Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Special Date


December 13, 1969
St. Anne's Church in Escanaba, Michigan
December 13, 2014
Lake Corpus Christi Texas State Park

Yesterday was a quiet, slow day in our lives versus forty-five years ago which was anything but quiet.

Yesterday we celebrated our 45th Wedding Anniversary. So the big question is how can it be forty-five years, already? It has been one exciting ride. Filled with a lot of ups and downs, happy and sad times, fun and boring, laughter and tears, total agreement and disagreements. (Yes, there have been disagreements and anyone who claims they never disagree, in my opinion. they are either lying or one of them has no opinions. Tom and I both have opinions.) The important part is at the end of the day we like each other, we are best friends, and we love each other faults and all...

Our 1st Anniversary we celebrated out at the Dells Supper Club sitting by one of the windows looking at the deer. It was a lovely place to celebrate and with a December anniversary it was decorated for Christmas.

This year the plan was to go out to dinner and then after checking out what was available close by in the area we looked at each other and said lets buy steaks and grill out. After all it is warm here and we do not have to worry about it snowing. (On this day forty-five years ago it was snowing.) So we spent a quiet day here at the campgrounds. Took a ride, checked it out, and just leisurely enjoyed the day.

Later in the afternoon we opened some asti spumante and enjoyed a glass with some shrimp sitting outside under our awning. (We were hoping a few deer would wander out. Every evening there have been deer next door but today none to be seen.)

Later Tom grilled steaks and we enjoyed a quite dinner.

All in all it was a special day marking a very special day in our lives.

Question: I wonder if those kids in the first picture had any idea were that moment in time would lead them 45 years later. Answer: simply no but as I remember we were excited about the possibilities.

As we look ahead we are still excited about the possibilities.


  1. Happy Belated Anniversary!! We love you and miss you.. especially cuddlebug!

    1. Thank you Rachel. We love and miss you both too!!! XOXOXOXO