Friday, January 29, 2016

Two Good Days

January 27, 2016

2016-01-27 15.41.36
Just to prove he does not just sit around every day
Tom washed the truck.
Then took the time to polish the chrome.

2016-01-29 11.44.21
I had decided not to post any more pictures of the sky
as the sun sets for awhile.
Then the sky started turning a beautiful pink and I decided
maybe just a couple more pictures.

I had walked over to try and capture the sun dropping 
behind the mountains. When I turned to walk back 
to the Crusader the pink was gone and 
the sky had turned this lovely shade of blue.

January, 28, 2016

After lunch today we headed over to Buckeye  and Walmart. I ran in to pick up a few things and Tom sat out in the truck, the real purpose of our trip, paying bills. Though we have WiFi here at the park it is an open one and we do not like to use it when doing any banking. Unfortunately, for us, our personal hotspot is spotty in the park, to put it nicely, so off to Buckeye we went. We were about to head back home, when Tom finished, and then decided to head over to Five Guy’s for dinner. So in the end not a bad day our bills are paid and we had money left to have hamburgers.

(Note to self: if you are using Google Maps and “Matilda”, that is what we named the voice, tells you to take a certain exit listen. She may be trying to take you around a traffic jam. To verify the exit we needed to take I had checked the directions and then “Matilda”  changed her mind and said to take a different exit. I shut her off and we kept going into what soon became crawling traffic due to two accidents. Luckily are exit was the next one but a couple hours later after we had finished shopping and ate dinner the traffic was still crawling heading East on I 10.)

2016-01-29 11.52.37
As we drove East on I 10 towards Avondale you could see a 
brown haze covering the mountains towards the Northeast.

We are from the UP I could not resist snapping
this picture.

Heading home the sun was gone but we could still see  
a beautiful pink along the horizon. 
I took this through the front windshield heading West on I 10.

“Happiness isn’t the art of building a trouble-free life. 
It’s the art of responding well when trouble strikes 
Happiness is a way of life – an overriding outlook 
composed of qualities such a courage, love and fulfillment. 
It’s not tiptoeing through the tulips of la-la land, and it’s not something that changes every time your situation changes.
                  It is nothing less than cherishing every day."                                                                                 ~Dan Baker, PH.D.


  1. Lots of beautiful sunsets out here.

  2. Lots of beautiful sunsets out here.

    1. Yes, we would have to agree, the sunsets are beautiful. Looking forward to being parked in a place where we can see sunrises, also.

  3. Hi KIds
    Clancy from Bloggerfest here. I love your Matilda comment. I use my RV Garmin all the time, but often add a check in with "Way-zie," thats my name for the chick in the Waze app. Garmie is a big dumb knucklehead sometimes, and Way-zee keeps him on his toes, and me out of traffic jams! AND I always have the paper map nearby to make sure they're not routing me via Boise or some other far-away land!

    1. We finally have a decent internet connection so I am doing some catching up.
      I agree about always having a paper map nearby. There is something about looking at the whole map that makes me feel more confident about the road ahead.

      Stay safe.