Sunday, February 14, 2016

Catching Up

We are finally parked out in the desert by Quartzsite and our internet connection is the best it has been in awhile so I am going to do some catching up.


We spent two really nice months parked at Saddle Mountain RV Park. The original “plan” was to stay a month. When we opted to stay a second month it was an easy decision the people we met were friendly and nice, the activities available fun, and our site large for an RV park. We were sad to leave but it was time to move on and we were also anxious to be out in the desert.

2016-02-12 21.56.11
Our home from December 11, 2015
until February 11, 2016
2016-02-12 21.51.58
A couple of pictures of Tonopah, AZ
2016-01-31 10.00.20
This was on the back of the RV parked next to us.
We will miss opening the dining room shade and 
seeing it but mostly we will miss Linda and Len 
who lived there. Hope to see them down the road.

I will be mostly posting pictures in this "catch up". As everyone knows it is about the memories and pictures always tell the story best.

February 5, 2016

This is a cell phone tower in disguise.
Just in case you thought it was a palm tree.

February 8, 2016

Random pictures from a ride over to Gilbert, AZ to get my hair done. (The windshield needed cleaning.)


February 9, 2016

Sitting on our patio looking up the sky was so blue.
Loved how the shadows played on the RV's and palm trees
as the sun set behind us.
The sunset

February 10, 2016

Two birds in the palm tree outside our back window.
(Lots of cropping.)
2016-02-11 14.49.29
Our last sunset at Saddle Mountain
and it did not disappoint.
The colors are beautiful.
2016-02-11 14.45.09
The clouds turned wonderful colors
of orange and pink.
2016-02-11 14.52.19
Even behind us the sky and the clouds turned
 into lovely pinks.

 February 11, 2016

So after I enjoyed one last jewelry class and Tom picked up his rocks from the lapidary shop we hooked up the Crusader and traveled over to Quartzsite. The Crusader had an appointment at 8:00AM on the 12th to get some work done. We were sad to leave but, as I said before, the time had come and we needed to be on the road.

My last jewelry class at Saddle Mountain.
 Learning how to crochet with wire.
The bottom right our fearless leader, Diane.
Top left Linda concentrating.
Top right in the middle Joyce checking out beads
and on the left Molly helping.

“A journey is best measured in friends,
rather than miles.”
                                  ~Tim Cahill

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