Sunday, January 29, 2017

Still Stopped in Junction, TX

January 29, 2017

Tom was up first this morning and by the time I walked into the living area the coffee was ready and waiting. We were going to leave this morning but I suggested we stay one more day and so we are still parked here just taking it easy.

We attended Mass at St. Theresa Catholic Church this morning.

After Mass we stopped for lunch at City Sweets Bakery Cafe. Tom had looked up what to do in Junction, TX and it was on the list of places to stop.

We then took a short ride around the town.

Kimble County Courthouse

Information about Kimble County

Information about the Courthouse Building.

These plaques are on the Courthouse grounds. From what I read on the plaques
these four men played an important role in the history of Kimble County.

The view down Main Street.

The Llano River runs by the RV Park.

The temperature hit 67 degrees so we decided to sit out for a bit during
"Happy Hour". Our drinks are waiting.

Tomorrow  we will be back on I-10, continuing our way West, taking our time, and enjoying the journey.

A bit of trivia:  The exit for Junction, TX  on I-10 is 456. It is the halfway point between Jacksonville, FL and Los Angeles, CA.

"Life is sometimes made of the small moments of contentment,
you find in the quiet corners of your day."


  1. Just moving right along enjoying the journey. Travel safe.

  2. I wish I could slow down and enjoy the trip like you two are doing. When I cross Texas, it is one big rush. I know there are many quaint places to see such as Junction, Texas. I'm always in a hurry, darn it!

    1. We hear you. We have to keep reminding ourselves it is about the journey not the just the destination. There are so many places we want to stop and see in Texas but at the same time we want to be in the desert. So far this year we feel like all we have been doing is rushing to get somewhere. We are hoping when we get out boondocking, hopefully next week, that feeling will go away and we will truly be relaxing.
      You and Yuma be safe.