Sunday, April 7, 2024

Stopped in New Braunfels, Texas (March 2024)

New Braunfels, TX  Sunday, March 3, 2024 through Tuesday Morning, March 12, 2024

We reached our first planned stop as we head East on March 3rd. The reason for this stop was specifically to spend time touring the San Antonio Missions National Park, take a walk on the San Antonio Riverwalk. and take a short ride into the Hill Country. Our original plan was to stop for seven nights but we ended up staying nine nights. During our time there we spent 4 days "sight seeing". We took a couple of rides to check out our route for leaving and doing some shopping. Plus, we spent time doing normal everyday things like cleaning and laundry or nothing at all. It really was a relaxing nine days that flew by. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Today we took a ride north of us to visit the Texas Hill Country Olive Company for lunch and to check out their Olives and Olive Oil Selections.  There was no real plan after lunch but to head back to where we are staying. It was a leisurely drive through some of the hills of Texas under clear blue skies and we did end up making a couple more stops. What I did not do is take very many pictures today I just mostly enjoyed the ride and the scenery.  

We have seen painted buffalo, elk, moose etc... in Escanaba we have fish but boots in Texas well that is just perfect!

Lunch, glass of wine and a beer along with a an olive oil tasting flight
at the Texas Hill Country Olive Company.
The salad was delicious, enjoyed the wine and beer, and
the tasting was fun. Then we left some of our dollars behind. 

A stop at the Treaty Oak Distillery.
We bought a flight of their bourbon unfortunately the person
behind the bar was not real engaging and we were the only ones
there. What we did discover is we probably are not bourbon drinkers.

We also stopped here. 
What luck a brewery and winery. 

It was a lovely place I bought a wine flight and Tom decided on a beer.
The young man who was behind the bar was very personable and
we were the only ones there so I ended up getting a couple extra tastings.
This was a fun stop and we again left some of our dollars behind.

We are stopped at a red light and that bird is perched
up high just checking out the

All and all it was a fun day. A lovely leisurely drive and a couple of fun stops. The distillery stop was somewhat of a disappointment but we were there during a slow time during the week. It is to bad the young girl behind the bar did not seem to want to tell us much about the product or possibly just did not know. The other two stops really were fun. 

Two Rides March 7th & 8th

The beginning of the road, York Creek Road, that the RV Park was on was an industrial area and it was the way we went coming and going. On the 13th when we would be pulling out we would be going the opposite way on this road which was two lanes with no shoulder. Curious as to what it was like on two different occasions when we went shopping and to mail a package out we went that way. The pictures below are from those two rides.

One the 7th these guys blocked out way

on the 8th this guy did.

There was something so beautiful about the trees along here.

Even on the 7th when the sky was completely cloud covered.

In the sun on the 8th everything looked greener and brighter.

The black of the tree trunks and the green just caught my eye.

I saw a lot of these wildflowers while we were in the area. I have
no idea, even after some research, what they are but pretty just the same.

Even though it was early we did see some scattering of bluebonnets.

Not all days need to be filled with new sights and go...go...go to be enjoyed. Normal everyday living also makes for a good day.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. I love the pics, very comforting kind of environment. Some times we just need an extra day or two!


  2. If we ever live in Texas, that is the area we would go. Too hot for us in the summer though so I doubt that will ever happen.

  3. The olive oil tasting sounds interesting….
    Great pictures!

  4. Nice that you could enjoy some down time.
    Stay Safe.

    It's about time.

  5. Cool boots!
    Isn't it nice to see green grass and trees again! We have the best of both worlds.