Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Visiting The Alamo

December 3, 2014

Tom took this picture as we were leaving, it was the end of the day,
and he was able to take it with no one walking in front.

The plan for today, we had a plan, was to head down to San Antonio to visit The Alamo. This was the one place Tom wanted to see in Texas. We awoke to a damp, dreary, gray day. Not the sort of day that inspires doing anything. So we sat and drank coffee and talked about going another day. I finally said lets just do it; so off we went. The weather never really changed which you can tell from the pictures yet we had a great day just the same. We even found a close place to park and it was only $10 for three hours.

The Inscription reads "From the fire that burned their bodies rose the eternal
 spirit of sublime heroic sacrifice which gave birth to an empire state."
This monument honoring the defenders of  The Alamo is what we saw
first as we turned the corner into the plaza.
We walked along the remains of the Long Barracks as we approached
the shrine itself. The former Mission San Antonia de Valero.
To walk were a special part of our history took place is always exciting. Yes, it is the “Shrine of Texas Liberty” but it is special to every American. It is one of those places, as you walk through, you feel the need to whisper as to not disturb the ghosts of history walking beside you. It does not matter were you are from it is a place remembered for the heroic struggle for freedom that lasted “Thirteen fateful days in 1836”.

Our first view of the Shrine.
The Letter from The Alamo.
Approaching entrance to The Shrine.
Taken after we exited Shrine.

We enjoyed just slowly walking through The Alamo enjoying the atmosphere and looking at the displays. In one of the cases in the Long Barrack Museum Tom was able to see a locket of Davy Crockett's hair which definitely made his day complete. You have to know he had the coonskin hat as a kid...:)
The following pictures were taken in the Convento Courtyard. 

Japanese Monument
Presented by Shigetaka Shiga, a Japanese geography professor, to The Alamo in 1914.
On the face of the stone is etched a poem comparing the heroes of the Alamo to the heroes
in a famous Japanese incident, the Siege of Nagashino Castle.

Etched on this stone: "Erected in grateful recognition of the supreme
act of heroism of the thirty-two men from Gonzales who gave
their lives in The Alamo in response to the appeal of Travis.
Entrance into the Long Barrack Museum.
(Location of Davy Crockett's locket of hair.)
Looking at the Shrine from the Convento Courtyard.
Another view of the entrance into The Shrine.

Before we left we decided to take a picture in front of The Shrine.

Tom's first "selfie".

We walked a couple blocks of the Riverwalk and stopped for a quick snack at the Mad Dog's British Pub. It was the first place we saw open and we did not have a lot of time left on the meter.
Tom took this picture and as we got closer it was the Mad Dog's British Pub.
Looking down at the river.
The weather during the time we spent in San Antonio was grey and dreary, which is evident in the pictures, yet as we talk about the day it does not factor into our enjoyment of seeing this special place in our country's history. We hope to go back again and will try and plan the trip when it is sunny. Plus it would be nice to walk more of the Riverwalk.
"Throughout the day no time for memorandums now.
Go ahead! Liberty and independence forever."
                                                                       ~Davy Crockett

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