Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Time Goes By

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Today our son, Thomas, turns 33 not sure how that happened seems like only yesterday we were standing in the International Terminal at Chicago's O'Hare Airport looking down through the glass at a tiny 3 month old bundle. Now he has a beautiful wife, Nadine, and three little bundles of his own. Time does fly.

Happy Birthday, Thomas!

Thomas and Nadine with their three children.
Left to right: Marcella, Jonah, and Noah

The dandelions are just about done.

Lilacs in our back yard.

Our granddaughter, Charlotte, brought
me these the other day from a bush
where they live.

Our granddaughter, Charlotte's, spring recital. There was no need
for an arrow to point to her. She is the one on the right all by
herself. Her mom does not know why the teacher did not have her
move in closer but she was just over there singing and dancing
away, as were the other kids, but she was having a ball.

I was holding Adelaide, our youngest grandchild, who is
10 months old a couple of days ago and took this picture.
I was sitting there enjoying the moment.
Over the last seven years I have held each of our grandchildren
 as they slept and savored every moment.
I remember holding our son and daughter and as I sat
there I kept thinking about how fast the time has gone by
between this age and 33 and 31.

Took a ride down by the water yesterday. There was good breeze
and when I got out of the Jeep I could see the seagulls floating
in the wind.

Below is information about a restored light house here in Escanaba. It is open for tours in the summer months. They also have special events during the holidays. I toured this on field trips with our children along with a museum next door. Tom and I were just saying we need to take the time and take the older grandkids for a tour.

Crib Light 

The waves were coming in pretty good along the shore and
I could feel the spray as I walked along.

I do miss Super One it was our go to supermarket.
Closed while we were gone on our "Third Adventure".

"You will get there when you are meant 
to get there and not one moment sooner.
So relax, breathe, and be patient."

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  1. Time does fly on by,and is amazing to see your children grow with their families.

    1. It is amazing to watch our children with their own children.

  2. Happy Birthday Thomas! Don't blink, that is the motto for our age, I guess. Not only do our kids get older..........ha ha. I think your granddaughter was smart. She was out there so you all could see her easily instead of having someone in front of her. She's adorable.They all are.

    1. Patsy, you are so right we have to stop blinking...LOL
      She is smart, not only were we able to see her but she had plenty of room to dance and do her thing. I love that she was not self-conscious and was having fun.