Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Quick Visit and Fall is Starting to Show its Colors

August 30, 2017

Thirty-three years ago today we were at the O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois waiting for a little bundle of joy. Tom and I left Escanaba as a couple and returned as parents. Our son, Thomas Yong arrived via Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo, Japan, and landed in Chicago, Illinois where two extremely excited parents waited along with four grandparents. It was a moment of pure joy when the lady who carried him off the plane handed him to me. For the life of me I cannot remember giving him to Tom to hold but I must have at some point. It is hard to believe how quickly 33 years went by and now he has a lovely wife and three beautiful children of his own.

Speaking of Thomas, this past weekend he and our daughter-in-law, Nadine, along with their three children left home on Friday around 5:00PM and arrived here at 12:30AM. There was a dinner Saturday evening out at the casino celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Boy Scout Camp, Camp Hiawatha, that he wanted to attend. He not only attended this camp as a Scout but was also on the staff. It was a packed 41 hours but we did enjoy having them here. (Not to mention they left with a van full of  "stuff" from this house that belonged to him.)

What follows is pictures from the weekend.

Left to right: Noah, Charlotte, and Jonah
Looks like they are watching something on one of the phones

Left to right: Noah, Charlotte, Nathaniel, and Jonah
Hiding under their great-uncle's truck.

Nadine and Thomas dressed and ready to head out,
without kids, for a fun evening.

There is a school playground a couple of blocks from us.
Rachel thought if she took them over there after dinner
we would have an easier time getting them to go to bed.
It was a good plan it just did not work...:)

The top picture is Noah (1) and Charlotte (about 5 weeks)
Bottom picture they are now 7 and 6. 

The top picture is Marcella 3 and Nathaniel is 2. She is 5
months older. the bottom picture was taken the
summer of 2015.

Papa and Marcella

Nate was picking a flower for Marci but was not fast enough
so she picked her own. These two are cute together but, as of
right now, she is definitely in charge.

All six of them sitting, smiling, and looking pretty much the
same way!
Left to right: Nathaniel (2), Noah (7), Charlotte (6) holding
Adelaide (1), Marcella (3), and Jonah (5)
Charlotte, Nathaniel, and Adelaide are our daughter, Rachel's
Noah, Jonah, and Marcella are our son, Thomas's

Yesterday we took a ride up to Marquette for an appointment. When we turned North on US-41 we started to see that some of the leaves are starting to turn red and gold. (The pictures from yesterday were taken through the front window of the Jeep and that window does need to be cleaned.)

The day started out grey and cloudy.

About half way the cloud cover departed
and the sky was a beautiful blue.

Once we left the clouds behind the color was more vivid.

In my opinion this is one of the best views on US-41
between Rapid River and Marquette, MI.

Unfortunately, Lake Superior was shrouded
in fog this morning. 

The fog was hiding the tree tops as we rode along the lake.

We took a different way home. This is M-553 which at
one time brought us by the K.I Sawyer Air Force Base.
What struck Tom and I was not that many years ago both
sides of the highway in this area had been clear cut.

Lots of beautiful fluffy clouds to be seen on the way home.

Color on M-35


  1. Lovely story about Thomas, thank you for sharing. Of course, we were curious. :) You have beautiful grandchildren and looks like fun family times together.
    Fall is definitely sneaking up on us..........well, here it has been 'fallish' all summer. LOL

    1. It was a hectic but fun weekend. They are all so close in age that it gets pretty loud at times. Then I remember how fast the years are going by and I know we will miss this time, of them being little, when it is gone. Being just a little prejudice we would have to agree that they are beautiful...:) Thank you for saying so.
      I think because it is the norm for us we never think that people might wonder how our family came about. Just so you know we would never be insulted by questions about it.
      I just saw on facebook that our peak color will be October 1st through the 7th.

  2. What fun time together with family, thanks for sharing the story about Thomas.

    1. It was a short but fun time with all of them here. Thinking back to that day at the airport it is amazing how fast the years have flown.

  3. Great looking Family that shows what love is all about.
    The seasons are definitely moving faster then we'd like but the bright side is that we'll be heading south soon. Looking forwardd to seeing you both again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Family surely is what love is all about.
      It seemed like we had forever to get things done when we got back here and now time is quickly flying by. Only 41 days and we will back out of the driveway...but no one is Looking forward to seeing you both also.