Thursday, September 7, 2017

Stinger B is Getting Ready to Travel & First Day of School

Praying for those experiencing the devastation in Texas from Hurricane Harvey.
Praying for the safety of those in the path of Hurricane Irma.
Praying for those who have lost everything in the fires out west and those still in danger.
You are all on our minds and we pray you stay safe.

September 5th, 6th, & 7th, 2017

On Tuesday, the 5th, after going through our travel check list Tom started to back the Stinger B back towards the highway. I stood watching the traffic and when I said back out now Tom backed the Stinger B out onto the highway in front of our house.  Though he had backed our 5th wheel, the Crusader, out several times this was the first time with the Stinger B. I would just like to note that from where I stood it looked like it was a lot smoother back out and when I asked him later he said it was. 

Today's trip was just a few miles down the road to A&E Truck and Auto Repair for an appointment to have the oil changed etc...

The Stinger B waiting to be pulled into the bay.
Tom talking to the owner about what he wanted done.

The clouds over head. In the top one the sun is trying to peek out. It was one of those days rain on minute sun the next.

When we pulled back into the driveway I noticed someone, not mentioning who, had forgotten to move the Welcome carpet. What that someone said, to me, was he wanted to see how close he parked it back in the same place. Quick thinking on his part I will have to admit.

While waiting for the call to come back and get the Stinger B I went on Facebook and enjoyed seeing all the first day back to school pictures.

Charlotte and Noah

Ukiah, Nolan, and Aden

Top Row: Landon, Spencer, and Ben
Middle Row: Jack, Gabreille, and Claudia
Bottom Row: Trent and Eli 

Caleb on the left
Top right, Chase and Bottom right, Bentley

As we walked out the back door to go move the Stinger B
to its next destination we could see the faintest of rainbows.
In the picture it is about and inch above the roof line.

Parked for the night at Hilltop RV. Tomorrow they will
install a new water pump.

A small nostalgic side note: This is where we purchased
the Crusader.
The bottom picture is our first time boondocking
on Plomosa Road in 2015.

Back home and the contrast between the dark clouds and
the blue sky was beautiful.

Wednesday, the 6th, the clouds were big, fluffy, white and grey 
as we ran errands today. 
It feels and looks so much like fall.

Today, Thursday the 7th, in the grey and rain we picked the Stinger B up to bring it back home. It now has its oil changed, it has been lubed, it has all new filters, a new water pump, and the propane has been topped off. The basement and inside has been re-organized and purged. It is ready to go when we are. All we have to do is put our personal stuff in and back out. (We did not top off the gas tank we are rolling the dice and hoping prices will go down by the time we leave. Though Tom says we have about 7/8ths of a tank. So we are good.)

Parked back in the driveway. Almost right on...:) (I was in
front and tell him to pull forward a little more so that may be
why...LOL) Even though the blue was trying to make its way
through the clouds it was not meant to be today. It is raining.

On a bright note when I was standing there Tuesday waiting
for a break in the traffic I looked down and spotted these two
dandelions in between the leaves. I know many think weed
but I thought pretty yellow flowers enjoying the fall.

As I added the pictures of our grandchildren and great-nieces and nephews to this post I remembered this quote I had saved. It is so true. It feels like the time between these children going to school and their parents' first day of kindergarten went by in a blink of the eye.  (In case you have not guessed, yes, I am a collector of quotes.) 

We are glad you took the time to read our blog today. 
Comments are always enjoyed and welcomed.


  1. We are only partly ready but looking forward to seeing you again.
    I like your Quote. More parents should read that one.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It is nice to be checking a lot off the list. Though we both still do have lists...:) After I posted we remembered the Jeep needs new tires. We are looking forward to being on the road and crossing paths.

  2. Three busy days in preparation for winter. Sounds like you are getting close to being ready. We are taking baby steps right now and will get serious soon. There are many things we are leaving behind from our first trip but can't put them in the sheds until our overnight company visits have finished.

    1. We are getting close with our preparations which is a good feeling. Having to delay putting things in the sheds because of company sounds like a great reason.

  3. Nice to get your stinger B all serviced a ready to get back on the road again.