted to stay.
We stayed for the first half and enjoyed the entertainment but it was so cold
in the building we opted to leave at the break.

Tonight's Happy Hour at Suzie and George's included a couple of their friends
who stopped by.
From the left: George, Suzie, Jean, Patsy, Bill, Pam, Skip, Tom, and my chair.

As another day quietly ends we bid each of you good night.

We are enjoying our days parked out in the desert.
Thank you for stopping by.
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  1. Time does fly by doesn't it? Looks like you are enjoying your time there among friends and having a few new experiences as well.
    I love the collage of pictures.

    1. Thank you, Deb. I love putting together the collages I will have to do the research.
      We are really enjoying our time here.

  2. It is amazing where does the time go? Glad you are enjoying you time here, Was nice to get your sunshade installed I am sure you will love it!

    1. We are really enjoying our time here...glad we decided to pull in to this spot. It will be nice when the weather is hot to be able to block some of the sun's rays.

  3. I still enjoy your collages. I'm happy that you are enjoying the desert as much as we are. Nice to spend time together.

    1. Glad you like the collages. It is really nice spending this time glad we were able to make it. I was slightly worried when December came and we were still in the "frozen north".

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  5. The sunshade looks great! That's one of the things on my "to get" list this trip. We drove your way yesterday afternoon, a little early for happy hour, but we wanted to find where you guys were. Your Stinger B is what helped us find your that rig! We'll be seeing you soon! Your pics once again are awesome, both with the camera and phone. Looks like you are enjoying!

    1. Glad the Stinger "B" could
      It was so nice that you came back for Happy Hour yesterday so we could finally meet in person and do the (((hug))) thing...:) Looking forward to spending more time together.

    2. One more thing...:) We are so happy we purchased this particular sunshade. We had seen Patsy and Bill's and it is going to work great and will be so easy to use.

  6. That zoom sunset photo is great. Glad you had people with you two to show you the big tent ropes.

    I like those collages. I'll have to look into them. Great for cell phone viewers.

    Nice to have help putting on that sunscreen. And I agree, it was cold. Amazing the difference between here and Yuma in the morning.

    1. I was happy I was able to get the zoom to work for that one shot. Still reading the book...:) Have a feeling that will be a long on going process.

      It was great for Tom to have the help and now it will be easy to use when it is hotter.