Thursday, January 5, 2017

Spending time with family in St. Clair Shores

Yesterday's drive was long and very windy, at times the gusts hit around 40 miles per hour. For about 128 miles, just below the Mackinac Bridge, the road was snow covered and icy as well as snowing. So with the wind, we were mostly in whiteout conditions for that part of the trip making our planned six and a half hour journey into just over eight. This is not unusual for winter travel in Michigan as was mentioned in our last post; it was just exhausting to travel through.

Bottom left, part of the ride in the UP.
Top left, Lake Michigan  looking cold and beautiful against the clouds.
Top right, approaching the Mackinac Bridge.
Bottom right, A view of Lake Michigan over the railing
of Mackinac Bridge.

I 75 just below the bridge.

The three pictures above are examples of how beautiful the trees look in a snow storm. At this point in life though, I would be content to just look at pictures and not see them up close and personal.
(I was taking these out the side window so if you click on them to enlarge they may look blurry.)

The sun did try to make an appearance.

Just past West Branch, MI the snow all but disappeared.

The sun starting to set, behind the clouds just before Bay City.

The drive was totally worth it because we are now safely in a warm house with our son, daughter-in-law, three grandbabies, two dogs and cat.